Implementation and validation of ATLAS Rivet analyses


This page gives a brief overview of the status of Rivet routines for ATLAS analyses. See RivetForAtlas for instructions on using Rivet within Athena jobs.

We want your analysis to be included into Rivet in order to be later used for different MC generators validation/tuning. For that, we need the Rivet routine (.cc code) mimicking your analysis and the data histograms from your plots (.aida file). Once we have that, anyone is able to run different MC generators (with different tunings) to compare to your data results which then allow one to better tune them.

How to write Rivet routine for your analysis

The Rivet routine of your physics analysis is just one .cc file where the analysis flow of your analysis is done. It is then used as plugin to Rivet. You don't need to change anything in Rivet itself. There is tool ('rivet-buildplugin') which makes shared object library from this routine and it can be consequently used within rivet

To start writing the Rivet routine for your analysis you can do this in a coule ways:

  • copy one of the existing analysis (.cc file) which is closest to yours and start rewriting it in your favorite editor according to your analysis flow. The list of the analyses can be obtained, e.g. if you are looking for ATLAS dijet analysis by "rivet --list-analyses|grep ATLAS|grep -i dijet". The actual files can then be found in e.g. /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/MCGenerators_hepmc2.06.05/rivet/1.8.1/share/sources/src/Analyses/

  • you can start from scratch by running: 'rivet-mkanalysis MY_ANALYSIS_NAME' which will create a basic template for your code.

Some general information about how to write an analysis can be found here:


Rules for implementation assistance

We would like to ask those seeking help with the implementation of their analysis in Rivet to consider the following "rules" that will make life much easier. Please

  • provide the final corrected histograms (for experimental data only, not MC) in a suitable format, e.g. AIDA-xml (preferable), ROOT or text (each line corresponds to one bin with the following info: xLow xHigh y yErrLow yErrHigh where the errors are total uncertainties)

  • provide link to latest documentation of your analysis (e.g. paper draft, internal note, etc.)

  • provide a table linking those histograms with the figures in your paper or draft

  • provide the EVGEN dataset names of those samples that appear on the final plots (see last column of the following table)

Analyses wishlist

Analysis Glance Contact Status Validation DS
STDM-201UnknownNot implemented
Measurement of the inclusive and dijet cross-sections of b-jets
STDM-2010-15Stephen Paul Bieniek implemented by Stephen, preparing for validation
mc10_7TeV.113893.BBbar_PowHegBOX_ME_MSTW08_Pythia.evgen.EVNT.e735 mc10_7TeV.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574 mc10_7TeV.105010.J1_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e913 mc10_7TeV.105011.J2_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e913 mc10_7TeV.105012.J3_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e913 mc10_7TeV.105013.J4_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e913 mc10_7TeV.105014.J5_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e913
Measurement of the inclusive isolated prompt photon cross-section
STDM-2011-04Unknown Not implemented
Measurement of isolated diphoton cross-section
STDM-2011-05UnknownNot implemented
Measurement of the inclusive W+- and Z/gamma cross sections
STDM-2011-06Uta Klein, Liza MijovicNot implemented.
Study of jets produced in association with a W boson
STDM-2011-08 Alexander Paramonov Data ready (HS), implementation done by Frank Siegert, in Rivet as unvalidated analysis since r3540
mc11_7TeV.129121.SherpaW5jetstoenu30GeVPDF.evgen.EVNT.e914 mc10_7TeV.107680.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp0_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107681.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp1_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107682.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp2_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107683.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp3_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107684.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp4_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107685.AlpgenJimmyWenuNp5_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc11_7TeV.129122.SherpaW5jetstomunu30GeVPDF.evgen.EVNT.e914 mc10_7TeV.107690.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp0_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107691.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp1_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107692.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp2_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107693.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp3_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107694.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp4_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600 mc10_7TeV.107695.AlpgenJimmyWmunuNp5_pt20.evgen.EVNT.e600
Measurement of inclusive two-particle angular correlations
STDM-2011-11James MonkNot implemented
A measurement of the ratio of the W and Z cross sections with exactly one associated jet
STDM-2011-13UnknownNot implemented
Measurement of the transverse momentum distribution of W bosons
STDM-2011-15UnknownNot implemented
Measurement of the Z to tau tau cross section
STDM-2011-18Elias ConiavitisNot implemented
Jet mass and substructure of inclusive jets
STDM-2011-19 Adam Davison Implemented, preparing for validation N.N.
Measurement of the azimuthal ordering of charged hadrons
STDM-2011-20 Sharka Todorova Done. In rivet since r3771 (marked unvalidated)
Measurement of W gamma and Z gamma production cross sections
STDM-2011-26UnknownNot implemented
Measurement of the production cross section for Z/gamma in association with jets
STDM-2011-27 Evelin Meoni In Rivet, branch 2012-06-aidarivet since r3812 (marked unvalidated).
mc10_7TeV.119126.SherpaZ5jetstoee30GeVScaleMT.evgen.EVNT.e760 mc10_7TeV.119127.SherpaZ5jetstomumu30GeVScaleMT.evgen.EVNT.e760
Underlying event characteristics and their dependence on jet size of charged-particle jet events
STDM-2011-30UnknownNot implemented
Z forward-backward asymmetry
STDM-2011-34UnknownNot implemented
Forward-backward correlations and charged-particle azimuthal distributions
STDM-2011-35 Craig Buttar implemented, validating
Measurement of the polarisation of W bosons produced at large momentum transfer
STDM-2011-37UnknownNot implemented
Measurements of the properties of jets for boosted particle searches
STDM-2011-38 Lily Asquith implemented, validating
mc11_7TeV.113639.Pythia8JetsJ4.evgen.EVNT.e995 mc11_7TeV.113640.Pythia8JetsJ5.evgen.EVNT.e995 mc11_7TeV.113641.Pythia8JetsJ6.evgen.EVNT.e995 mc11_7TeV.113642.Pythia8JetsJ7.evgen.EVNT.e995 mc11_7TeV.105013.J4_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e815 mc11_7TeV.105014.J5_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e815 mc11_7TeV.105015.J6_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e815 mc11_7TeV.105016.J7_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e815
Measurement of the flavour composition of dijet events
STDM-2011-40 Cecile Lapoire implemented, validating
mc10_7TeV.105009.J0_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105010.J1_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105011.J2_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105012.J3_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105013.J4_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105014.J5_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105015.J6_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/ mc10_7TeV.105016.J7_pythia_jetjet.evgen.EVNT.e574/
Underlying Event in Z Events
STDM-2011-42UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Lambda polarization measurements in minimum bias and jet events
STDM-2011-45UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of tau polarization in W->tau nu decays
STDM-2011-46UnknownNot implemented
The differential production cross section of the phi(1020) meson
STDM-2011-47UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of W+W- production
STDM-2012-01UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of ZZ production in pp collisions
STDM-2012-02UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of the dijet cross section at high dijet mass
STDM-2012-03UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of jets produced in association with Z
STDM-2012-04UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of the isolated di-photon cross section
STDM-2012-05UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of the phi-star distribution of Drell-Yan lepton pairs to probe Z/gamma boson transverse momentum
STDM-2012-06UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurement of W/Z+gamma differential cross sections
STDM-2012-07UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Inclusive jet cross section at sqrt(s) = 2.76 TeV. Comparison to sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
STDM-2012-08UnknownNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.
Measurements of top quark pair relative differential cross-sections (Unfolded to parton-level ttbar)
TOPQ-2011-07Francesco SpanoNot implemented
Measurement of the ttbar+jets cross-section
TOPQ-2012-03William BellNot implemented. Analysis ongoing.

Completed Analyses

Analysis Glance Contact Status Validation DS
Charged particles at 900 GeV in ATLAS
glace_IDFrank SiegertIn Rivet.
Inclusive jet cross section and di-jet mass and chi spectra at 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDJames MonkIn Rivet.
Track-based underlying event at 900 GeV and 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDAndy Buckley
Holger Schulz
In Rivet.
Inclusive isolated prompt photon analysis
glace_IDMike HanceIn Rivet.
Track-based minimum bias at 900 GeV and 2.36 and 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDThomas Burgess
Andy Buckley
In Rivet.
W+jets jet multiplicities and pT
glace_IDFrank SiegertIn Rivet.
Measurement of ATLAS track jet properties at 7 TeV
glace_IDSeth Zenz
Andy Buckley
In Rivet.
Measurement of the W pT with electrons and muons at 7 TeV
glace_IDElena Yatsenko
Judith Katzy
In Rivet.
Measurement of electron and muon differential cross-section from heavy-flavour decays
glace_IDPaul Bell
Holger Schulz
In Rivet.
KS0 and Lambda production at 0.9 and 7 TeV with ATLAS
glace_IDHolger SchulzIn Rivet.
Jet shapes at 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDAndy Buckley
Francesc Vives
Judith Katzy
In Rivet.
Dijet azimuthal decorrelations
glace_IDFrank SiegertIn Rivet.
0-lepton squark and gluino search
glace_IDDavid GrellscheidIn Rivet.
Calo-based underlying event at 900 GeV and 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDJinlong Zhang
Andy Buckley
In Rivet.
Muon charge asymmetry in W events at 7 TeV in ATLAS
glace_IDFrank Krauss
Hendrik Hoeth
In Rivet.
Two lepton supersymmetry search
glace_IDAngela ChenIn Rivet.
1-lepton and 2-lepton search for first or second generation leptoquarks
glace_IDAngela ChenIn Rivet.
Long-lived heavy charged particle search
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
Inclusive isolated diphoton analysis
glace_IDGiovanni MarchioriIn Rivet.
Measurement of dijet production with a veto on additional central jet activity
glace_IDGraham JonesIn Rivet.
Measurement of multi-jet cross sections
glace_IDFrank SiegertIn Rivet.
Measurement of the Z pT with electrons and muons at 7 TeV
glace_IDElena Yatsenko
Judith Katzy
In Rivet.
0-lepton squark and gluino search
glace_IDChris Wymant
David Grellscheid
In Rivet.
High jet multiplicity squark and gluino search
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
$D^{*\pm}$ production in jets
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
W+jets production at 7 TeV
glace_IDFrank SiegertIn Rivet.
Azimuthal ordering of charged hadrons
glace_IDSharka Todorova
Holger Schulz
In Rivet.
Isolated prompt photon + jet xsection
glace_IDGiovanni MarchioriIn Rivet.
Measurement of ttbar production with a veto on additional central jet activity
glace_IDKiran JoshiIn Rivet.
b-jets search for supersymmetry with 0- and 1-leptons
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
3 lepton plus missing transverse energy SUSY search
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
Search for supersymmetry with 2 leptons and missing transverse energy
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.
Search for supersymmetry with diphotons and mising Transverse Momentum
glace_IDPeter RichardsonIn Rivet.

Color definition:

Not implemented Implementation in progress Implementation complete. Unvalidated.Validation in progress Validated

ATLAS analysis wishlist

Here we list ATLAS analyses for which Rivet analyses are wanted:

Analysis Physics group Contact Reference Comments
Jet shapes and masses SM Lily Asquith STDM-2010-  
Event shapes in high momentum transfer events SM David Miller STDM-2010-  
ZZ->2l2v SM   STDM-2010-  
WW->lvlv SM   STDM-2010-  
Z->bb substructure SM Ben Cooper   Analysis incomplete
R_jets SM Gerhardt Brandt   Analysis incomplete
b-jet masses etc. SM Javier Merino   Analysis incomplete
UE in jet events SM Andy Buckley   AB will supply
WZ cross-section SM Lynn Marx http://inspirehep.net/record/1126131/  

Further projects

Project Description Status
** Tune job GRID submission framework Tesing phase (RL)
** Automated validation Unknown (RL)
RivAid Website dedicated for ROOT file conversion to Rivet format (AIDA, YODA) Basically working, no server yet (HS)

Running custom analyses on EVNT datasets

Further explanations can be found at RivetForAtlas.
cd empty
asetup 17.0.4,here
source $SITEROOT/sw/lcg/external/MCGenerators/rivet/1.6.0/i686-slc5-gcc43-opt/rivetenv.sh
rivet-buildplugin RivetATLAS_2011_S9185208.so ATLAS_2011_S9185208.cc -m32

pathena IncLeptonsMB.py --inDS mc09_7TeV.105805.filtered_minbias6.evgen.EVNT.e530/ --outDS user.hschulz.ATLAS_2011_S9185208.filtered_minbias6.Rivet.v1/ --nGBPerJob=MAX  --extOutFile=Analysis.aida --extFile=RivetATLAS_2011_S9185208.so,ATLAS_2011_S9185208.aida

Here's how to run the merging on the Grid:

prun --noBuild --exec "bash ./AIDAmergeWrapper.sh %IN"  --athenaTag=17.0.4,AtlasProduction --outDS=user.hschulz.ATLAS_2011_S9185208.filtered_minbias6.Rivet.merged.v3/  --inDS=user.hschulz.ATLAS_2011_S9185208.filtered_minbias6.Rivet.v2/ --outputs merged.aida --destSE=DESY-HH_LOCALGROUPDISK  --workDir=. --nFilesPerJob 41 --match=aida

Extracting cross-section information from AMI

You can use the attached script after sourcing athena. You need to enter your AMI username and password. The usage is e.g.
./getXSfromAMI.py  mc10_7TeV.126053.WZMcAtNloJimmy12870_1_1.evgen.EVNT.e787  mc10_7TeV.126054.WZMcAtNloJimmy12880_1_1.evgen.EVNT.e787
This will give you the following output:
    2.359700e-06   [nano barn]
    1.266800e-06   [nano barn]
Please do keep in mind that Rivet requires cross-section information to be given in [pb].

-- HolgerSchulz - 29-Nov-2011 -- AndyBuckley - 01-Mar-2012 -- RomanLysak - 25-Apr-2012

%REVIEW% Never reviewed

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