Junghwan Goh Started MenuValidation on Thu Sep 9 Afternoon

Basic setup

Related hn theads : https://hypernews.cern.ch/HyperNews/CMS/get/hlt/1665.html

Set up project area

cmsrel CMSSW_3_8_1_patch4
cd CMSSW_3_8_1_patch4/src

Check out new packages More... Close

cvs co -r V00-05-13       CalibTracker/SiPixelESProducers
cvs co -r V01-02-00       Configuration/HLT
cvs co -r V01-18-66       Configuration/PyReleaseValidation
cvs co -r V01-18-26       Configuration/StandardSequences
cvs co -r V03-12-02       DQM/DTMonitorModule
cvs co -r V06-02-08       EventFilter/StorageManager
cvs co -r V01-19-01       FastSimulation/Configuration
cvs co -r V04-08-10       FastSimulation/HighLevelTrigger
cvs co -r V00-03-13       FastSimulation/Muons
cvs co -r V01-19-03       HLTrigger/Configuration
cvs co -r V01-16-01       HLTrigger/special
cvs co -r V00-05-01       RecoEgamma/EgammaHLTAlgos
cvs co -r V00-04-34       RecoEgamma/EgammaHLTProducers
cvs co -r V01-02-01       RecoHI/HiTracking
cvs co -r V02-01-10       RecoLocalMuon/DTRecHit
cvs co -r V01-02-27       RecoMuon/TrackerSeedGenerator
cvs co -r V02-04-03       RecoMuon/TrackingTools
cvs co -r V00-05-14       RecoPixelVertexing/PixelVertexFinding
cvs co -r V00-01-06       RecoVertex/GhostTrackFitter

addpkg DQM/HLTEvF
addpkg DQM/TrigXMonitor

checkdeps -a -h

Since FastSimulation cannot be compiled well, we remove it. We did not included HLTrigger/HLTanalyzers neither, because some cff files are not compatible.

rm -rf FastSimulation

Then build the package.

scram b -r -j 2

Preparing samples with new trigger settings (offline_data.py step)

Here I'm trying to validate collisions/2010/week36/v6 and v15. There were many changes from the first announcement of week36/v6 menu. So I'm going to test week36/v15 menu with the same conditions, in the different directory.

Additionally, run number 139407 which have been used so far could be too old run, thus I'm trying to run most recent, good run with high statistics. The most recent stable run was 144112 but this run had RPC problem and this caused trigger issues. Run 144089 was also very stable and long run - we'll use this run.

For the run 144089, we'll use MinimumBias sample as a first run and continue to other samples if time allows.

Thus, 4 sets of validation will be performed :

  • week36/v6 on TPGSkim/139407
  • week36/v15 on TPGSkim/139407
  • week36/v6 on MinimumBias/144089
  • week36/v15 on MinimumBias/144089

Make directories for the menu validation

mkdir NewMenuTest
cd NewMenuTest

mkdir online_collisions_2010_week36_v6_TPGSkim_139407
mkdir online_collisions_2010_week36_v15_TPGSkim_139407

mkdir online_collisions_2010_week36_v6_MinimumBias_144089
mkdir online_collisions_2010_week36_v15_MinimumBias_144089

Prepare configuration file to be tested

cd online_collisions_2010_week36_v6_TPGSkim_139407
wget http://fwyzard.web.cern.ch/fwyzard/trigger/collisions/2010/week36/v6/offline_data.py

cd ../online_collisions_2010_week36_v15_TPGSkim_139407
wget http://fwyzard.web.cern.ch/fwyzard/trigger/collisions/2010/week36/v15/offline_data.py

This configuration files should be modified.

  • sqlite file checking
    • Additional setting is needed to access correct sqlite file
    • The py dumps from fwyzard page already correctly configured
  • Checked GlobalTag
    • Most recent, 38X tag is GR10_H_V8::All
    • Already done in the py dump
  • Checked Samples
    • We have many choices for the source root file
    • Modify PoolSources in the cfg file
    1. TPG skim sample
      • Most recent among the TPG skim : /castor/cern.ch/user/t/tdaniels/2010_TPG_SKIMS/ExpressPhysics/goldenSample_run139407_EXPRESS_*.root
    2. MinimumBias PD
      • 144089 is the most recent, stable collision run
      • /store/data/Run2010A/MinimumBias/RAW/v1/000/144/089/*.root
  • Commented out endPaths which are not needed
    • Note that EventDisplayOutput is removed from this release
    • #process.AlCaOutput = cms.EndPath( process.hltOutputCalibration + process.hltOutputEcalCalibration + process.hltOutputALCAP0 + process.hltOutputALCAPHISYM + process.hltOutputRPCMON + process.hltOutputOnlineErrors )
      #process.DQMOutput = cms.EndPath( process.hltDQML1Scalers + process.hltDQML1SeedLogicScalers + process.hltDQMHLTScalers + process.hltPreDQM + process.hltPreDQMSmart + process.hltOutputDQM )
  • Set name of process
    • I don't know this will work or not - HLTrigReport looks like one of the HLTanalyzers module. Anyway, do this
    • Instruction on this step has been changed - no need to append long txt file...
  • Set maxEvents : 5k events, the standard value in the instruction

And checked the configuration file for v15 to be similar to the v6 python dump.

After checking these items, executed cmsRun. Saved all outputs to the log file; offline_data.log.

I breifly compared the V6 TPGSkim results to the sascha's results and the values are consistent (cannot be extactly same because of the sample size (3k there))

Each steps takes >1.5hour in my desktop environment.

  • v6 TPGSkim at ~3:30PM, finished ~5:08PM : ~1h40m to finish
  • v15 TPGSkim started at 4:26 PM, finished ~6PM
  • v6&v15 MinimumBias started at 6:35PM

The system has dual core CPU, but cmsRun is running with only one CPU.

  • Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
  • Total Mem = 2GBytes

Running Online DQM

Since we stored output files in non-standard location, we should modify makeOnlineDQM.sh as follows (line 312) : More... Close
eval `scramv1 runtime -sh`

cd $CMSSW_BASE/src/DQM/HLTEvF/python
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /TriggerResults/' *.py
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /hltTriggerSummaryAOD/' *.py
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /processname/' *.py
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /hltTauDQMProcess/' HLTMonTau_cfi.py
cd $CMSSW_BASE/src/DQM/TrigXMonitor/python
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /TriggerResults/' *.py
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /hltTriggerSummaryAOD/' *.py
perl -pi -e 's/HLT/HLTonline/ if /processname/' *.py

cd $CMSSW_BASE/src/NewMenuTest/online_collisions_2010_week36_v6_TPGSkim_139407

and do the (almost) same for the script in V15 and MinimumBias directories. In this step, the script changes configuration files and restores at the end of run. Thus makeOnlineDQM.sh script should be ran sequencially. This takes some time to finish.

Checking streams and contents

This step is completely independent from other steps.

-- JunghwanGOH - 09-Sep-2010

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