System @ NU

  1. Power up the ATCA shelf
  2. Insert the F125 switch in the shelf according to link (Sec 2.6)
    • N.B:
      • green light: F125 connected to the shelf and working
      • blinking blue light means: F125 is trying to establish communication with the shelf management controller
      • red light: F125 connected to the shelf and booting
  3. connect the optical cable from the 10Gb NIC to the F125 (fabric port)
    • it should be base port since IPBus runs at 1 Gb, but base ports are being used by the IPMC
      • N.B: communication desktop switch via fabric, but switch to pulsar via base
  4. Insert the Pulsar in the shelf
    • wait for green light.
  5. Enable communication to the F125 and from F125 to the pulsar via the backplane

From the desktop connected with the MINICOM via USB to F125

  • su root
  • minicom -s
  • Serial port setup:
    • type A and decide the USB according to what you see by doing "ls /dev/ttyUSB*"
    • type E and choose 9600 8N1
    • type F and choose No
    • (save setup as dfl)
    • Exit
  • root (login), root (passwd)
  • Enabling ports (to associate the physical slot number and the logic port number check page 238-239 of Emerson switch manual)
    • root@ATCA-F125:/root> imish
    • ATCA-F125>en
    • ATCA-F125#conf t
    • ATCA-F125(config)#interface xe17
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#switchport mode access
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#switchport access vlan 11
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#no shutdown
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)# ctrl D
    • ATCA-F125(config)#interface xe28
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#switchport mode access
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#switchport access vlan 11
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)#no shutdown
    • ATCA-F125(config-if)# type Ctrl D
    • ATCA-F125(config)# type Ctrl D
    • show ip interface brief
      • check if the connection with optical fiber and check if xe17 link is established

(it shoud look like

xe17 unassigned up up )

    • xe28 will be fully established when the F/W will be loaded on the pulsar

(6.) ping the switch ping

  • N.B:
    • ifconfig eth5 192.168.11.X (e.g: X=105)
    • check if eth5 is connected by doing ethtool eth5

(7.) load the F/W on the pulsar:

  • via the diligent JTAG cable program the pulsar by using the already generated pulsar4leds.bit

JTAG diligent cable from laptop to Pulsar

(8.) Verify that xe28 is established as in (5.)

(9.) Ping Pulsar: ping

  • IP address hard coded in the F/W

(10.) communicate to the pulsar via IPBus: light leds

  • download PyChips.tgz
  • cd PyChips/scripts/
  • export PYTHONPATH=../src/:./
    • check if ipadrr.dat contains
  • python
    • first time crashes
    • change 0xf in glib.write("reg",0xf,0x1)if you want to turn on/off a different number of leds (0xf=1111 all four, 0x5=0101 two, etc.)
    • may need to change ipaddr.dat and/or glibAddrTable.dat


  • Make sure that the dipswicthes on the pulsar are set as follows: gtxrefclk @ 125 Mhz, sysclk @ 200 Mhz
    • dipswicth configuration can be see at link
    • [Pulsar2b SYSCLK is hardcoded to 200 MHz as from schematics, need to set only GTref clk. Top dipswitch for RTM, bottom for fabric. Check link]
  • Serial port (MINICOM):

    • type E and type C, Q such to have Bps/Par/Bits: 9600 8N1
    • Save setup as dfl
  • xe17, xe28 fabric switch ports may vary based on the position of the switch and pulsar in the shelf. Check pag 239 of link for the right name of the switch ports
  • (8.5.) enabling 1Gb/10Gb connection between F125 and Pulsar via the backplace:

    • hpmcmd -c portget fabric (see which port is enabled)
    • hpmcmd -c portset FABRIC 5 0 ETHER 0 0 ENABLE
      • 5 logical slot,
        • hpmcmd -c slotmap to check the link between the physical location and the logical slot
      • 0 0 are the type (0=1Gb, 1=10Gb), and the number of lanes (0 or 0123).
      • See
  • pulsar2a F/W via fabric (ISE) : link
  • kc705:
    • FNAL modification of NU kc705 F/W
      • N.B: depending on the revision of the board inversion of TX/RX GTX polarity in gig_eth_pcs_pma_v11_5_transceiver_kc705.vhd ( AR#46709 ) may be needed.
        • If I remember correctly revision 1.2 doesn't need any inversion, 1.1 need TX or RX inversion (check with FNAL people)
  • VC709 (impact):
  • pulsar2a F/W via fabric (Vivado): link
    • wrt to the backup one modified xdc file and used slower clock for the drpclk: now "All user specified timing constraints are met" in top_post_route_timing.rpt
    • backup - pulsar2a F/W via fabric (Vivado): link
  • pulsar2a F/W via RTM (Vivado): link
  • pulsar2b F/W via fabric (Vivado): link
  • bit file is attached [[][pulsar_4leds.bit]
    • Connect SMA as in the picture kcu105 internal clk

-- MarcoTrovato - 23 Apr 2014

-- MarcoTrovato - 2016-09-16

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