Useful Commands (CMSSW, RCT, wisconsin scripts, etc)

RCT Commands & Links

CMSSW project and analyzer

  • scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_X_Y_Z (or cmsrel CMSSW_X_Y_Z)
  • cd CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src
  • cmsenv
    • (eval `scramv1 runtime -sh`)
  • cmscvsroot CMSSW
  • cvs co [path/of/CMSSW/files]
  • scramv1 b

  • cd CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src
  • mkdir Analysis
  • cd Analysis
  • mkedanlzr AnalyzerName
  • cd Analyzer
  • scramv1 b
  • cmsRun

Submitting to Wisc Grid

  • Get a grid proxy:
    • voms-proxy-init --valid 48:00
  • Farmout the analysis jobs:
    • farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=5 --input-dir=dcap:// WenuChowder ~/CMSSW_1_6_8/ ~/CMSSW_1_6_8/src/Analysis/analysis.cfg
  • In a scratch folder on login machine, merge results of farmed out analysis
    • mergeFiles --use-hadd --copy-timeout=60 WenuChowder.root /pnfs/
    • Use options --cache-dir=/scratch/grogg/[alreadyCopiedFileDirectory] --reuse-cache-files to only add new files
  • Modify files in dChache:
    • grid-xterm-uwhep
  • To copy to/from dcache:
  • To manage files in dcache
    • gsissh -p 222
    • cd /pnfs/

  • To look at dCache files using root :
    • root dcap://[fileName]
    • root dcap://[path/to/file]
      • Events->Show(0)
    • edmDumpEventContent [path/to/root/file]

Tunneling Commands

  • Tunnel into online machines within CERN:
    • ssh -ND 1080 -l grogg
  • Tunnel into online machines from outside CERN:
    • ssh -t -L 1080:localhost:1081 "ssh -1 -ND 1081 grogg@cmsusr1"
  • Tunnel into pcwiscms05 (for DCS)
    • ssh -Y -L


  • CVS startup commands for online (pattern tests)
    • kinit grogg@CERNNOSPAMPLEASE.CH
    • export
    • export CVS_RSH=ssh
    • -OR-
    • export
  • To update CVS in a directory checked out under the old CVS version
    • Change the CVS/Root file in the directory to refer to the new version
    • See RCTCodeRepository and use the ssh method
  • Wisconsin CVS
    •  export CVSROOT=/afs/
  • CERN cvs from wisconsin
    • cmscvsroot CMSSW (doesn't work anymore)
    • export
    • kinit grogg@CERNNOSPAMPLEASE.CH


For notes (on lxplus):
  • cd tdr2
  • eval `notes/tdr runtime -sh`
  • cd [note/path]
  • tdr --style=pas b EWK-10-012
  • tdr --style=an b AN-11-136


source /afs/

cd CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src


source /afs/

cd /path/to/run/from/

cp $CRABPATH/crab.cfg .


cp $CRABPATH/full_crab.cfg .

Edit the crab.cfg file as needed

crab -create [-cfg crabfilename.cfg]

crab -submit

crab -status [-c crab_0_directory]

crab -getoutput [-c crab_0_directory]

crab -publish


Need to run cmsenv in a CMSSW area first

dbs search --query='find dataset where dataset like *cosmics*/RECO'

#find datasets containing events from run number 108741
dbs search --query='find dataset where run = 108741'

#find for all datasets the files of a given Run:Lumi
dbs search --query='
find file,dataset where run=109011 and lumi=19

Other stuff

  • Access other AFS spaces
    • klog -pr grogg -cell
    • klog -pr grogg -cell
  • Update things in rctts
    • xsudo -u rctts
  • Find files of a certain size, while skipping a directory (scratch0):
    • find . -path './scratch0' -prune -o -path './images' -prune -o -size +1000k
  • Basement printer:
    • 32-SB02-HP
  • Making a root class based off of NTuples:
    • TChain T("nameOfNTuple");
    • T.Add("nameOfFiles*");
    • T->MakeClass("nameOfCFile");
    • To compile and run:
      • Put the Loop() function into the constructor (in header file), and run using root nameOfCFile.C+
  • To really quit root: .qqqqqq (six q's)
   source /afs/
   source /afs/

  • To see event content of EDM file:
    • edmFileUtil -P -f dcap://

  • myTree->GetListOfLeaves()->Print()

  • To log in to dcs computers
    • rdesktop -f -n dkdjf

  • Using screen (for scping, cases with nohup not an option)
    • screen
    • [command to run]
    • ctrl+A d to detach
    • screen -r to reattach

Standalone EWK DQM

Job submission

  • For old 31X files
    • Need to change akt5... to antikt5... in jets
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// BCtoE_Pt80to170_31X ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// EMEnriched_Pt80to170_31X ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
  • For new 7TeV production
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// BCtoE_Pt80to170_preprodNew7TeV ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// EMEnriched_Pt80to170_preprodNew7TeV ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
  • For Summer09 reprocessing
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// BCtoE_Pt80to170_reRecoPreprod ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=3 --input-dir=dcap:// EMEnriched_Pt80to170_reRecoPreprod ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_5_4/src/UserCode/DQMStandaloneEwkElectron/test/
  • To merge the resultant files
mergeFiles --copy-timeout=30  --use-hadd EMEnriched_Pt80to170_31X.root /pnfs/ >& EM31X.log&
mergeFiles --copy-timeout=30  --use-hadd EMEnriched_Pt80to170_reRecoPreprod.root /pnfs/ >& EMpreProd.log&
mergeFiles --copy-timeout=30  --use-hadd BCtoE_Pt80to170_31X.root /pnfs/ >& BC31X.log&
mergeFiles --copy-timeout=30  --use-hadd BCtoE_Pt80to170_reRecoPreprod.root /pnfs/ >& BCpreProd.log&

W->enu + jets work

Recent job submission

 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// Wenu-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap://  TTbar-Summer09_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// Zee-Summer09_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=1 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt80to170-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=1 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt30to80-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=1 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt20to30-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt20to30-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=6 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt30to80-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
 farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt80to170-Summer09_AKT_run5 ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/ ~/CMSSW_3_1_4/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// WJets-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// ZJets-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// TtJets-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt20to30-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt30to80-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_EMEnriched_Pt80to170-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt80to170-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt30to80-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=2 --input-dir=dcap:// QCD_BCtoE_Pt20to30-Summer09-336 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch3/src/UserCode/grogg/test/

For minbias MC and Data:

farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=5  --input-dir=dcap:// minBiasMC336p4-V8P_900GeV ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch4/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch4/src/UserCode/clazarid/test/
farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=5  --input-dir=dcap:// minBiasData336p4-Jan23 ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch4/ ~/CMSSW_3_3_6_patch4/src/UserCode/clazarid/test/

Running NTuple Code

cmsrel CMSSW_3_7_0_patch4
cd CMSSW_3_7_0_patch4/src
kinit grogg@CERN.CH
cvs co UserCode/grogg
## For jet cleaning
cvs co -r V01-09-01-06 CondFormats/JetMETObjects
cvs co -r V00-05-08 JetMETAnalysis/JetUtilities
cvs co -r V02-00-04-02 JetMETCorrections/Configuration
cvs co -r V03-00-10-01 JetMETCorrections/Modules
addpkg PhysicsTools/PFCandProducer
addpkg PhysicsTools/PatAlgos
## Conversion rejections
cvs co -r V00-05-03 RecoEgamma/EgammaTools
scram b -j 4 

cmsrel CMSSW_3_8_2_patch1
cd CMSSW_3_8_2_patch1/src
kinit grogg@CERN.CH
cvs co UserCode/grogg
addpkg PhysicsTools/PatAlgos
## Jet Cleaning
## OLD cvs co -r V00-05-08 JetMETAnalysis/JetUtilities
cvs co -r V03-01-02 CondFormats/JetMETObjects
cvs co -r V00-08-01 JetMETAnalysis/JetUtilities
cvs co -r V05-00-09 JetMETCorrections/Modules               
cvs co -r V02-01-01 JetMETCorrections/Algorithms
cvs co -r V03-01-01 JetMETCorrections/Configuration

scramv1 b -j 4

cmsrel CMSSW_3_8_6
cd CMSSW_3_8_6/src
kinit grogg@CERN.CH
cvs co UserCode/grogg
addpkg DataFormats/PatCandidates                        V06-01-06      
addpkg PhysicsTools/PatAlgos                            V08-00-45      
addpkg PhysicsTools/PatExamples                         V00-04-23      
addpkg PhysicsTools/SelectorUtils                       V00-02-27      
addpkg PhysicsTools/UtilAlgos                           V08-02-01
cvs co -r V00-08-01 JetMETAnalysis/JetUtilities


On a UW login machine:

cmsrel CMSSW_3_9_9
cd CMSSW_3_9_9/src
kinit grogg@CERN.CH
cvs co UserCode/grogg
cvs co -r  V00-03-19  RecoEgamma/ElectronIdentification      
cvs co -r  V03-01-21  CondFormats/JetMETObjects
cvs co -r  V02-02-03  JetMETCorrections/Algorithms 
cvs co -r  V05-00-17  JetMETCorrections/Modules 
cvs co -r V03-02-07  JetMETCorrections/Configuration 
checkdeps -a

Running the Code

Analysis is done in several steps:

  • patTuples from AOD -> ntuples from patTuples -> reduced ntuples (skimming and trimming) -> plots from ntuple -> (fits from plots/further reduced ntuple)


For data, PatTuples are made using For MC, PatTuples are made using

To test either locally, change the PoolSource file names to an AOD file (at UW), and PoolOutputModule output file name to something stored on the local scratch space (the patTuples are very large files). Don't forget to change back before submitting crab or farmout jobs. Farmout jobs take $inputFileNames and $outputFileName. Crab jobs have empty input files, and any desired output name (no slashes).

There is HLT filtering at this stage, but the total event counts before and after the filter are stored. You can also remove the filter by commenting out the line process.hltHighLevel *

PatTuple files go to dcache and can then be run on to create ntuples


For data, ntuples are made using For mc, ntuples are made using

Both data and MC can be submitted using farmoutAnalysisJobs. Again, to test locally, change the PoolSource to one of that patTuples made in the previous step. Change $outputFileName in the line process.VplusJets.HistOutFile = cms.string('$outputFileName') to desired output name.

This is where the code in UserCode/grogg/src is used. Two configuration files in the /python directory are used.


The skimming/trimming/merging is done all at once.

  • Ntuples stored on dcache need to be copied over to a local scratch area using merge files (syntax specified in
  • In /test open root
  • The branch selector/skimmer needs to be modified to ones needs
    • This will loop over whatever samples you want, and add branches with event weight and a number (e.g. W MC is "0" and Z MC is "1")
      • Desired cross section must be specified. If any events were skimmed out at the pattuple stage, these need to be accounted for:
        • Merge just the histogram in all the ntuple files: hadd -T sampleName_hist.root [sampleName]
        • root sampleName_hist.root //open file with just numEvents histogram
        • numEvents->GetBinContent(6) / numEvents->GetBinContent(1) //get the final number of events divided by the initial number. The cross section needs to be multiplied by this number
    • Add/remove branches as necessary by setting the branch status to 0 or 1 (all are set to zero initially, so only those explicitly set to 1 are kept).
    • Skimming is done on this line: TTree *newTree = oldtree->CopyTree("hltAccept==1 && (PfW_electron_pt>10 || CaloW_electron_et > 10)")
      • In this case only events that pass the HLT and have a gsf ("Calo") or pf electron above a pt of 10 make it into the final ntuple (the inital and final number of events are printed after merging)


  • Code is in UserCode/grogg/macros
  • Base class for running over MC and data: WenuJetsBase.C
    • This is compiled when root starts using a line in rootlogon.C: gROOT->ProcessLine(".x WenuJetsBase.C+");
  • Sub classes for various tasks include WenuJetsAnalyzer.C, WenuJetsFit.C, WenuJetsJetStudies.C, WenuJetsRooUnfold.C, WenuJetsAbcd.C
  • The lines to run each of these tasks is given above the Loop() function in each file, e.g. nohup root -q -b "WenuJetsAnalyzer.C+(0, \"WJets\", 0)" > Wlog &
    • Some are run by MC/data type, some need to run over all MC/data at once, and this is indicated by a name, e.g., "WJets", or "all"
  • Additional macros are available for plotting from the results of these codes, as well as doing fitting
  • Basic plots can be made using Jeff's rootplot program: e.g., rootplot DataInclusive_36pb_gsfElec.root DataInclusive_36pb_pfElec.root --path=".*W_mt*"
  • Unfolding documentation can be found at RooUnfoldVJets


Running OLD Plotting Code


  • Use root on login01, the Summer09 datasets are in /scratch/grogg
  • To make basic plots run the following from /afs/
    • .L WenuJetsTree.C+
    • .x WenuJetsObjects.C+(0, "all", 0)
      • First argument is the tree used (should always be 0)
      • Second argument is the name given to the run, should describe what datasets were used an any special settings or cuts
      • Third argument is number of events to run over, 0 if running over all events
  • For electron specific plots (more detailed efficiency, S/B, ID and isolation)
    • .L WenuJetsTree.C+
    • .x WenuJetsElectrons.C+(0, "all", 0)
      • Same parameters as above
  • For plots comparing generator and reco objects
    • .L WenuJetsTree.C+
    • .x WenuJetsRecoGen.C+(0, "all", 0)
      • Same parameters as above
  • For background specific plots (ABCD, matrix, and file for fitting)
    • .L WenuJetsTree.C+
    • .x WenuJetsBackgrounds.C+(0, "all", 0)
      • Same parameters as above
  • For fitting:
    • First run WenuJetsBackgrounds.C, which outputs fitFile-*.root, where * is the name given in 2nd parameter
    • .x WenuJetsRooDataFit.C("fitFile-*.root", "1", 15, "w_Mt", 5, 20, false)
      • (string) fileName
      • (int) number of jets
      • (double) lower limit to fit
      • (string) variable type ("w_Mt" or "MET")
      • (int) number of pseudodatasets to run over,
      • (int) electron pt cut used
      • (bool) whether to vary the proportion of W events relative to background

Strange Errors

Do cmsRun, get this: python encountered the error: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'find'

  • Check for a comma after a proces.[stuff] entry


My work log is KiraGroggLog

-- KiraGrogg - 04 Nov 2008

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