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  • (old; no news): when investigating downtime issues, Juan noticed Run Info database having wrong trigger rates status; checking with L1 group, he figured out that the problem comes from TRG FM writing wrong info still coming from the old TCS; he asked Carlos to remove that info, and asked Hannes if it is possible to add the rates from TCDS instead; we could also add that from SCAL
- Fill Report
  • CMSWBM-1039 Update afterglow plot for Run 2: Juan also got feedback from David so now we know what he wants; Mantas worked on that
  • CMSWBM-1054: Mantas implemented many new BRIL requests in other inst. lumi. plots
    • Pixel lumi had no data in database; Juan asked around and Pat confirmed that for Run 2 that is not implemented yet in their side
- Condition Browser / Last Value - Runegistry

- L1 / HLT

  • Alberto Zucchetta (HLT) asked us many questions about how to get new rates and deadtime from TCDS database tables; Jim, Sho and Juan replied
  • Wells (HLT) asked us questions about how to get bunch scheme description files; Juan recommended to check with LPC coordinators and help us push; finally Emilio gave us the name of the person who developed the java tool
- DIP - Other
  • CMSWBM-1058: Juan has been fixing issues reported by DQM of good runs where we had an extra problematic LS at the end, caused by a but fixed in SCAL some months ago
  • CMSONS-7984, INC0855425 , RQF0499617 : following up twiki replica issues; Mantas noticed symlinks were missing in needed DAQ server; Juan asked the sysadmins to do that and followed up their questions, as it was not clear for them how to do it; then Juan noticed that the old Twiki server we used does not exist anymore and made a request in order to get it back
  • CMSWBM-1047 Update RTL downtime reasons for fills 4322 and 4323
  • Gervasio (alignment group) asked Bill about using our WBM ROOT RPM for their group; Bill forwarded to Juan; Juan recommended them to install our ROOT RPM in their own machines and replied questions about how to ask for that to the sysadmins
  • CMSWBM-1058: Federico (DQM) asked us to fix some old runs from June where we had that issue with the fake extra lumisection at the end of the run; Juan did it quicly

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