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Data Quality Monitoring Display(DQMD) [#teeaa78d]

How to run the DQMD on the Point1 [#nb5bafb9]

  • How to login ssh -X user@atlasgw Reason,why do you need the role DQM:remote : (e.g. to check the HLT muon online DQ configuration) STEP 1 -Hostname : (e.g. pc-atlas-pub-08) press 'Enter' at [Step 2] & [Step 3]
  • setup export ROOTSYS=/sw/atlas/sw/lcg/external/root/5.18.00f/slc4_ia32_gcc34/root export PATH=/usr/bin/:$PATH export PATH=/bin:$PATH export PATH=${ROOTSYS}/bin:$PATH export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${ROOTSYS}/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} # # TDAQ DB # export TDAQ_RELEASE=tdaq-03-00-01 export TDAQ_DB_REPOSITORY=/atlas/oks/${TDAQ_RELEASE} export TDAQ_DB_PATH=/atlas/oks/${TDAQ_RELEASE} export TDAQ_DB_USER_REPOSITORY=${HOME}/db/${TDAQ_RELEASE} source /sw/tdaq/setup/setup_${TDAQ_RELEASE}.sh alias revokeremote=/sw/tools/refresh-my-remote-role
  • start dqmd -p ATLAS &

How to test online code on the PRESIRIES [#nb5bafb9]

  • When you use PRESERIES machines for DQMD tests, you need to make a booking.~
https://espace.cern.ch/atlas-tdaq-preseries/default.aspx (4 xpus are sufficient for tests)

  • How to login ssh -Y preseriesgw enter a name of a preserie machine at prompt (e.g. pc-preseries-xpu-0XY) press 'Enter' at [Step 2] & [Step 3]

  • set up mkdir work
setup_start_preseries.sh source /sw/atlas/cmtsite/asetup.sh AtlasP1HLT,16.X.Y.Z,notest source /det/tdaq/scripts/setup_TDAQ.sh unset TDAQ_DB_REPOSITORY export TDAQ_DB_PATH=~/work/:$TDAQ_DB_PATH # Additional partion maker post-processors export PYTHONPATH=~/work:/det/tdaq/hlt/pm:$PYTHONPATH export CORAL_DBLOOKUP_PATH=/preseries/coral export CORAL_AUTH_PATH=/preseries/coral ↑The release number has to be checked from https://atlasop.cern.ch/page1/index.php~ Copy the files cd work cp /atlas-home/1/giorgif/MyWorkingArea/tutorial_2011/* .

  • option files~
in make_part :change the line --partition-name dqmhlt_test_giorgif into --partition-name dqmhlt_test_yourusername in xpu_rack.py : make sure that you are using the preseries machines you previously booked ( ! you must ALWAYS use the machines booked by you ! ), so change the line xpus = pm.farm.subselect_pattern(hosts, 'xpu-[015-020]') according to it.

  • Check out the DQM structure for the first time cd work mkdir daq/segments/DQM cd daq/segments/DQM cp -r /atlas/oks/tdaq-03-00-01/daq/segments/DQM/Physics .

  • Get the files necessary to setup, access and visualize the DQM structure: cp /atlas-home/1/giorgif/MyWorkingArea/daq/segments/DQM/setup_dqm_env.xml . cp /atlas-home/1/giorgif/MyWorkingArea/daq/segments/DQM/DQM.Physics.xml . cp /atlas-home/1/giorgif/MyWorkingArea/daq/segments/DQM/DQM.HLT-Layout.xml .

  • How to create and run your test partition ./make_part 16.X.Y.Z ./setTrigKeys yourpartition.data.xml 1016 2926 2937
the current trigger keys in use at Point-1 are to be found also from https://atlasop.cern.ch/page1/index.php setup_daq -d yourpartition.data.xml -p yourpartition If everything has been correctly set up, you will be able to run it following the commands sequence. 1. BOOT 2. INITIALIZE 3. CONFIG (this one will take some time) 4. START. dqmd dqmd -p yourpartition& # ( <-no .data.xml extension)

Trouble shooting for the DQMD test [#nb5bafb9]

  • default ROB hits information is /atlas/datafiles/testing/data10_7TeV.00158268.physics_EnhancedBias.daq.RAW.renumbered.data._001.data .(2011/05/05)~
you can change it to your favorite run by editing robhit.py . filename.append('/atlas-home/1/tomoe/data11_7TeV.00180481.physics_Muons.merge.RAW._lb0180._SFO-9._001.1') this run's master key is 1094 3513 3344 .~

    • you can get RAW data from caster directories. export STAGE_SVCCLASS=atlcal nsls /caster/cern.ch/grid/atlas/tzero/prod1/perm/data11_7TeV

  • How to change runnumber on the TDAQ panel. (maybe this is not important)~
in fixedRunNumber.py var.Value = 'FIXED_NUMBER:/atlas-home/1/tomoe/work/runnumber.txt' make txt file(/atlas-home/1/tomoe/work/runnumber.txt) and write 180481

  • ----

  • tutorial page~

  • xml files~
https://atlasop.cern.ch/cvs/viewvc.cgi/tdaq-03-00-01/daq/segments/DQM/Physics/MuonSlice/ (2011/2/23)

  • How to check out the xml files~
http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=70778~ xml files can check out only point1 machines?

Contact person [#nb5bafb9]

To upload the xml files to OKS(CVS),you need to write an E-mail to~ Martin zur Nedden nedden@mailNOSPAMPLEASE.cern.ch~ Barbara Alvarez Gonzalez <barbara.alvarez.gonzalez@cern.ch>~ Ruth Herrberg <ruth.herrberg@physik.hu-berlin.de>~ Michelangelo Giorgi <giorgif@mail.cern.ch>~

Online Histogram Presenter(OHP) [#teeaa78d]

How to run the OHP on the Point1 [#nb5bafb9]

  • setup is the same as DQMD
  • start ohp -p ATLAS -c /atlas/moncfg/${TDAQ_RELEASE}/trigger/ohp/atlas_trigger.ohp_Physics.xml &

How to test xml file on the Point1 [#nb5bafb9]

cp -r /atlas/moncfg/${TDAQ_RELEASE}/trigger/ohp .
  • ohp xml file for HLT (ohp/slices_physics/MuonSlice_Physics.ohp.xml) //Tag name "3" //Canvas division "2" "Histogramming/Top-LVL2-L2-Segment-1-Gatherer //Histogram directory/name /EXPERT/muFast_Muon/AbsPt Histogramming/Top-LVL2-L2-Segment-1-Gatherer/EXPERT /muFast_Muon/TrackEta_vs_TrackPhi Histogramming/Top-LVL2-L2-Segment-1-Gatherer /EXPERT/muComb_Muon_IDSCAN/DeltaR Histogramming/Top-LVL2-L2-Segment-1-Gatherer /EXPERT/muIsoConfig/SumPtTRK Histogramming/Top-LVL2-L2-Segment-1-Gatherer/EXPERT /TileMuHypo_900GeV_4GeV/Eta"</L2_Physics_Muon

    • Add new histogram dir/name

* The histogram dir can be checked with OH display oh_display

    • Increase division if needed

  • start cd ohp ohp -p ATLAS -c atlas_trigger.ohp_Physics.xml &

Contact person [#nb5bafb9]

To update the xml file, you need to send a E-mail to offline shifter~ Generic E-mail list for OHP and DQMD update: atlas-trigger-monitoring-software@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch ~ https://pptevm.cern.ch/mao/ui/TriggerList.html~ Primary On-Call offline

How to make reference file for OHP and DQMD [#teeaa78d]

reference files for OHP and DQMD should be located at /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-03-00-01/trigger/ohp/references_physics/ and a symbolic link "MuonSliceReference_phys.root" should point to it.

get source file from caster [#nb5bafb9]

export STAGE_SVCCLASS=atlascerngroupdisk export STAGE_HOST=castoratlast3 eos ls /eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/tdaq-mon/coca/ |grep HLT xrdcp root://eosatlas.cern.ch//eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/tdaq-mon/coca/coca_Histogramming-HLT_r0000178044_lEoR_ATLAS_MDA-HistogrammingHLT_HistogrammingHLT.root .

make reference file [#nb5bafb9]

cp /home/tomoe/dqm/makeRef . makeDQM.shのinput fileを変更 CMDLS="coca_Histogramming-HLT_r0000178044_lEoR_ATLAS_MDA-HistogrammingHLT_HistogrammingHLT.root" // source file

source makeDQM.sh オンラインヒストグラムのdirectoryの名前やパスが変更された場合、makeDQM.Cを変更しないといけない。

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