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Information about the TRP/trp_gui packages is collected in this draft twiki page. The goal is to deploy the official version soon and replace the existing but outdated old twiki page (modifiable from an authorised browser).

Trigger Rate Presenter pverview

The Trigger Rate Presented (TRP) is the online application that collects and displays trigger rates.

From Trip to TRP

The Trip project was completed in September, 2008.



Code maintenance and development

The TRP code is available in SVN for check out and inspection. Relevant packages are distributed among the offline and online software repositories.

Useful links



List of service tasks

This table summarises the TRP group activity in 2011 and 2012. In a separate table the list of task scheduled for completion during the LS1 will be added.

DateSorted descending Task Priority Contact Status
01-Jan-12 GUI 4-Important S. Cheatham In development.
01-Jan-12 P1 Operation 1-Wish I. Hristova Bug fix #93742
01-Jan-12 GUI 3-Normal N. Triplett Test of the new Chains Tab in P1.
01-Jan-12 Adapter 2-Minor A. Sidoti Maintain TRP adapters.
01-Jan-12 WTRP 5-Blocker M. Medinnis WTRP updates. Reminder: Code to produce the WTRP archive pages needs to be uploaded to SVN.

This section contains the detailed description and the status of currently actively worked on service tasks.

Rate comparison in TRP

  • Contact: Tingting Cao
  • The following documentation is imported from the Trigger Core Software Twiki page.

Trigger Comparison Adapter:

  • Compare current online trigger rates with their corresponding predicted value.
  • The svn link for the prediction adapters' codings: https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlastdaq/browser/DAQ/online/TRP/trunk/predadapter
  • The applications of adapters:
    • for LVL1 comparison adapter: atlas/DAQ/online/TRP/i686-slc5-gcc43-opt/l1predadapter_exe
    • for HLT comparison adapter: atlas/DAQ/online/TRP/i686-slc5-gcc43-opt/hltpredadapter_exe

  • The command to run the adapter is: ./<"comparison adapter"> -p ATLAS -c <"TRP configure file">

  • TRP configure file (updated on 30Apr2012)(Node Name: l1predadapter, hltpredadapter):
    • l1PredPath or hltPredPath: The path of LVL1 prediction file or the path of HLT prediction file.
    • objectName: The Object name on OLC server on OLC partition to get mu and Lumi.
    • debug:
      • set to "1": print out all the debugging lines for testing and debugging.
      • set to "0": don't print out all the debugging lines while running on point1.
    • outputname or l2/efoutputname: The Object name for LVL1 trigger comparison or LVL2/EF trigger comparison on ISS_TRP server on ATLAS partition.
    • predNbunch:
      • Set it to be the number of bunch crossings from the run which the current prediction file used if f(mu) is cross section per bunch.
      • Set it to be "1" if the number of bunch crossings already multiplied to f(mu) in the current prediction file.
    • flagValueOk: The acceptable value cut on the percentage of (prediction - data)/data.
    • flagValueWarning: The warning value cut on the percentage of (prediction - data)/data.
    • flagValueError: The error value cut on the percentage of (prediction - data)/data.

  • The variables shown on IS:
    • ISS_TRP.L1_Pred
      • PS: LVL1 trigger prescale
      • TBP: Trigger rate before prescale
      • TAP: Trigger rate after prescale
      • PBP: Prediction rate before prescale
      • PAP: Prediction rate after prescale
      • diff: diff = PAP - TAP, Set to be "0" if can't make prediction
      • nSigma: nSigma = (prediction - data)/error, positive means prediction>data as negative means prediction<data
      • flag:
        • "0": (prediction - data)/data < "flagValueOk"
        • "1": "flagValueOk" < (prediction - data)/data < "flagValueWarning"
        • "2": "flagValueWarning" < (prediction - data)/data < "flagValueError"
        • "3": (prediction - data)/data > "flagValueError"
        • "-1": not included in both IS and prediction file, means can't make prediction
        • "-2": rate = 0
    • ISS_TRP.L2_Pred/EF_Pred
      • output: HLT rate after prescale
      • predict: HLT prediction rate after prescale
      • diff: diff = predict - output, Set to be "0" if can't make prediction
      • nSigma: the same as LVL1
      • flag:
        • "-2" and "0"-"3" are the same as LVL1
        • "-1": not included in both IS and prediction file, or having more than 1 lower trigger

Main discussion:

  • Experts care about the difference between predict and rate
  • For PS = -1, If TBP isn't zero, TAP = TBP

Status: Tingting's latest presentation

  • LVL1 comparison adapter pass closure test: make sure using the same definition of variables that the prediction used.
  • LVL1 comparison adapter pass point 1 test on 16April2012, 20April2012 and 30April2012.
  • HLT comparison adapter pass closure test.
  • HLT comparison adapter pass point 1 test on 30April2012.

Expert information

The TRP developers and experts are responsible for delivering a stable and up to date TRP version for use by the trigger operations team during data taking and system tests. Regular visits to P1 and communication with the Trigger Shifter belongs to the expert's good practices. The following information serves as a guide for experts to perform critical taks in P1.

TRP in P1 (ATLAS Control Room, Trigger Desk)

1. Allocated resources and infrastructure
  • Log files can be found on pc-tdq-mon-69:/local_sw/logs/tdaq-04-00-01/ATLAS
  • ROOT files of archived rates pc-tdq-mon-69:/data/trp
  • Coca temporary storage in P1 pc-tdq-mon-59:/data/coca/cache/tdaq-04-00-01/coca/TRP-Rates
2. Launch from the DAQPanel (on pc-atlas-cr-trg[35])
  • Startup configuration script read by DAQPanel /det/tdaq/scripts/start_trp
  • TRP unofficial local repository /det/tdaq/TRP/trp_gui
  • Launch the DAQPanel itself (from the bottom Panel, click DAQ button, from the menu select DAQPanel.
  • Launch the DAQPanel from a terminal ssh -XY pc-atlas-cr-trg; /etc/CRD/bin/panel --icon /usr/share/icons/kdeclassic/32x32/apps/katomic.png --setup_dir /det/tdaq/scripts/ --db_dir /atlas/oks/tdaq-02-00-03
    • Setup Script /det/tdaq/scripts/setup_TDAQ.sh
    • Part Name ATLAS
    • Database File /atlas/oks/tdaq-04-00-01/combined/partitions/ATLAS.data.xml
    • MRS Filter TDAQ|LVL1|HLT
    • OHP Opt -c /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-04-00-01/trigger/ohp/atlas_trigger.ohp_Physics.xml
    • TriP options /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-04-00-01/trigger/trp/trp_gui_conf.xml
    • Get Parition
    • Read Info $\rightarrow$ Information read out. You can proceed.
    • Main Tab $\rightarrow$ Trigger Presenter (The TriP)
3. Configuration
  • GUI XML configuration /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-04-00-01/trigger/trp/trp_gui_conf.xml
  • OKS online database configuration of Run Control stateless applications (adapters) /atlas/oks/tdaq-04-00-01/daq/segments/MON/trp.data.xml
  • XML configuration of adapters /atlas/moncfg/tdaq-04-00-01/trigger/trp
4. Local software repository for TRP GUI installation (separate from TDAQ release)
  • For production versions (path is fixed in various scripts and should not change) /det/tdaq/TRP/trp_gui
  • For storage/backup of the production version /det/tdaq/TRP/trp_gui_production
  • For tests of the current patch version /det/tdaq/TRP/trp_gui_test
  • For quick tests of development versions /det/tdaq/TRP/trp_gui_test2

Savannah bugs

DateSorted descending Bug Summary Status
08-Nov-12 bug #98714: Time lag in TRP rate predictions This bug has been fixed in P1. It was due to wrongly configured subscription to the luminosity value on IS.
13-Aug-12 bug #33213: Adding new value to existing plot Not implemented yet.
15-Apr-12 bug #93742: TRP occasionally crashes at startup This bug has been in fixed in tag trp_gui-00-00-17. It was due to wronly initilaised pointer in the constructor of the TRP "thread" object.
28-Nov-11 bug #89360: TRP should support color coding rules A first version of code enabling this functionality has been implemented. To be reviewed during the LS1.
28-Nov-11 bug #89361: TRP should supply improved HLT tabs The Chains Tab is an attempt to fulfil this request. It was recently deployed in P1 and is being tested.
28-Nov-11 bug #89362: TRP should provide rate history The problem is solved partly by enabling archived rates to be loaded from a ROOT file. An extension of the code that will allow to increase on demand the number of time points displayed online is under development.
29-Jul-11 bug #84986: First TRP table showing old numbers Since the bug report was filed there has been an important change in the way TRP archived rates are imported into the GUI. It remains to be checked whether this bug is still relevant and close it if it is no longer an issue.

Patches for P1

DateSorted descending Patch Status
19-Dec-12 patch #5585 Tag trp_gui-00-00-15. Not applied yet.
22-Nov-12 patch #5570 Tag TRP-00-01-51 . Not applied yet.
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