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For general upgrade samples please see: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/viewauth/Atlas/UpgradePhysicsActivities#Information_on_MC_samples

Here are the ITK alternative geometry specific samples:

Sample Description process Geometry muSorted ascending nEvents Responsible
group.det-slhc.mc12_14TeV.105200.McAtNloJimmy_CT10_ttbar_LeptonFilter Vivek's samples with reduced number of strip layers in the barrel ttbar



140 50k Vivek Jain
user.nreadiof.MC12.4907070.100k.multi_electrons.ESD.livEC02.pileup200.v3.281113 Liverpool Pixel Endcap with LOI barrel multielectron livEC02 200 10k Nathan Readioff
  Very forward pixel geometry   SLHC-24-24-dev3      

Requested Samples:

samples (25k-100k events): pi, mu, (e) mu=1,140,200 (multi lepton samples with discrete energy values (as before)) ------> requested from Pippa?

Beamspot missing layer layouts (incl no stub) CMOS granularity layouts material variations (e samples) 100k: tt for b-tagging, high pT jet studies no stub layout CMOS granularity layouts

Geometry files to be put in svn

LOI related Datasets


Note W.I.P = Work In Progress, T.B.S = To be started

TopicQuestions/Tasks StatusPeople Last Update
extended beamspot, crab kissing : HIGH PRIORITY Production of Samples W.I.P Andreas Korn 13/01/13
Check Tracking performance 13/01/13

Reduced number of strip layers , stub barrel HIGH PRIORITY

  • Viveks samples, effect of modifying trackparameters
  • Mask stub layer
  • single sided modules
Sample Implementation ttbar sample available Vivek Jain 13/01/13
Validation Done Vivek Jain 13/01/13
Check effect on tracking Performance Well established: See latest talks in ITK Simulaiton meetings Vivek Jain 13/01/13
Check effect on b-tagging Performance TBS Vivek Jain 13/01/13

CMOS granularity studies HIGH PRIORITY

Layout Implementation TBS, need recommended granularities 13/01/13
Layout Validation 13/01/13
Tracking Performance 13/01/13
Sample Production 13/01/13
Updated Pile up numbers for various Pile up W.I.P Nick Edwards 13/01/13

very forward layouts HIGH PRIORITY

  • Produce geometry files, produce samples, or help upgrade physics here?
Layout Implementation in the DDDB as ATLAS-SLHC-02-01-00 Nick Styles/ Yanping 13/01/13
Tracking Performance Yanping Huang, Jike Wang 13/01/13
Understanding Track resolution problem HIGH PRIORITY

material distortions

  • Production of sample with +/-30% strip material
  • Production of sample with +/-30% strip+pixel material
SCT+Pix Geometry files available for use by Fatras. Not validated yet Nathan Readioff, Helen Hayward 13/01/13
Validation of samples T.B.S
Evaluation of effect of material on tracking performance (also physics performance?) 13/01/13
material budget issues Ralph Shaefer

Strip endcaps aka Petals

  • plus performance?
N sensor simulation Jike Wang 13/01/13
Building Si strip endcaps with petal description Jike Wang, Nika Valencic, Urmilla Soldevila Serrano

L1track studies :

axial doublets for self seeded track trigger. Rustem Ospanov 13/01/13
ROI, data driven trigger

Pixel clustering

  • NN?
Cecille is finishing her Qualification task Cecille Deterre 13/01/13

Alternative Layouts: Conical

Implementation Sergey Burdin, Nathan Readioff 13/01/13
Validation Sergey Burdin, Nathan Readioff 13/01/13
Performance studies 13/01/13
Altrenative Layout: EndCap Ring Implementation Sergey Burdin, Nathan Readioff 13/01/13
Validation Sergey Burdin, Nathan Readioff 13/01/13
Performance studies 13/01/13
Alternative Layout: Alpine Pixel Implementation Teddy Tedorov, Sabine Elles 13/01/13
Validation 13/01/13
Performance Studies 13/01/13

Fluency calculations

  • test and compare different layouts including VF
Last results for LOI Ian Dawson, Paul Miyagawa 13/01/13
Pixel service implementations
  • Can we simulate this?
  • Are all the proposed layouts “easily alignable”?
Layout comparison Tracking performance = Exploring track parameter resolutions via Simulation in the ATLAS+Itk framework Matt Epland, Ayana Arce
Btagging performance Alexander Khanov
ISF Fatras for ITK simulation
Nick Edwards, Phil Clarke, Steve Lloyd
InDetUpgradePerformanceAnalysis Nick Edwards
Ibeam simulation
Shih-Chieh Hsu


We are working on a standardized checklist to evaluate layouts:

  1. Tests to be passed in IDres before being passed to step 2. (e.g. hits, coverage, redundancy)
  2. Tests to be passed in FatRas before being passed to step 3. cross check IDRes results
  3. FullSim studies with single particles in ID only geometry: resolution check, fake rate check, compare single muons truth tracking with pattern reco
  4. FullSim studies with physics signals in ID only geometry
  5. Geometries passed to Upgrade Physics group for full studies.

How Do I .... ?

As your first stop, please visit (and add to ) our share point:

To generate LOI datasets: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/viewauth/Atlas/UpgradeSimulation2012ITkLoI#Sim_AN1

Latest Releases/Tags

The latest athena release for running ITK studies is - please note that this release is compatible with both the ITk LoI layout and IBL, but consequently compatibility with the old 'Utopia' layout is broken. To run Utopia or Utopia-based layouts, can be used.

The recommended Geometry Database tag for the ITk LoI layout is ATLAS-SLHC-02-00-00 (update of ATLAS-SLHC-01-03-00, with identical tracker but more recent Calo and Muons tags).

The recommended Conditions tags are the OFLCOND-ATLAS-HL-LHC-XX series (e.g. OFLCOND-ATLAS-HL-LHC-00, OFLCOND-ATLAS-HL-LHC-01, ...). However, there are some known problems with calorimeter pile-up settings in these tags which are being fixed. This should not affect Tracker stand-alone running however.

Information for Development and Testing of Layouts

  • ITkLayoutDevelopmentNEW - Useful information for developing new layouts, using text files to override parameters in the Geometry Database.

Results/Plots for Phase-2 LoI

Inner Detector upgrade simulation

The main ID simulation packages:

Common definitions

Performance studies

Other useful information in IBLPerformanceTaskForce.



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