Draft of the menu for 1e33

Rates in Hz at 1e33

Hadronic triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments Group PD
inclusive jets :
L1SingleJet16 L1_SingleJet16 p'ed     JetMET, QCD Commissioning ?
Jet30 L1_SingleJet16 p'ed (200k)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet60 L1_SingleJet36 p'ed (7700)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet80 L1_SingleJet52 p'ed (2200)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet110 L1_SingleJet68 p'ed (470)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet150 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (100)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet190 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (32)   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet240 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (10) intermediate threshold JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet300 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (3.3) p=3 JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet370 L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 1.1   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet370_NoJetID L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed ~ 4   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet400U L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 2.5 intermediate threshold JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet500U L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 1.5   JetMET, QCD Jet
Jet600U L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed < 1   JetMET, QCD Jet
DiJetAve30 L1_SingleJet16 p'ed (90k)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve60 L1_SingleJet36 p'ed (4k)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve80 L1_SingleJet52 p'ed (870)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve110 L1_SingleJet68 p'ed (170)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve150 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (36)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve190 L1_SingleJet92 p'ed (30)   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve240 L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 1   JetMET Jet
DiJetAve300 L1_SingleJet92 unp'ed 0.5   JetMET Jet

Multijet paths :
DoubleJet80_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet44EtaOpp unp'ed 1   FWD MultiJet
DoubleJet70_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. FWD MultiJet
DoubleJet60_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. FWD MultiJet
DoubleJet30_ForwardBackward_v1 L1_DoubleForJet32EtaOpp p'ed   Monitoring of the above. FWD MultiJet
ExclDijet60_HFAND L1_SingleJet36FwdVeto unp'ed small Fwd veto condition: HFCountRing1Plus < 2 && HFCountRing1Minus < 2 && HFCountRing2Plus < 2 && HFCountRing2Minus < 2 ; also have (p'ed) ExclDijet30U_HFOR for monitoring FWD MultiJet
ExclDiJet60_HFOR L1_SingleJet36 p'ed   Monitoring. FWD MultiJet
QuadJet40 L1_QuadJet20_Central p'ed 3 [Top] monitor for tau+quadjet TOP MultiJet
QuadJet60 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 4 [Exotica] for RPV gluino TOP MultiJet
QuadJet70 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 2 [Exotica] for RPV gluino - backup of the above. TOP MultiJet
QuadJet50_BTagIP L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 5 [Top] New. The first IP-based b-tagging path. TOP MultiJet
QuadJet50_Jet40_v1 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 3 [Top] 5 jets > 20 GeV and 4 jets > 25 GeV TOP MultiJet
HT, Meff etc triggers : [ the rates below account for the fact that HF is excluded from Meff, HT amd MHT ]
Meff520 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 12 "backup": > Meff_460U (rate is > only 60% of the main...) SUSY HT
Meff640 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Backup of the above. SUSY HT
Meff440 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of the above. SUSY HT
HT150 L1_HTT50 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. SUSY HT
HT200 L1_HTT75 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. SUSY HT
HT250 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. SUSY HT
HT300 L1_HTT100 p'ed   Monitor of HT440. SUSY HT
HT350 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   SUSY, Exotica. SUSY HT
HT400 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT450 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT500 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT550 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT150_AlphaT0p60_v1 L1_HTT75 p'ed     SUSY HT
HT150_AlphaT0p70_v1 L1_HTT75 p'ed     SUSY HT
HT200_AlphaT0p60_v1 L1_HTT75 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT200_AlphaT0p65_v1 L1_HTT75 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT250_AlphaT0p55_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT250_AlphaT0p62_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT300_AlphaT0p52_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT300_AlphaT0p54_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT350_AlphaT0p51_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT350_AlphaT0p53_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
HT400_AlphaT0p51_v1 L1_HTT100 unp'ed     SUSY HT
DiJet100_PT100 L1_SingleJet52 unp'ed 7 (L1 rate ~ 7 kHz at 5e32) ; also DiJet100U_PT100U as a backup, and DiJet50U_PT50U (p'ed) as monitoring, seeded by L1_SingleJet36 (20U) which has p=20 at L1 SUSY, Exotica HT
DiJet130_PT130 L1_SingleJet52 unp'ed   Backup of the above. HT
DiJet70_PT70 L1_SingleJet36 p'ed   Monitor of the above, p=20. SUSY, Exotica HT
HT250_MHT60 L1_HTT100 unp'ed 14 SUSY, Exotica request SUSY, Exotica HT
HT300_MHT75 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Backup of the above. This was supposed to be changed into HT300_MHT70 already in the 5e32V3 menu. SUSY, Exotica HT
R032_MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) unp'ed 10 "Razor" for SUSY. backup: R0.35_MR100 ; R0.10_MR50 and R0.35_MR100 p'ed HT
R035_MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) unp'ed   Backup of the above. SUSY HT
R032 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) p'ed   Monitor of the above. SUSY HT
MR100 L1_DoubleJet36Central (20U) p'ed   Monitor of the above. SUSY HT
HT250_DoubleDisplacedJet60 L1_HTT100 unp'ed   Exotica. SUSY HT
L1DoubleJet36Central L1_DoubleJet36_Central p'ed   Collect a sample to designe a trigger for Hbb Higgs MultiJet
L1MultiJet L1_HTT50 or L1_TripleJet28_Central or L1_QuadJet20_Central p'ed   Collect a sample to designe a trigger for Hbb Higgs MultiJet
Misc. (Exotica requests) :
JetE30_NoBPTX_NoHalo_v1 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR_NotMuBeamHalo unp'ed ? Stopped gluino, main trigger. Exotica MinimumBias
JetE30_NoBPTX_v1 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR p'ed ? p ~ 80. Control trigger, o estimate rate of halo events in HCAL that are not identified by CSC. Exotica MinimumBias
JetE30_NoBPTX3BX_NoHalo_v1 L1_SingleJet20_NotBptxOR_NotMuBeamHalo unp'ed ? Backup. Veto on BPTX in +/- 1 BXs. Exotica MinimumBias
b-tag triggers:
BTagMu_DiJet110_Mu5 L1_Mu3_Jet28_Central p'ed 1.3 p=3 BTag METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet70_Mu5 L1_Mu3_Jet28_Central p'ed 1.5 p=20 BTag METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet40_Mu5 L1_Mu3_Jet20_Central p'ed 1.6 p=110 BTag METBTag
BTagMu_DiJet20_Mu5 L1_Mu3_Jet16_Central p'ed 1.6 p=320 BTag METBTag

MET triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments Group PD
MET100 L1_ETM30 unp'ed ? 7 Keep unp'ed (?) for ZH -> nnbb JetMET, Higgs METBTag
MET120 L1_ETM30 unp'ed 4.5 Keep unp'ed for ZH -> nnbb JetMET, Higgs METBTag
MET200 L1_ETM30 unp'ed 1.5 Rate too high JetMET METBTag
pfMHT150 L1_ETM50 unp'ed ~2.5 PF missing HT, New. JetMET METBTag
MET + Jet triggers:
DiJet60_MET45 (30U) L1_ETM20 p'ed     METBTag
CentralJet80_MET65 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed     Exotica METBTag
CentralJet80_MET80 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed     Exotica METBTag
CentralJet80_MET100 (50U) L1_ETM30 p'ed   Rate too high Exotica METBTag
CentralJet80_MET160 (50U) L1_ETM30 unp'ed ~2.5 Overall pure MET rate limited to no more than 5 Hz Exotica METBTag
L1ETM30 L1_ETM30 p'ed   Collect a sample to designe a trigger for Hbb Higgs MultiJet


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments Group PD
Inclusive muon paths :
Mu30 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed ~7 backup MUO SingleMu
Mu24 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 10 Backup: Mu30, ~Mu35 ( ~ 5 Hz) MUO SingleMu
Mu20 L1_SingleMu12 p'ed (17) e.g. to monitor Mu20 + jets MUO SingleMu
Mu15 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed (48) monitor Mu+IsoTau MUO SingleMu
Mu12 L1_SingleMu7 p'ed (115) intermediate th. MUO SingleMu
Mu8 L1_SingleMu3 p'ed (600) For fake rate studies.   SingleMu
Mu5 L1_SingleMu3 p'ed (3600) e.g. to monitor Mu5_HT120U   SingleMu
Mu3 L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed (10000) e.g. to monitor DoubleMu3_HT   SingleMu
IsoMu30 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 3.5 backup for IsoMu17 MUO SingleMu
IsoMu24 L1_SingleMu12 unp'ed 5 backup for IsoMu17 MUO SingleMu
IsoMu17 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 11 backup: IsoMu30 MUO SingleMu
IsoMu15 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed (16) 1 Hz with p=16. could be unp'ed at lower lumi MUO SingleMu
IsoMu12 L1_SingleMu7 p'ed (40) 1 Hz with p=40 MUO SingleMu
Quarkonia paths:
DoubleMu2_Bs L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 4.8 Mass window: 4.8 - 6.0 Onia MuOnia
Dimuon6p5_JPsi L1_DoubleMu0 p'ed (15) Monitoring (p=10). Mass window: 2.9 - 3.3. Onia MuOnia
Dimuon6p5_JPsi_Displasced L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 5 Mass window: 2.9 - 3.3. Onia MuOnia
Dimuon6p5_LowMass L1_DoubleMu0 p'ed (37) Monitoring (p=10). Mass window: 1.0 - 5.0 Onia MuOnia
Dimuon6p5_LowMass_Displaced L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 12 Mass window: 1.0 - 5.0 Onia MuOnia
Dimuon5_Barrel_Upsilon L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 6.6 Dimuon5 or Dimuon0 ??? eta < 1.3. Mass window: 8.5 - 11.5 Onia MuOnia
Dimuon6p5_Barrel_PsiPrime L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 2.0 eta < 1.3. Mass window: 3.35 - 4.00 Onia MuOnia
Dimuon10_Barrel_JPsi L1_DoubleMu0 unp'ed 4.0 eta < 1.3. Mass window: 2.75 - 3.35 Onia MuOnia
+ several low pt efficiency triggers, prescaled to a total of 3.6 Hz :
Mu5_Track2_JPsi L1_SingleMu3 p'ed     Onia MuOnia
Mu5_L2Mu2_JPsi L1_DoubleMu_0_5 p'ed     Onia MuOnia
Mu7_Track7_JPsi L1_SingleMu7 ? p'ed     Onia MuOnia
Multi-muon paths:
HLT_Mu5_TKMu0_OST_Jpsi_Tight_B5Q7 L1SingleMu5_eta1p5_Q7 unp'ed ? 3 For DT monitoring [ could also be of interest for QQ, for eff. studies ] DT Commissioning
DoubleMu7 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 6 Z(mumu). EWK DoubleMu
DoubleMu6 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 10 backup: DoubleMu7 then DoubleMu9 EWK DoubleMu
DoubleMu3 L1_DoubleMu0 p'ed 1 1 Hz with p=80. Could be unp'ed at lower lumi   DoubleMu
TripleMu5 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed < 1   SUSY DoubleMu
DoubleMu4_Acoplanarity03_v1 L1_DoubleMu3 unp'ed 5 Require that the 2 muons are back-to-back in phi at the HLT FWD DoubleMu
L2DoubleMu23_NoVertex_v1 L1_DoubleMu5 unp'ed ~1 for exotica Exotica DoubleMu
Paths for muon monitoring:
L1SingleMuOpen_v1 L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed   In Comm. PD MUO Commissioning
L1SingleMuOpen_DT L1_SingleMuOpen p'ed   Restrict to the DT acceptance. In Comm. PD DT Commissioning
L1SingleMu10_v1 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed   MUO SingleMu
L2Mu10_v1 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed     MUO SingleMu
L1SingleMu20 L1_SingleMu20 p'ed   Needed ??? MUO SingleMu
L2Mu20 L1_SingleMu10 p'ed   Needed ??? MUO SingleMu


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
Single electron paths :
Ele27_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkidT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG15 unp'ed 15 Backup: Ele32_EleId_Isol, "TighterEleIdIsol" from 2e32; rate would be 15 Hz for a 27 GeV th. SingleElectron
Ele32_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkidT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG15 unp'ed 15 Backup of the above. SingleElectron
Ele45_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 [EXO] Backup: Ele60_EleId, "TighterEleId" from 2e32; rate would be 15-20 Hz for a 32 GeV th. SingleElectron
Ele90_NoSpikeFilter_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 8 No id, no isol - Exotica SingleElectron
+ Other prescaled Ele paths with looser requirements and/or lower thresholds, down to Ele10. Some of them could be unp'ed if we run at a lower lumi.
Double electron paths :
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 15 [Higgs, SUSY,] will evolve to EG12+EG5 L1 seed. DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIsoVL_ Ele8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed   Backup of the above. For 5e33. DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Ele15_HFL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 2 [EW] ECAL+HF, Z -> ee increased acceptance. DoubleElectron
Ele32_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_SC17_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 7 Z sample, also T&P sample (for electrons >20GeV) DoubleElectron
DoubleEle10_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_Ele10_v1 L1_TripleEG5 unp'ed 1 SUSY DoubleElectron
TripleEle10_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_TripleEG5 unp'ed 1 SUSY, higher lumi DoubleElectron

Utility electron paths :
Ele17_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoVT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoVT_SC8_Mass30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 5 Z tag and probe (for electrons 10-20 GeV) DoubleElectron
Ele8_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 for very loose electron fake rates (same cuts as mu-ele triggers) DoubleElectron
Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 main trigger for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 for fake rate studies DoubleElectron
Ele17_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 second trigger for electron fake rates, for hi PT range (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 Monitor for e+tau trigger. TauPlusX
Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_Jet40_v1 L1_EG5_Jet36 p'ed 1 for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele). DoubleElectron
Photon20_CaloIdVT_IsoT_Ele8_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (5) for electron fake rates (same cuts as di-ele) DoubleElectron
L1SingleEG5 L1_SingleEG5 p'ed 1 ECAL DPG. p = 300 (L1) x 1000 (HLT) for a rate of ~ 1 Hz. Commissioning


HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments PD
Single photon paths :
Photon75_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 Rate would be ~ 20 Hz for a 55 GeV th. Photon
Photon75_CaloIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed 1 P'ed version of Id+Iso trg. Rate ~ 1 Hz with p=15 Photon
Photon125_NoSpikeFilter_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed < 3 [EXO] No CaloEleId or Isol Photon
Photon30_CaloIdVL_v1 L1_SingleEG15 p'ed     Photon
Photon20_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (1000) SUSY RA6. 1k at 1e33. Prescale to 0.5 Hz Photon
Photon30_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG15 p'ed   Photon
Photon50_CaloIdVL_IsoL_v1 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed 20 SUSY RA6. 20 Hz at 1e33 Photon
Double Photons:
Photon32_CaloIdL_Photon26_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 5 [SUSY] susy RA3 signal trigger, nonisolated backup to Hgg Photon
Photon26_IsoVL_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 15 [Higgs] Main 5E32 trigger Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 8 [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_IsoVL_Photon18_IsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed   [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_CaloIdL_IsoVL_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 3.5 [Higgs] higher lumi Photon
Photon26_Photon18_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 1 [Higgs] monitor. 1 Hz with p=50 Photon
DoublePhoton33_v1 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 5 [Exotica] no ID Photon
DoublePhoton5_IsoVL_CEP_v1 L1_DoubleEG2_FwdVeto unp'ed few Hz [FWD] Photon
Photon20_R9Id_Photon18_R9Id_v2 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon
Photon26_CaloIdL_IsoVL_Photon18_R9Id L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon
Photon26_R9Id_Photon18_CaloIdL_IsoVL L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed     Photon

Tau triggers

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments confDB OpenHLT PD
IsoPFTau35_Trk20_MET45 L1_SingleTau52 OR L1_SingleJet68 unp'ed 4   %OK% %WORK% Tau
DoubleIsoPFTau20_Trk5 L1_DoubleTauJet28 (14U) OR L1_DoubleJet52 (30U) unp'ed 10 Z to tautau. %OK% %WORK% Tau

Cross-triggers with a muon or an electron/photon or a tau

HLT L1seed P'ed / unp'ed rate (Hz) comments Group   PD
Electron + Had :
Ele10_CaloIdL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdVL_TrkIsoVL_HT200_v1 L1_EG5_HTT75 unp'ed 8 [SUSY] SUSY ElectronHad
Ele10_CaloIdT_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdT_TrkIsoVL_HT200_v1 L1_EG5_HTT75 unp'ed 4 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. SUSY ElectronHad
DoubleEle8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_HT150 L1_DoubleEG5_HTT50 unp'ed 2 [SUSY] SUSY ElectronHad
DoubleEle8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_HT150 L1_DoubleEG5_HTT50 unp'ed 1 [SUSY] Backup of the above. SUSY ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralJet30_BTagIPNoL25Filter L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 2 Single top. TOP ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralTriJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 4.7 Top. TOP ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (43) Top, monitor of the above. TOP ElectronHad
Ele25_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CentralDiJet30_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (25) Top, monitor of the above. TOP ElectronHad
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_CleanDiJet_35_25_Deta2 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed ? 6.4 VBH Higgs -> WW, e + jets Higgs ElectronHad
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_CleanDiJet_35_25_Deta3 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 6.4 VBH Higgs -> WW, e + jets Higgs ElectronHad
Ele15_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_CleanDiJet_35_25_Deta2 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed 0.8 (p=30) VBH Higgs -> WW, e + jets Higgs ElectronHad
Photon + Had :
Photon70_CaloIdL_HT200 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 8 [SUSY] SUSY PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_HT300 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 3 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. SUSY PhotonHad
Photon60_CaloIdL_HT200 L1_SingleEG20 p'ed (2) [SUSY]. Monitor of the above. SUSY PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_MHT30 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 7 [SUSY] SUSY PhotonHad
Photon70_CaloIdL_MHT50 L1_SingleEG20 unp'ed 4 [SUSY]. Backup of the above. SUSY PhotonHad
Electron/Photon + Muon
Mu15_Photon20_CaloIdL_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed ~3 [Exotica] Exotica MuEG
Mu15_DoublePhoton15_CaloIdL_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed < 1 [Exotica] Exotica MuEG
Mu17_Ele8_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed 2.5 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] evolve seed to L1_Mu7_EG5 when needed... many MuEG
Mu8_Ele17_CaloIdL_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed 4 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] Based on TSG discussion. Need Very Loose Mu seed. many MuEG
Mu10_Ele10_CaloIdL_v1 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed ~ 2 [SUSY, Higgs, Top, EWK] evolve seed to L1_Mu7_EG5 when needed... many MuEG
DoubleMu5_Ele8_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed < 1 [SUSY, EXO] EG5 may be low w.r.t. Ele8 SUSY, EXO MuEG
DoubleMu5_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed < 1 Backup of the above. SUSY, EXO MuEG
Mu5_DoubleEle8_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed ~3 [SUSY, EXO] EG5 may be low w.r.t. Ele8 SUSY, EXO MuEG
Mu5_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_Ele8_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed < 1 Backup of the above. SUSY, EXO MuEG
Mu8_Photon20_CaloIdVT_IsoT_v1 L1_MuOpen_EG5 unp'ed 0.2 For fake rate systematics. SUSY MuEG
Muon + Had :
IsoMu17_CentralJet30_BTagIPNoL25Filter L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed 0.3 Single-top. TOP MuHad
Mu17_CentralJet30_BTagIPNoL25Filter L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed 7 Single-top. TOP MuHad
Mu17_DiCentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed ? (8.7) Top. TOP MuHad
Mu17_TripleCentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central unp'ed 2.3 Top TOP MuHad
Mu17_CentralJet30_v1 L1_Mu7_Jet20_Central p'ed (17) Top, monitor of the above. TOP MuHad
Mu5_HT200 (140U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed 5 Backup: Mu5_HT??   MuHad
Mu8_HT200 (140U) L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above.   MuHad
Mu3_Ele8_CaloIdL_TrkIdVL_HT150 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed ~3 ? [SUSY] Tighten if rate higher. SUSY MuHad
Mu3_Ele8_CaloIdT_TrkIdVL_HT150 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above. SUSY MuHad
DoubleMu3_HT150 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed 2 Backup: DoubleMu3_HT140U SUSY MuHad
DoubleMu3_HT200 L1_Mu0_HTT50 unp'ed   Backup of the above. SUSY MuHad
Mu8_Jet40_v1 L1_Mu3_Jet20_Central p'ed 1 1 Hz with p(HLT) = 25. For fake rate systematics.   DoubleMuon
Muon + Tau:
HLT_IsoMu12_LooseIsoPFTau10 L1_SingleMu7 unp'ed 8   TauPlusX
HLT_Mu15_LooseIsoPFTau20 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 7   TauPlusX
HLT_IsoMu15_LooseIsoPFTau20 L1_SingleMu10 unp'ed 1 Backup. To stay till the end of the data taking..   TauPlusX
Electron + Tau:
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_LooseIsoPFTau15_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 7.3 Main trigger for Higgs to tautau -> tau + e.   TauPlusX
Ele15_CaloIdVT_CaloIsoT_TrkIdT_TrkIsoT_LooseIsoPFTau20_v1 L1_SingleEG12 unp'ed 4.6 Backup of the above.   TauPlusX
Ele15_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_LooseIsoPFTau15_v1 L1_SingleEG12 p'ed (18) Monitoring. 1 Hz with p=18.   TauPlusX
Jet + Tau:
QuadJet40_IsoPFTau40_v1 L1_QuadJet20_Central unp'ed 5 [Top]. Note: QuadJet20_IsoPFTau20_PFMHT30 is not viable with PU (rate and CPU).   MultiJet

MinimumBias, ZeroBias and Commissioning

All paths below were prescaled at the HLT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

See also Stephanie's twiki with DPG trigger needs.

Paths already implemented in 5e32 menu:

For the Commissioning PD:
HLT_BeamGas_BSC_v1 L1_BeamGas_Bsc Need 2-3 Hz
HLT_BeamGas_HF_v1 L1_BeamGas_Hf Need 1 Hz.
HLT_L1_PreCollisions_v1 L1_PreCollisions Few Hz's before collisions.
HLT_L1_Interbunch_BSC_v1 L1_InterBunch_Bsc Need ~ 0.1 Hz. For afterglow studies.
HLT_IsoTrackHE_v3 L1_SingleJet52 ~ 5 Hz ?
HLT_IsoTrackHB_v2 L1_SingleJet52 ~ 5 Hz ?
HLT_Mu5_TkMu0_OST_Jpsi_Tight_B5Q7_vX L1_SingleMu5_Eta1p5_Q80 ~ 3 Hz. For DTs
HLT_L1SingleMuOpen L1_SingleMuOpen For DTs.
HLT_L1SingleMuOpen_DT L1_SingleMuOpen For DTs.
HLT_L1SingleEg5 L1_SingleEG5 For ECAL DPG. Needs 10 Hz at the beginning.
HLT_Activity_Ecal_SC7 - For ECAL DPG. Needs 1 Hz, to monitor the turn-on of L1EG.

For the Minimum Bias PD :
HLT_L1Tech_BSC_minBias_OR_v1 TT4 and L1Tech_BSC_minBias_OR Need 10 Hz.
HLT_PixelTracks_Multiplicity125_v1 L1_ETT180, will change  
HLT_PixelTracks_Multiplicity110_v1 L1_ETT180, will change  
HLT_Random_v1 - Need 5 Hz ?
HLT_ZeroBias_v1 - Need 5 Hz.
HLT_Physics_v1 - That's a L1A pass-through that excludes random and calibration L1As. For HLT CPU studies, PD development (rates), ECAL payload monitoring, etc.. Need 5 Hz. More would be welcome...

For the Cosmics PD:

Alca and Calibration streams :
  • HLT_Calibration_v1
  • HLT_EcalCalibration_v1
  • HLT_HcalCalibration_v1
  • AlCa_EcalPi0_v2
  • AlCa_EcalEta_v2
  • AlCa_EcalPhiSym_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNoHits_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNoTriggers_v2
  • AlCa_RPCMuonNormalisation_v2

-- EmmanuellePerez - 12-Apr-2011

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