DQM Online training

1. Execution Environment

Request a virtual machine to the CERN Virtual Machine Service (http://vmm.cern.ch), the following are expected features:

- Operating System: SLC5-x86_64

- RAM Memory: 2GB

- CPU: 1 core

- Hard Disk: 40G

2. DQM GUI Installation

mkdir testGui

cd testGui


svn co svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/CMSDMWM/Infrastructure/trunk/Deployment cfg

# svn co -r 15374  svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/CMSDMWM/Infrastructure/trunk/Deployment cfg #

$DQM_HOME/cfg/Deploy -t MYDEV -s "prep sw post" $DQM_HOME dqmgui/bare

3. Starting the DQM GUI server


$DQM_HOME/current/config/dqmgui/manage restart "I did read documentation"

Other options of the previous command include start, stop and status.

4. Setting the DQM GUI Index

cd $DQM_HOME/state/dqmgui/dev

visDQMIndex create ix

- In order to load a valid histogram, download one or more from https://cmsweb.cern.ch/dqm/offline/data/browse/ROOT/ and then copy them to the virtual machine

scp [root file name].root [virtual machine hostname]:/$DQM_HOME/state/dqmgui/dev/uploads/

visDQMIndex add . $DQM_HOME/state/dqmgui/dev/ix . $DQM_HOME/state/dqmgui/dev/uploads/*.root

5. STG Installation

STG is the patch manager used for the DQM GUI tool patches.

sudo mkdir guiworkspace

cd guiworkspace/


sudo mkdir Infrastructure

sudo yum install git.x86_64

sudo yum install git-all.x86_64

sudo yum install gitk.x86_64

sudo yum install gitweb.x86_64

sudo yum install stgit.noarch

mkdir ~/.stgit

ln -s stg/stgit/templates ~/.stgit

git config --global user.name "[your name]"

git config --global user.email "[your CERN email]"

git config --global svn.addAuthorFrom true

git config --global svn.useLogAuthor true

git config --global color.diff auto

git config --global color.status auto

git config --global color.branch auto

(echo "Host *" echo " ControlMaster auto" ) >> ~/.ssh/config

ssh -Nf svn.cern.ch

nano ~/.ssh/config

If it is present, delete the line: echo " ControlPath $HOME/.ssh/%h.%p.%r" and save the changes.

git svn clone svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/CMSDMWM/Infrastructure -s

cd Infrastructure/

git config branch.master.remote svn

git config stgit.pull-policy fetch-rebase

git config stgit.fetchcmd "git svn -i trunk fetch"

git config stgit.rebasecmd "git svn rebase"

touch .git/FETCH_HEAD

stg init

stg branch -c mydev

git config branch.mydev.remote svn

In your home directory:

sudo git clone git://repo.or.cz/stgit.git

cd stgit

sudo yum install asciidoc

sudo make prefix=/usr all doc

sudo make prefix=/usr install install-doc

6. Patch Management (Testing and deploying render plugins and layouts).

Remember to set $DQM_HOME variable as your DQMGUI installation directory (see step 2).

New patches will be available in the directory:


They must be moved to the test directory:

mv /afs/cern.ch/user/c/cmsdqm/scratch/gui-patch-dropbox/* /afs/cern.ch/user/c/cmsdqm/scratch/patches-under-test/[current month directory]

Remember to set STG_HOME variable as your STG workspace (see step 5):

cd  $STG_HOME/Infrastructure/Deployment/dqmgui/

Create a patch that will compile all of the pending patches that are not STG based (if there is one already in place for the current week just skip next line):

stg new -m "RP Layouts WS update" rp-layouts-ws-h$(date +%m%y)

For DQM general patches:

cat /afs/cern.ch/user/c/cmsdqm/scratch/patches-under-test/[current month directory]/[new patch name] | patch -p[0-4] --dry-run

cat /afs/cern.ch/user/c/cmsdqm/scratch/patches-under-test/[current month directory]/[new patch name] | patch -p[0-4]

For DQM STG based patches:

stg import /afs/cern.ch/user/c/cmsdqm/scratch/patches-under-test/[current month directory]/[ new patch name]

Then for both cases:

stg refresh

stg series

This command should show the current patches.

Then you should mix the new patch with the one that you have created in order to compile the patches:

stg squash -n rp-layouts-ws-h$(date +%m%y) rp-layouts-ws-h$(date +%m%y) [patch name]

stg refresh

stg series

stg show

This command should show the mixed body of the patches.

cd $DQM_HOME/cfg/dqmgui

svn revert -R .;svn status | awk '/?/{print $2}' | xargs rm -rv; svn up ;

This command will reverts the directory to its original state and apply the lastest updates.

cd  Infrastructure/Deployment/dqmgui/

stg export -d $DQM_HOME/cfg/dqmgui -p -n

. $DQM_HOME/current/apps/dqmgui/etc/profile.d/env.sh

cd $DQM_HOME/cfg/dqmgui

cat [patch name] | patch -p[0-4] --dry-run

cat [patch name] | patch -p[0-4]

$DQM_HOME/cfg/Deploy -t MYDEV -s sw $DQM_HOME dqmgui/bare

monControl rebuild all from $DQM_HOME/current/config/dqmgui/[config file changed]

$DQM_HOME/current/config/dqmgui/manage restart  "I did read documentation".

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