HLT menu for 5e32, third iteration

  • deadline was April 7
  • Rates in Hz at 5e32

Hadronic triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
inclusive jets :
Jet30 L1_SingleJet16 p'ed     Jet
Jet60 L1_SingleJet36 p'ed     Jet
Jet80 L1_SingleJet52 p'ed     Jet
Jet110 L1_SingleJet68 p'ed     Jet
Jet150 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed     Jet
Jet190 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed     Jet
Jet240 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed   intermediate threshold Jet
Jet370 L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 4   Jet
Jet370_NoJetID L1_SingleJet92 (60U) unp'ed ~ 4   Jet
DiJetAve15U L1_SingleJet16 (6U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve30U L1_SingleJet36 (20U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve50U L1_SingleJet52 (30U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve70U L1_SingleJet68 (40U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve100U L1_SingleJet92 (60U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve140U L1_SingleJet92 (60U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve180U L1_SingleJet92 (60U) p'ed     Jet
DiJetAve300U L1_SingleJet92 (60U) p'ed     Jet

Multijet paths :
DoubleJet80_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet44EtaOpp unp'ed 1   MultiJet
DoubleJet70_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. MultiJet
DoubleJet60_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. MultiJet
DoubleJet30_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. MultiJet
ExclDijet60_HFAND L1_SingleJet36FwdVeto unp'ed small Fwd veto condition: HFCountRing1Plus < 2 && HFCountRing1Minus < 2 && HFCountRing2Plus < 2 && HFCountRing2Minus < 2 ; also have (p'ed) ExclDijet30U_HFOR for monitoring MultiJet
ExclDiJet60_HFOR L1_SingleJet36 p'ed   Monitoring. MultiJet
QuadJet40 L1_QuadJet20_Central p'ed 3 [Top] monitor for tau+quadjet MultiJet
QuadJet60 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 4 [Exotica] for RPV gluino MultiJet
QuadJet70 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 2 [Exotica] for RPV gluino - backup of the above. MultiJet
QuadJet50_BTagIP L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 5 [Top] New. The first IP-based b-tagging path. MultiJet
QuadJet50_Jet40_v1 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 3 [Top] 5 jets > 20 GeV and 4 jets > 25 GeV MultiJet
HT, Meff etc triggers : [ the rates below account for the fact that HF is excluded from Meff, HT amd MHT ]
Meff520 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 12 "backup": > Meff_460U (rate is > only 60% of the main...) HT
Meff640 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Backup of the above. HT
Meff440 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of the above. HT
HT150 L1_HTT50 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. HT
HT200 L1_HTT75 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. HT
HT250 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. HT
HT300 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. HT
HT350 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   SUSY, Exotica. HT
HT400 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     HT
HT450 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     HT
HT500 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     HT
HT550 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     HT
HT150_AlphaT0p60_v1 L1_HTT75 p'ed (6) p=3 HT
HT150_AlphaT0p70_v1 L1_HTT75 p'ed (3) p=3 HT
HT200_AlphaT0p60_v1 L1_HTT75 unp'ed 1   HT
HT200_AlphaT0p65_v1 L1_HTT75 unp'ed 0.5   HT
HT250_AlphaT0p55_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 0.6   HT
HT250_AlphaT0p62_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 0.2   HT
HT300_AlphaT0p52_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 1   HT
HT300_AlphaT0p54_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 0.3   HT
HT350_AlphaT0p51_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 1.3   HT
HT350_AlphaT0p53_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 0.2   HT
HT400_AlphaT0p51_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 0.65   HT
DiJet100_PT100 L1_SingleJet52 unp'ed 7 (L1 rate ~ 7 kHz at 5e32) ; also DiJet100U_PT100U as a backup, and DiJet50U_PT50U (p'ed) as monitoring, seeded by L1_SingleJet36 (20U) which has p=20 at L1 HT
DiJet130_PT130 L1_SingleJet52 unp'ed   Backup of the above. HT
DiJet70_PT70 L1_SingleJet36 p'ed   Monitor of the above, p=20. HT
HT250_MHT60 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 14 SUSY, Exotica request HT
HT300_MHT75 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Backup of the above. HT
R032_MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) unp'ed 10 "Razor" for SUSY. backup: R0.35_MR100 ; R0.10_MR50 and R0.35_MR100 p'ed HT
R035_MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) unp'ed   Backup of the above. HT
R032 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) p'ed   Monitor of the above. HT
MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) p'ed   Monitor of the above. HT
HT250_DoubleDisplacedJet60_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Exotica. HT
Misc. (Exotica requests) :
JetE30_NoBPTX_NoHalo_v4 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR_NotMuBeamHalo unp'ed ? Stopped gluino, main trigger. MinimumBias
JetE30_NoBPTX_v2 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR p'ed ? p ~ 80. Control trigger, o estimate rate of halo events in HCAL that are not identified by CSC. MinimumBias
JetE30_NoBPTX3BX_NoHalo_v4 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR_NotMuBeamHalo unp'ed ? Backup. Veto on BPTX in +/- 1 BXs. MinimumBias
b-tag triggers:
BTagMu_DiJet80_Mu9 L1_Mu3_Jet28_Central unp'ed 4   METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet100_Mu9 L1_Mu3_Jet28_Central unp'ed     METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet60_Mu7 L1_Mu3_Jet28_Central p'ed 1   METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet20_Mu5 L1_Mu3_Jet16_Central p'ed 1   METBTag

MET triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
MET100 L1_ETM30 p'ed     METBTag
MET120 L1_ETM30 p'ed     METBTag
MET200 L1_ETM30 p'ed   Rate too high METBTag
pfMHT150 L1_ETM50 unp'ed ~2.5 PF missing HT, New. METBTag
MET + Jet triggers:
DiJet60_MET45 (30U) L1_ETM20 p'ed     METBTag
CentralJet80_MET65 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed     METBTag
CentralJet80_MET80 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed     METBTag
CentralJet80_MET100 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed   Rate too high METBTag
CentralJet80_MET160 (50U) L1_ETM30 unp'ed ~2.5 Overall pure MET rate limited to no more than 5 Hz METBTag


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
Inclusive muon paths :
Mu30 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed ~7 backup SingleMu
Mu24 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 10 Backup: Mu30, ~Mu35 ( ~ 5 Hz) SingleMu
Mu20 L1_SingleMu12 p'ed (17) e.g. to monitor Mu20 + jets SingleMu
Mu15 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed (48) monitor Mu+IsoTau SingleMu
Mu12 L1_SingleMu7 p'ed (115) intermediate th. SingleMu
Mu8 L1_SingleMu3 p'ed (600) For fake rate studies. SingleMu
Mu5 L1_SingleMu3 p'ed (3600) e.g. to monitor Mu5_HT120U SingleMu
Mu3 L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed (10000) e.g. to monitor DoubleMu3_HT SingleMu
IsoMu30 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 3.5 backup for IsoMu17 SingleMu
IsoMu24 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 5 backup for IsoMu17 SingleMu
IsoMu17 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 11 backup: IsoMu30 SingleMu
IsoMu15 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed (16) 1 Hz with p=16. could be unp'ed at lower lumi SingleMu
IsoMu12 L1_SingleMu7 p'ed (40) 1 Hz with p=40 SingleMu
Quarkonia paths:
DoubleMu3_JPsi_v1 L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 12.3 Mass window: 2.5 - 4.0 MuOnia
DoubleMu2_Bs_v1 L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 3.2 Mass window: 4.8 - 6.0 MuOnia
DoubleMu3_Quarkonium_v1 L1_DoubleMu0 p'ed 15 ? p=2 ? Mass window: 1.5 - 14. Rate is ~ 30 Hz without prescale ? MuOnia
DoubleMu3_Upsilon L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 9 9 Hz at 5e32 MuOnia
DoubleMu3_LowMass L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 15 15 Hz at 5e32 MuOnia
+ several prescaled triggers. e.g. MuX_L2Mu0 seeded by L1_DoubleMu0New, MuX_TrackY seeded by (p'ed) L1_SingleMu0 or Mu3
Mu3_Track3_JPsi L1_SingleMu3 p'ed   Mass window: 2.7 - 3.5. 2 Hz ? MuOnia
Mu7_Track5_JPsi L1_SingleMu7 ? p'ed   Mass window: 2.7 - 3.5 2 Hz ? MuOnia
Mu5_L2Mu2_JPsi L1_DoubleMu_0_5 p'ed   Mass window: 1.8 - 4.5. 1 Hz ? MuOnia
Mu5_Track2_JPsi L1_SingleMu3 p'ed (120)   MuOnia
Multi-muon paths:
HLT_Mu5_TKMu0_OST_Jpsi_Tight_B5Q7 L1SingleMu5_eta1p5_Q7 unp'ed ? 3 For DT monitoring [ could also be of interest for QQ, for eff. studies ] Commissioning
DoubleMu7 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 6 Z(mumu). DoubleMu
DoubleMu6 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 10 backup: DoubleMu7 then DoubleMu9 DoubleMu
DoubleMu3 L1_DoubleMu0 p'ed 1 1 Hz with p=80. Could be unp'ed at lower lumi DoubleMu
TripleMu5 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed < 1   DoubleMu
DoubleMu4_Acoplanarity03_v1 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 5 Require that the 2 muons are back-to-back in phi at the HLT DoubleMu
L2DoubleMu23_NoVertex_v1 L1_DoubleMu5 unp'ed ~1 for exotica DoubleMu
Paths for muon monitoring:
L1SingleMuOpen_v1 L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed   In Comm. PD Commissioning
L1SingleMuOpen_DT L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed   Restrict to the DT acceptance. In Comm. PD Commissioning
L1SingleMu10_v1 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed   SingleMu
L2Mu10_v1 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed     SingleMu
L1SingleMu20 L1_SingleMu20 p'ed   Needed ??? SingleMu
L2Mu20 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed   Needed ??? SingleMu


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
Single electron paths :
Ele27_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkidT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG15 unp'ed 15 Backup: Ele32_EleId_Isol, "TighterEleIdIsol" from 2e32; rate would be 15 Hz for a 27 GeV th. SingleElectron
Ele32_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkidT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG15 unp'ed 15 Backup of the above. SingleElectron
Ele45_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 [EXO] Backup: Ele60_EleId, "TighterEleId" from 2e32; rate would be 15-20 Hz for a 32 GeV th. SingleElectron
Ele90_NoSpikeFilter_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 8 No id, no isol - Exotica SingleElectron
+ Other prescaled Ele paths with looser requirements and/or lower thresholds, down to Ele10. Some of them could be unp'ed if we run at a lower lumi.
Double electron paths :
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 15 [Higgs, SUSY,] will evolve to EG12+EG5 L1 seed. DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIsoVL_ Ele8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed   Backup of the above. For 5e33. DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Ele15_HFL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 2 [EW] ECAL+HF, Z -> ee increased acceptance. DoubleElectron
Ele32_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_SC17_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 7 Z sample, also T&P sample (for electrons >20GeV) DoubleElectron
DoubleEle10_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_Ele10_v1 L1_TripleEG5 unp'ed 1 SUSY DoubleElectron
TripleEle10_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_TripleEG5 unp'ed 1 SUSY, higher lumi DoubleElectron

Utility electron paths :
Ele17_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoVT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoVT_SC8_Mass30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 5 Z tag and probe (for electrons 10-20 GeV) DoubleElectron
Ele8_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 for very loose electron fake rates (same cuts as mu-ele triggers) DoubleElectron
Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 main trigger for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 for fake rate studies DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 second trigger for electron fake rates, for hi PT range (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 Monitor for e+tau trigger. TauPlusX
Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Jet40_v1 L1_EG5_Jet36 p'ed 1 for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele). DoubleElectron
Photon20_CaloIdVT_IsoT_Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (5) for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
L1SingleEG5 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 ECAL DPG. p = 300 (L1) x 1000 (HLT) for a rate of ~ 1 Hz. Commissioning


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
Single photon paths :
Photon75_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 Rate would be ~ 20 Hz for a 55 GeV th. Photon
Photon75_CaloIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed 1 P'ed version of Id+Iso trg. Rate ~ 1 Hz with p=15 Photon
Photon125_NoSpikeFilter_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed < 3 [EXO] No CaloEleId or Isol Photon
Photon30_CaloIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG15 p'ed     Photon
Photon20_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (1000) SUSY RA6. 1k at 1e33. Prescale to 0.5 Hz Photon
Photon30_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG15 p'ed   Photon
Photon50_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed 20 SUSY RA6. 20 Hz at 1e33 Photon
Double Photons:
Photon32_CaloIdL_Photon26_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 5 [SUSY] susy RA3 signal trigger, nonisolated backup to Hgg Photon
Photon26_IsoVL_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 15 [Higgs] Main 5E32 trigger Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 8 [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_IsoVL_Photon18_IsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed   [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_CaloIdL_IsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 3.5 [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 [Higgs] monitor. 1 Hz with p=50 Photon
DoublePhoton33_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 [Exotica] no ID Photon
DoublePhoton5_IsoVL_CEP_v1 L1_DoubleEG2_FwdVeto unp'ed few Hz [FWD] Photon
Photon20_R9Id_Photon18_R9Id_v2 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_R9Id L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon
Photon26_R9Id_Photon18_CaloIdL_IsoVL L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon

Tau triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments confDB OpenHLT PD
IsoPFTau35_Trk20_MET45 L1_SingleTau52 OR L1_SingleJet68 unp'ed 4   %OK% %WORK% Tau
DoubleIsoPFTau20_Trk5 L1_DoubleTauJet28 (14U) OR L1_DoubleJet52 (30U) unp'ed 10 Z to tautau. %OK% %WORK% Tau

Cross-triggers with a muon or an electron/photon or a tau

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments confDBSorted ascending OpenHLT PD
Ele10_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdVL_TrkIsoVL_HT200_v1 L1_EG5_HTT75 unp'ed 8 [SUSY] %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Ele10_CaloIdT_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdT_TrkIsoVL_HT200_v1 L1_EG5_HTT75 unp'ed 4 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
DoubleEle8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_HT160_v1 (100U) L1_DoubleEG5_HTT50 unp'ed 2 [SUSY] %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
DoubleEle8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_HT160_v1 (100U) L1_DoubleEG5_HTT50 unp'ed 1 [SUSY] Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralJet40_BTagIP_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 3.4 Single top. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralTriJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 4.7 Top. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (43) Top, monitor of the above. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralDiJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (25) Top, monitor of the above. %OK% %OK% ElectronHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_HT200 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 8 [SUSY] %OK% %OK% PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_HT300 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 3 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% PhotonHad
Photon60_CaloIdL_HT200 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed (2) [SUSY]. Monitor of the above. %OK% %OK% PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_MHT30 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 7 [SUSY] %OK% %OK% PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_MHT50 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 4 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% PhotonHad
Mu15_Photon20_CaloIdL_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed ~3 [Exotica] %OK% %OK% MuEG
Mu15_DoublePhoton15_CaloIdL_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed < 1 [Exotica] %OK% %OK% MuEG
Mu10_Ele10_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed ~ 2 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] evolve seed to L1_Mu7_EG5 when needed... %OK% %OK% MuEG
Mu5_DoubleEle8_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed ~3 [SUSY, EXO] EG5 may be low w.r.t. Ele8 %OK% %OK% MuEG
Mu5_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_Ele8_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed < 1 Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% MuEG
Mu8_Photon20_CaloIdVT_IsoT_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed 0.2 For fake rate systematics. %OK% %OK% MuEG
IsoMu17_CentralJet40_BTagIP_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed 0.2 Single-top. %OK% %WORK%++ MuHad
Mu17_CentralJet40_BTagIP_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central p'ed 5 e.g. p=20. Single-top, for background. %OK% %WORK%++ MuHad
Mu17_DiCentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed ? (8.7) Top. %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu17_TripleCentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed 2.3 Top %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu17_CentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central p'ed (17) Top, monitor of the above. %OK% %WORK% MuHad
Mu5_HT200 (140U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed 5 Backup: Mu5_HT?? %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu8_HT200 (140U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu3_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_HT160_v1 (100U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed ~3 ? [SUSY] Tighten if rate higher. %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu3_Ele8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_HT160_v1 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% MuHad
DoubleMu3_HT160 (100U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed 2 Backup: DoubleMu3_HT140U %OK% %OK% MuHad
DoubleMu3_HT200 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% MuHad
Mu8_Jet40_v1 L1_Mu3_Jet20_Central p'ed 1 1 Hz with p(HLT) = 25. For fake rate systematics. %OK%   DoubleMuon
HLT_IsoMu12_LooseIsoPFTau10 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed 8   %OK% %WORK% TauPlusX
HLT_Mu15_LooseIsoPFTau20 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 7   %OK% %WORK% TauPlusX
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_LooseIsoPFTau15_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 7.3 Main trigger for Higgs to tautau -> tau + e. %OK% %OK% TauPlusX
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_LooseIsoPFTau20_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 4.6 Backup of the above. %OK% %OK% TauPlusX
Ele15_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_LooseIsoPFTau15_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (18) Monitoring. 1 Hz with p=18. %OK% %OK% TauPlusX
QuadJet40_IsoPFTau40_v1 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 5 [Top]. Note: QuadJet20_IsoPFTau20_PFMHT30 is not viable with PU (rate and CPU). %OK% %OK% MultiJet
Mu17_Ele8_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed 2.5 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] evolve seed to L1_Mu7_EG5 when needed... %WORK% %OK% MuEG
Mu8_Ele17_CaloIdL_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed 4 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] Based on TSG discussion. Need Very Loose Mu seed. %WORK% %OK% MuEG
DoubleMu5_Ele8_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed < 1 [SUSY, EXO] EG5 may be low w.r.t. Ele8 %WORK% %OK% MuEG
DoubleMu5_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_Mu3_EG5 unp'ed < 1 Backup of the above. %WORK% %OK% MuEG
HLT_IsoMu15_LooseIsoPFTau20 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 1 Backup. To stay till the end of the data taking.. %WORK% %WORK% TauPlusX
Electron + Had :
Electron + Tau:
Electron/Photon + Muon
Jet + Tau:
Muon + Had :
Muon + Tau:
Photon + Had :

MinimumBias, ZeroBias and Commissioning

All paths below were prescaled at the HLT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

See also Stephanie's twiki with DPG trigger needs.

Paths already implemented in 5e32 menu:

For the Commissioning PD:
HLT_BeamGas_BSC_v1 L1_BeamGas_Bsc Need 2-3 Hz
HLT_BeamGas_HF_v1 L1_BeamGas_Hf Need 1 Hz.
HLT_L1_PreCollisions_v1 L1_PreCollisions Few Hz's before collisions.
HLT_L1_Interbunch_BSC_v1 L1_InterBunch_Bsc Need ~ 0.1 Hz. For afterglow studies.
HLT_IsoTrackHE_v3 L1_SingleJet52 ~ 5 Hz ?
HLT_IsoTrackHB_v2 L1_SingleJet52 ~ 5 Hz ?
HLT_Mu5_TkMu0_OST_Jpsi_Tight_B5Q7_vX L1_SingleMu5_Eta1p5_Q80 ~ 3 Hz. For DTs
HLT_L1SingleMuOpen L1_SingleMuOpen For DTs.
HLT_L1SingleMuOpen_DT L1_SingleMuOpen For DTs.
HLT_L1SingleEg5 L1_SingleEG5 For ECAL DPG. Needs 10 Hz at the beginning.
HLT_Activity_Ecal_SCXXX - For ECAL DPG. Needs 1 Hz, to monitor the turn-on of L1EG.

For the Minimum Bias PD :
HLT_L1Tech_BSC_minBias_OR_v1 TT4 and L1Tech_BSC_minBias_OR Need 10 Hz.
HLT_PixelTracks_Multiplicity125_v1 L1_ETT180, will change  
HLT_PixelTracks_Multiplicity110_v1 L1_ETT180, will change  
HLT_Random_v1 - Need 5 Hz ?
HLT_ZeroBias_v1 - Need 5 Hz.
HLT_Physics_v1 - That's a L1A pass-through that excludes random and calibration L1As. For HLT CPU studies, PD development (rates), ECAL payload monitoring, etc.. Need 5 Hz. More would be welcome...

For the Cosmics PD:

Alca and Calibration streams :
  • HLT_Calibration_v1
  • HLT_EcalCalibration_v1
  • HLT_HcalCalibration_v1
  • AlCa_EcalPi0_v2
  • AlCa_EcalEta_v2
  • AlCa_EcalPhiSym_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNoHits_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNoTriggers_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNormalisation_v2

-- EmmanuellePerez - 12-Apr-2011

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