How to Identify a ROS

The table below maps different ROS naming schemes onto each other. It is only valid for releases up to tdaq-01-07-00.

message passing name IP name
ROS-1 pc-pix-ros-b-00
ROS-2 pc-pix-ros-b-01
ROS-3 pc-pix-ros-b-02
ROS-4 pc-pix-ros-b-03
ROS-5 pc-pix-ros-b-04
ROS-6 pc-pix-ros-b-05
ROS-7 pc-pix-ros-disk-00
ROS-8 pc-pix-ros-disk-01
ROS-9 pc-pix-ros-bl-00
ROS-10 pc-pix-ros-bl-01
ROS-11 pc-pix-ros-bl-02
ROS-12 pc-pix-ros-bl-03
ROS-13 pc-sct-ros-ba-00
ROS-14 pc-sct-ros-ba-01
ROS-15 pc-sct-ros-bc-00
ROS-16 pc-sct-ros-bc-01
ROS-17 pc-sct-ros-eca-00
ROS-18 pc-sct-ros-eca-01
ROS-19 pc-sct-ros-ecc-00
ROS-20 pc-sct-ros-ecc-01
ROS-21 pc-trt-ros-ba-00
ROS-22 pc-trt-ros-ba-01
ROS-23 pc-trt-ros-ba-02
ROS-24 pc-trt-ros-bc-00
ROS-25 pc-trt-ros-bc-01
ROS-26 pc-trt-ros-bc-02
ROS-27 pc-trt-ros-eca-00
ROS-28 pc-trt-ros-eca-01
ROS-29 pc-trt-ros-eca-02
ROS-30 pc-trt-ros-eca-03
ROS-31 pc-trt-ros-eca-04
ROS-32 pc-trt-ros-eca-05
ROS-33 pc-trt-ros-ecc-00
ROS-34 pc-trt-ros-ecc-01
ROS-35 pc-trt-ros-ecc-02
ROS-36 pc-trt-ros-ecc-03
ROS-37 pc-trt-ros-ecc-04
ROS-38 pc-trt-ros-ecc-05
ROS-39 pc-lar-ros-emba-00
ROS-40 pc-lar-ros-emba-01
ROS-41 pc-lar-ros-emba-02
ROS-42 pc-lar-ros-emba-03
ROS-43 pc-lar-ros-emba-04
ROS-44 pc-lar-ros-emba-05
ROS-45 pc-lar-ros-emba-06
ROS-46 pc-lar-ros-emba-07
ROS-47 pc-lar-ros-emba-08
ROS-48 pc-lar-ros-emba-09
ROS-49 pc-lar-ros-emba-10
ROS-50 pc-lar-ros-emba-11
ROS-51 pc-lar-ros-emba-12
ROS-52 pc-lar-ros-emba-13
ROS-53 pc-lar-ros-emba-14
ROS-54 pc-lar-ros-emba-15
ROS-55 pc-lar-ros-emba-16
ROS-56 pc-lar-ros-emba-17
ROS-57 pc-lar-ros-emba-18
ROS-58 pc-lar-ros-emba-19
ROS-59 pc-lar-ros-embc-00
ROS-60 pc-lar-ros-embc-01
ROS-61 pc-lar-ros-embc-02
ROS-62 pc-lar-ros-embc-03
ROS-63 pc-lar-ros-embc-04
ROS-64 pc-lar-ros-embc-05
ROS-65 pc-lar-ros-embc-06
ROS-66 pc-lar-ros-embc-07
ROS-67 pc-lar-ros-embc-08
ROS-68 pc-lar-ros-embc-09
ROS-69 pc-lar-ros-embc-10
ROS-70 pc-lar-ros-embc-11
ROS-71 pc-lar-ros-embc-12
ROS-72 pc-lar-ros-embc-13
ROS-73 pc-lar-ros-embc-14
ROS-74 pc-lar-ros-embc-15
ROS-75 pc-lar-ros-embc-16
ROS-76 pc-lar-ros-embc-17
ROS-77 pc-lar-ros-embc-18
ROS-78 pc-lar-ros-embc-19
ROS-79 pc-lar-ros-emeca-00
ROS-80 pc-lar-ros-emeca-01
ROS-81 pc-lar-ros-emeca-02
ROS-82 pc-lar-ros-emeca-03
ROS-83 pc-lar-ros-emeca-04
ROS-84 pc-lar-ros-emeca-05
ROS-85 pc-lar-ros-emeca-06
ROS-86 pc-lar-ros-emeca-07
ROS-87 pc-lar-ros-emeca-08
ROS-88 pc-lar-ros-emeca-09
ROS-89 pc-lar-ros-emeca-10
ROS-90 pc-lar-ros-emeca-11
ROS-91 pc-lar-ros-emecc-00
ROS-92 pc-lar-ros-emecc-01
ROS-93 pc-lar-ros-emecc-02
ROS-94 pc-lar-ros-emecc-03
ROS-95 pc-lar-ros-emecc-04
ROS-96 pc-lar-ros-emecc-05
ROS-97 pc-lar-ros-emecc-06
ROS-98 pc-lar-ros-emecc-07
ROS-99 pc-lar-ros-emecc-08
ROS-100 pc-lar-ros-emecc-09
ROS-101 pc-lar-ros-emecc-10
ROS-102 pc-lar-ros-emecc-11
ROS-103 pc-lar-ros-heca-00
ROS-104 pc-lar-ros-hecc-00
ROS-105 pc-lar-ros-fcalc-00
ROS-106 pc-lar-ros-fcala-00
ROS-107 pc-til-ros-lba-01
ROS-108 pc-til-ros-lba-02
ROS-109 pc-til-ros-lbc-01
ROS-110 pc-til-ros-lbc-02
ROS-111 pc-til-ros-eba-01
ROS-112 pc-til-ros-eba-02
ROS-113 pc-til-ros-ebc-01
ROS-114 pc-til-ros-ebc-02
ROS-115 pc-mdt-ros-ba-00
ROS-116 pc-mdt-ros-ba-01
ROS-117 pc-mdt-ros-ba-02
ROS-118 pc-mdt-ros-ba-03
ROS-119 pc-mdt-ros-bc-00
ROS-120 pc-mdt-ros-bc-01
ROS-121 pc-mdt-ros-bc-02
ROS-122 pc-mdt-ros-bc-03
ROS-123 pc-mdt-ros-eca-00
ROS-124 pc-mdt-ros-eca-01
ROS-125 pc-mdt-ros-eca-02
ROS-126 pc-mdt-ros-eca-03
ROS-127 pc-mdt-ros-ecc-00
ROS-128 pc-mdt-ros-ecc-01
ROS-129 pc-mdt-ros-ecc-02
ROS-130 pc-mdt-ros-ecc-03
ROS-131 pc-rpc-ros-ba-00
ROS-132 pc-rpc-ros-ba-01
ROS-133 pc-rpc-ros-bc-00
ROS-134 pc-rpc-ros-bc-01
ROS-135 pc-tgc-ros-eca-00
ROS-136 pc-tgc-ros-ecc-00
ROS-137 pc-csc-ros-eca-00
ROS-138 pc-csc-ros-eca-01
ROS-139 pc-csc-ros-ecc-00
ROS-140 pc-csc-ros-ecc-01
ROS-141 pc-tdq-ros-calpp-00
ROS-142 pc-tdq-ros-calpp-01
ROS-143 pc-tdq-ros-calpp-02
ROS-144 pc-tdq-ros-calcp-00
ROS-145 pc-tdq-ros-calcproi-00
ROS-146 pc-tdq-ros-calje-00
ROS-147 pc-tdq-ros-caljeroi-00
ROS-148 pc-tdq-ros-muctpi-00
ROS-149 pc-tdq-ros-ctp-00

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