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How to update offline DQ code [#daf44a40]

Finding out the newest version [#ef461217]

~/at/a/AtlasProduction をみる。2010/4/1 を石川さんが使っている。 Nightly のありかは ~ishikawa/nightlies/ をみる。

How to set up athena environment [#k479836e]

requiements file [#x33b825c]

set CMTSITE CERN set SITEROOT /afs/cern.ch set CMTSTRUCTURINGSTYLE "without_version_directory" macro ATLAS_DIST_AREA ${SITEROOT}/atlas/software/dist macro ATLAS_TEST_AREA ${HOME}/work/L2 use AtlasLogin AtlasLogin-* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA) #macro home_dir "${HOME}" #path_prepend CMTPATH ${PWD} apply_tag setup apply_tag simpleTest

setup shell script:doit.sh [#hd273922]

#! /bin/bash -f pwd


if [ ! -d ${HOME}/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE} ]; then mkdir -p ${HOME}/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE} echo mkdir -p ${HOME}/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE} fi

source /afs/cern.ch/sw/contrib/CMT/v1r20p20090520/mgr/setup.sh cmt config source setup.sh -tag=32,AtlasProduction,${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE} source $AtlasArea/AtlasProductionRunTime/cmt/setup.sh

echo AtlasArea $AtlasArea echo AtlasProject $AtlasProject echo AtlasVersion $AtlasVersion echo TestArea $TestArea

# Nightly を見る場合には ${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE} を 15.6.X などに # -tag には ,rel_0 など を付け加える # 山崎: 2010/04/10 この方法でやるときには,~/at/a/rel_0/.. というディレクトリを作らないと CMT からおこられる。 # また,このとき cmthome の requirement は CMTSTRUCTURINGSTYLE を "without_version_directory" に設定するとうまくいかない -> comment out

source the file [#ldac7992]

% source doit.sh % cd $HOME/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE}

Check out and make [#c8abe8f6]

% cmt co Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigMuonMonitoring # head を見る % cd Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigMuonMonitoring/cmt % gmake

Run the DQ code in ESD2ESD job [#z831403d]

make run directory [#p2ad4700]

% mkdir -p $HOME/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE}/run % cd $HOME/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE}/run

write a script: esd2esd [#c6a37fd6]

ESDtoESD_trf.py maxEvents=100 inputESDFile= /home/akimasa/maxi30/mc/mc08.105200.T1_McAtNlo_Jimmy.recon.ESD.e357_s462_s520_r809_tid092493/ESD.092493._000518.pool.root.1 outputAODFile=myAODMC.pool.root outputDQMonitorFile=MonitorESDMC.root preExec='DQMonFlags.doMuonSegmentMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)', 'DQMonFlags.doCaloMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doTileMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doLArMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doJetMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)', 'DQMonFlags.doPixelMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doSCTMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doTRTMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doInDetPerfMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)', 'DQMonFlags.doMissingEtMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doMuonCombinedMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doTauMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doJetTagMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)', 'DQMonFlags.doHLTMon.set_Value_and_Lock(True)','DQMonFlags.doEgammaMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)','DQMonFlags.doLucidMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)', 'DQMonFlags.doMuonRawMon.set_Value_and_Lock(False)' preInclude=RecExCommon/RecoUsefulFlags.py AMI=q120 \ # only for MC

run esd2esd [#he9798c4]

% source esd2esd

PostProcessing [#p8c770b6]

Output ROOT files are produced at many nodes so needed to merge. File merging method is usually TH1::Add so efficiency plots are messed up. So need to take division after merging. Post-processing is performed after merging to take divisions (efficiency or occupancy) and to make summary plots.

check out the post-processor package [#ae4f5af5]

cmt co DataQuality/DataQualityUtils Following files should be modified if needed. # 割り算などのプロセスをするヒストグラムを作る場合,LBごとの summary histogram を作りたい場合などはここで行う。 src/MonitoringFile_HLTMuonPostProcess.cxx src/MonitoringFile_HLTMuonHistogramDivision.cxx

tagging and tag collection. [#k11a2796]

Let Peter Onyisi (ponyisi at mark hep.uchicago.edu) know the code update. He will tag the code and request the tag to TC2.

ROOT file merging [#g95ac1d2]

% DQHistogramMerge.py filelist.txt outfile.root 1 filelist.txt should be as follows 1.root 2.root 3.root If the 3rd argument is 1, post-processing runs.

produce HAN config files and make web page [#ra8c9105]

For tutorial of the HAN config file, see https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/OfflineDQMFTutorial

check out latest han files [#u6b02bd5]

cmt co DataQuality/DataQualityConfigurations

check out latest dqm_algorithms [#k09b536b]

cmt co DataQuality/dqm_algorithms

modify han config file (move dirs other than HLTmuon to config.backup for speeding up) [#b22fbe7b]

% cd $HOME/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE}/DataQuality/DataQualityConfigurations/config % mkdir ../config.backup % mv HLT ../ % mv ../HLT/HLTmuon ../ % mv ./* ../config.backup % mv ../HLT/* ../config.backup % mv ../HLT . % mv ../HLTmuon HLT % emacs HLT/HLTmuon/collisions_run.config # top level, HLT level に何らかの summary algorithm を入れないと crash する。

tagging and tag collection [#z0f05b75]

The configuration files are updated regularly if you check it in. If you cannot check in the file you should ask Adrian Vogel (adrian.vogel at cern.ch) for uploading to SVN and the config files being used in the DQ processes.

merge config files and comiple it [#rb416df8]

% merge_all_han_configs.sh % han-config-gen.exe collisions_run.config

check config files [#ace437a6]

% (in the top level config directory) % export PATH=../scripts:$PATH % han-config-check.sh collisions_run.config

rename the output root file so that DQWebDisplay can understand the run number and file type. [#jbfc72bd]

file name should be data.{run_number}.{file_type}.root. You can name file_type freely, in principle, but we would recommend that it contains at least the stream name like: % mv data12_8TeV.00208931.express_express.merge.HIST.x222_m1205._0001.1 data.00105200.TRMUO_muons.root

run DQWebDisplay which make the html/png files and put them on atlasdqm.cern.ch [#cdad8381]

% DQWebDisplay.py data.00208930.TRMUO_muons.root TestDisplay 1

The last number is the "Pass" number, indicating the number of trials. It does not have to be a serial number but would recommend to have some meaningful integer.

check the output on web [#p79278e3]

http://atlasdqm.cern.ch:8080/webdisplay/test/ http://atlasdqm.cern.ch:8080/webdisplay/test/0/TGC_TRMUO/run_105200/run/

SVN [#r99ce261]

check in [#edd2cbde]

% svn ci src/hogehoge.cxx -m "messages" # only hogehoge.C to be checked in % svn ci -m "your messages" # all the files under current directory to be checked in (自分 edit したファイルのリビジョン管理をする)

tag TrigMuonMonitoring as TrigMuonMonitoring-00-01-04 [#ldb797bd]

% cd $HOME/work/L2/${MY_ATLAS_RELEASE}/Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigMuonMonitoring % svn cp . $SVNROOT/Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigMuonMonitoring/tags/TrigMuonMonitoring-00-01-04 (パッケージとしてリリースする)

means current direcotry is copied to the tag directory.

Updating reference files [#ndd14090]

lxatut:~akimasa/work/DQMF-OHP/MakeRef/makeTier0.sh の 4行目のinput file を変更して走らせると current directory に できます。それを afs 上の directory に copy すれば完了です。 その directory の MEMO に具体的な場所は書いてあります。 その histogram file を config file から指定して下さい。 注意点はその afs directory は書き込み可ですが、消すのは不可能なことです。

Tag Collector [#k9dc239f]

重要なこと: AtlasProduction に手で入れる必要があることがある。 Group filter を AtlasProduction にして,release tree でみて open になっているものに入れる。 Tag submit すると,approval test をクリックするための画面が package の上に現れる。Nightly をダウンロード,テストしたあとにそれをクリックする(べき)。

Select Release and update tag [#lb13dd03]

Release : AtlasTrigger/15.7.0/TrigMuonAnalysis-00-01-03 &ref(./TC2-UpdateTag.PNG,100%,"Update Tag");

Choose Tag, Select completes the bundle, write comments and submit the tag. [#p3237e49]

Tag の bundle は,同時にタグして欲しいものとおなじbundle name をつける。 そうでない場合には空欄にして, complete the bundle をチェックする。 SVN のときに入れたコメントが出るので,それとほぼ同じ内容を Justification の項に書く。

&ref(./TC2-submit.PNG,100%,"Update Tag"); To add the tag to AtlasProduction, need to email Moritz.Backes at mark cern.ch, clemencia.mora.herrera at mark cern.ch and atlas-trig-relcoord at mark cern.ch.

You will receive a mail on update the tag. The tag to be added to nightly by coordinator and to be tested. When the tag in a nightly is successful, need to test it by yourself and then ask update by TC2.

If the release where you would like add the tag is not found, [#ccc7033c]

Links [#l51a347a]

* DQ Operation Recipe https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/DQOperationalRecipes#How_users_should_update_a_han_of * Atlas DQM http://atlasdqm.web.cern.ch/atlasdqm/ * trac (SVN browser) https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser * LXR http://alxr.usatlas.bnl.gov/ * TC2 https://atlastagcollector.in2p3.fr:8443/AMI/servlet/net.hep.atlas.Database.Bookkeeping.AMI.Servlet.Command?Command=TCGUIDevHome+-project%3DTagCollector+-processingStep%3Dproduction&Converter=%2Fusr%2Flocal%2Fjakarta-tomcat-5.0.28%2Fwebapps%2FAMI%2FAMI%2Fxsl%2FAMIXmlToDevHtml.xsl&Valider=Execute

DQ coordination [#yec3997d]

* taskID for Bphysics and Muons slices expert on-call : 569751

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