LIU Commissioning Coordination Committee

co-chaired by G. Rumolo (BE/ABP), V. Kain (BE/OP), A. Huschauer (BE/ABP)

Mandate (2019): Link to presentation

  • Ensure readiness of plans/procedures for commissioning preparation and commissioning
  • Ensure readiness of tools
  • Establish teams
  • Organize and analyze beam commissioning
  • LIU beam commissioning objectives from post LS2 until end of 2021:
    • Recover the pre-LS2 LHC beam type parameters, including beams required for LIU setting-up (and/or according to schedule): LIU intensity PSB, PS.
    • The LIU-CCC mandate will be reviewed (in the course of 2021, pending commissioning progress) and remaining activities will be merged into a new body together with other on-going activities (e.g. beam dynamics) to ensure the overall approved Beams Performance milestones.
  • The LIU-CCC will report directly to the LIU project and when required the IEFC/LMC
  • Identify required checks/commissioning activities for old and LIU equipment across the injectors
  • Review the tools/applications/simulations/monitoring/pre-HW checks/CO required for the commissioning phase, identify outstanding/missing items and fix delivery deadlines, and follow-up progress
  • Establish the detailed commissioning time line for LHC and FT beams
    • Define the LHC beam parameters to be reached throughout the injectors chain as a function of time for: LHCINDIV, LHC run2, each LIU commissioning step, LIU
  • Ensure definition of neccesary LS2 dry runs and HWC, including planning of tests with EN/ACE
  • Establish a draft time line for the the beam commissioning to the final LIU beam performance

Deliverables from sub working groups for 2019/2020

Topic Details Deadline
Integration of LIU Systems Prepare lists of new systems to be integrated:
* Identification and definition of items
* Identification and definition of processes/procedures
* Required algorithms
* Software readiness
Definition of integration meetings with equipment groups where required
April 2019
List of Software Identification of software needs:
* Either for integration of new systems or improved integration of existing ones
* Additional software requirements: algorithms, processes
* Resources: sufficient man power available / potential synergies between machines to be exploited?
June 2019
Planning HWC + Dry Runs * Planning + check lists for LBE run
* Planning for the rest of the complex (including DSO tests, power permits, resources, )
* HWC check lists
June 2019
December 2019
3 Months before start of HWC
List of performance tracking parameters Definition of observables to be tracked:
* machine-specific or already beam centric (cross-machine) if available
* Collection of analysis algorithms/tools
July 2019
IST Plannnig Establish lists of ISTs in collaboration with equipment groups
EN-ACE + OP: final IST lists and conditions (e.g. access system SPS, CV availability, )
June 2019
September 2019
Injector schedule:
List of beam readiness and FT facility start up dates
Focus on FT community. Define:
* readiness dates with initial beam parameters
* timeline for intensity ramp-up in 2021
* max. intensity required in 2021
First iteration
Refined version

July 2019
December 2019
FESA Class readiness dates * Establish list based on software needs.
* Negotiate readiness dates with groups
* Estimate for OP developments required
August 2019
Christmas shutdown 2020/2021 * Identification of critical items
* Identification of piquet requirements
* Definition of equipment state during Xmas period
* ...
December 2019
Beam commissioning planning Detailed planning with resources February 2020

Follow Up From Previous Meetings (2019)

Origin Follow-up Status
6 - January - 2020
PS(B) DSO Tests and EPC Update on POPS(B) Tests and Switchyard Discuss needs for DSO tests in LEIR as they will be different  
Ensure sufficient OP personnel will be available for all patrols prior to DSO tests  
Confirm machines will be cleaned and closed before patrols start  
Discuss overlap between SPS ISTs and POPS commissioning  
YETS 20/21 Considerations Determine piquet needs for Linac4 over the stop  
13 - December - 2019
Dry Runs: PSB Determine if an application is required for injection line matching  
Make tests of extraction system a specific Dry Run  
Complete definition of deadlines  
Hardware Commissioning: PSB Cross correlate needs for RF personell for different accelerators  
Hardware Commissioning: PS Confirm MSC test details  
Confirm dates of EPC tests  
Discuss overlap in demands on EPC personell between PS and SPS  
6 - December - 2019
Dry Runs: PS Add new injection septum to the dry run planning  
Include virtual correctors in the new optics model  
AOB: Status of ISTs and Next Steps Rearrange EPC tests for PSB and PS to compensate for overlap in resources  
Discuss overlap between injectors and anti-proton machines  
29 - November - 2019
YETS 20/21 The availability of experts for the restart of beam needs to be confirmed  
Confirm necessary Linac4 maintenance, and possible impact on restart  
Confirm specific requirements for equipment groups for the restart, to determine minimum time necessary  
Determine if there is a benefit to running the Linac4 ion source over the shutdown period  
Beam Performance Tracking Status Investigate possibility of merging injector and LHC performance tracking  
Check List Tool Investigate the possibility of moving to a commercial product  
Long term support for other tools to be determined  
15 - November - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Template on CO requirements to be filled in by commissioning working groups  
SPS Dry Runs Relocate SPSQC test to avoid clash with BI tests  
Additional details required for SBDS test  
CO requests details of Dry Runs to be stored in a central location  
1 - November - 2019
PSB Individual System Tests Confirm access controls for TE-MSC high voltage tests  
Confirm no activity in PSB surface buildings during TE-EPC tests  
Check if TE-ABT tests can be included in TE-EPC risk analysis  
Confirm that POPS-B tests do not require controls  
PS Individual System Tests Define controls requirements to ensure adequate infrastucture for all tests  
Finalise BE-RF IST planning  
Increase margine for F61 tests  
Clarify BE-OP manpower during test periods  
AOB Clarify controls requirements for equipments groups for all tests  
18 - October - 2019
Injector Schedule 2020/2021 Determine slip-stacking commissioning period  
Discuss MD organisation during 2021  
Commissioning organisation during 2020 Consider putting ISTs under mandate of EN-ACE technical coordination meetings  
4 - October - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Distribute IST procedure template  
HWC Planning - PS Define OP manpower requirements during the HWC  
HWC Planning - SPS Finalise details HWC tests that still need additional information  
Consider possibility of manpower being required during IST period  
HWC Planning - IONS Organise meetings concerning Linac3 safety aspects  
27 - September - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Complete IST schedule for all machines  
CO Feedback on Beam Performance Tracking Discuss how API will handle Beam IDs, Beam Instance IDs, and BCD Stamps to correctly identify cycles  
Determine if web TIMBER can give suitable performance for displaying beam data  
Linac4 3 MeV Run Repeat measurements of 2 MHz ripple at higher energy  
20 - September - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Define a cross-complex system for organisation during the IST period  
FESA Class Readiness - PS Ensure FESA2 classes are updated to FESA3 and additional classes are completed  
Consider formalising the monitoring of class developments  
FESA Class Readiness - SPS Identify method to allow more than 8 injections  
AOB Consider revisiting FESA classes in the future  
AOB - IST Planning Finalise how removal of lockouts will be handled  
Clarify access state during IST period, and decide who should be in the CCC  
6 - September - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Discuss transition from commissioning coordination meeting to beam performance meeting  
Linac4 IST Report Define final test procedures for phase 4 of ISTs  
Consider weekly FOM type meeting for after LS2 to discuss ISTs in all machines, with a daily morning meeting for that days ISTs  
Review all test procedures in Commissioning Working Groups to identify safety related ISTs, which require more detailed procedures  
Discuss possibility of requiring OP group in CCC throughout IST period  
FESA Class Readiness - LEIR Identify necessary software developers  
23 - August - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Collate IST and HW commissioning schedules in preparation for LS2 day  
Compile prototype beam availability schedule based on each injector's schedule  
Beam Readiness Dates - SPS Define when fixed target ion beams will be available  
Specify ion beam commissioning slots as part of schedule  
Include expected 12 bunch beam availability in schedule  
Confirm number of days of beam available for HiRadMat and AWAKE  
Beam Performance Tracking Outcome Define requirements for CO  
Discuss how to approach performance tracking for non-operational beams  
Organise a meeting between the BCWG and CO to discuss requirements  
Define suitable metrics for each beam  
9 - August - 2019
Beam Readiness Dates - PSB Cross check with PS schedule  
Beam Readiness Dates - Ions Determine likely schedule of studies in the SPS  
26 - July - 2019
Status of IST Scheduling PS and SPS first draft to be completed  
Include BTP line information in PS schedule  
Give deadline to experimental areas for IST scheduling  
AOB: Synergies for the Different TFB Systems Identify software developer to collaborate with machine experts  
Discuss required FESA and firmware modifications with RF group  
Confirm responsible person for each TFB with RF  
12 - July - 2019
28 - June - 2019
Beam performance tracking - Ions Create a document detailing the requirements for performance tracking  
14 - June - 2019
Status of the reference measurement system Clarify status of application support in the long term  
Make raw data from JAPC objects recoverable after change of Java libraries  
Consider interface between NXCALS and reference tool for data storage  
Linac3/LEIR Status of ISTs Migrate Linac3 schedule from Excel to Microsoft Project  
Confirm responsible persons for all tests  
Finish defining test and dates for missing items  
Investigate possibility of exporting data from Excel to the checklist tool  
Determine how accesses will be organised during source tests  
Ensure relevant items from Linac3/LEIR schedule are included in Switchyard schedule  
31 - May - 2019
Status of the IST list for all machines Discuss schedule of switchyard closure during ISTs  
Clarify PS ABT equipment ISTs in relation to switchyard closure  
Define deadlines and developers for software synergies  
Provide EN-ACE with procedures for ISTs and consider creating EDMS documents  
23 - May - 2019
Equipment Integration PS Investigate possibility of making BGI applications uniform across injectors  
Investigate possibility of making WS applications uniform across injectors  
Investigate better sharing of TT2 steering between PS and SPS  
17 - May - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Prepare HW commissioning plans for the LBE line run  
Equipment integration Linac4 Follow up distribution of "transactional settings" to relevant FESA classes  
Equipment integration PSB Investigate possibility of including PSB injection mechanism in injection autpilot application  
Collect FESA readiness dates  
3 - May - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Review possibilities for planning tool, considering MALT  
Confirm final details for Linac4 ISTs  
Equipment Integration Linac3/LEIR Define responsible person for new software tools  
Prioritise list of desired software tools in case of insufficient manpower  
Equipment integration SPS Define details of RF dry runs  
Define details of software development and equipment testing, target end of August  
Investigate overlaps between SPS and PS BGI applications  
11 - April - 2019
Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising Confirm impact of IST period on LBE line run  
Introduction to EN-ACE Planning Tool Continue discussions of suitable planning tool for HW and beam commissioning scheduling  
Investigate possibility of providing post-LS2 schedule information to EN-ACE for resource checking and final schedule construction  
Consider including LHC commissioning with injectors due to overlap of experts  
29 - March - 2019
Switchyard and POPS(B) tests Confirm schedule and safety of ISTs with EPC  
Organise ventilation of Linac3 during testing  
Confirm extent of powering and possible safety needs with work proximate to power cables  
Ion transfer line tests need to include testing of BI equipment  
Confirm availability of services during early SWY closure  
Finalise list of CO requrements for ISTs  
ISTs Update IST table to include LEIR and Linac3  
Establish a safety protocol for access during IST period  
Confirm with DSOs what (if any) tests are required for each machine at the start of IST period  
15 - March - 2019
Outcome of the LIU Workshop Treat resource loaded and co-activityplanning  
Decide on a HWC planning tool  
Discuss commissioning requirements of experiments  
25 - February - 2019
Switchyard Access Confirm with EPC if POPS or POPSB commissioning will come first  
Confirm current master schedule is suitable for EPC  
Include ION SWY polarity tests master schedule and approve with LS2 committee  
Establish a schedule in case the POPS containers do not arrive on time  
18 - January - 2019
PSB Beam Commissioning Review HW and beam commissioning schedules in context of equipment experts availability  
Consider making commissioning EDMS documents in all injectors as in the PSB  
Prepare beam availability schedule for each experimental facility  


Mandate (2018): Link to indico page

  • Ensure readiness of plans/procedures/tools and establish teams for commissioning of the injectors afterLS2
  • Organise, execute, analyse beam commissioning from post-LS2 to LS3 (i.e. during Run3), which implies
    • Recover pre-LS2 performance
    • Commission LIU beams to full performance by end of Run3
    • Establish beam milestones roadmap to meet the above two targets

2018 Goals See following link (2018-BCWG.pptx: 2018-BCWG.pptx)

Follow Up From Previous Meetings (2018)

Origin Follow-up Status
23 -November - 2018
Linac4 LBE Line Run Finalise scheduling plans for out-of-hours work  
Schedule presentation from Linac 4 RF expert  
16 -November - 2018
SPS Beam Commissioning Ensure schedule accommodates needs of BI (and possibly other systems) for 25ns trains  
Determine prioritisation of items  
Modify schedule to ensure adequate scrubbing time  
Rename "scrubbing" as "conditioning"  
Consider adding specified 24-hour access period for planning access  
Include relevant equipment tests with beam (e.g. BLMs)  
Integrate BI testing and commissioning schedule with beam schedule  
9 -November - 2018
LEIR Reference Measurements Modify reference measurements tool to allow a checklist of measurements to be taken  
Include long term variations in performance in reference measurements  
AOB Investigate potential benefits of "super-settings" and amount of work required to implement them  
Investigate possible complex wide improvements to operation (e.g. cycle defintion approach)  
2 -November - 2018
LIU-PSB Integration Plans Provide a specification for beam quality tracking functionality in new WS application  
Investigate copying the functionality of the PS MPS editor application for use in the PSB, including discussions with Settings Management WG  
12 - October - 2018
General discussion Discuss general approach to reference measurements reducing dependence on key individuals  
Discussion over best practice for acquiring and storing references based on experience in each machine  
Bring operators (or a subset) into meetings where practical  
Ion reference measurements in PS and SPS  
5 - October - 2018
LIU SPS RF Determine required real-time information and coordinate with CO  
Investigate amount of required information from PS for Phase Loop mask and overlap with BQM  
Produce detailed list of cycles required for commissioning in order  
Discussions between OP and RF of what diagnostics and controls to make available in the CCC  
LIU PS Injection Region Determine suitable (operational) injection matching procedure  
General Discussion Meeting between machine coordinators to discuss new controls requirements  
Detail requirements of operators during shutdown  
21 - September - 2018
LIU SPS Beam Dump Discuss requirements for real time data distribution  
Consider possibility of planning contingency time in schedule  
General Discussion Discuss a schedule for required services  
Consider coordinating hardware commissioning schedule with availability of equipment experts  
31 - August - 2018
LINAC4 Beam Commissioning Beam expected to be optimised by 28 - September  
Add daily debriefing to the eLogbook  
Reference Measurement Tool Test of API in other machines and applications Reported to be non-trivial by PSB
Investigate possibility of storing ACQ data along with CCV  
Investigate data links for large files  
To be tested by as many users as possible  
24 - August - 2018
Matters Arising Test possibility of using PSB h=1 to make an MTE-like at the start of commissioning for the SPS  
Linac4 Hardware Commissioning Try to enable checklist tracking of commissioning progress of RF and ion source  
SPS Reference Measurements Include ion beams in reference planning  
3 - August - 2018
PS Reference Measurements Saving AQN and CCV together  
Tomoscope reference and live measurement in parallel Under discussion with Tomoscope application developer
Automated connection of OASIS signals Being investigated with current OASIS API
Discussion Discussion of additional requirements for each machine - e.g. OASIS modifications  
EPC measurements of current in power converters to compare with AQN and CCV  
27 - July - 2018
LINAC3 Reference Measurements Diagnostics for LINAC3 using LEIR tools - e.g. Schottky  
Absolute beam energy measurement in spectrometer line  
Effect of steering on transmission into LEIR and possibility of correction  
PSB Reference Measurements Investigate the possibility of checking aperture restriction in Ring 2 with beam  
15 - June - 2018
Discussion Physics planning post-LS2 and impact on beam commissioning priorities  
Previous meetings
  Super settings for generation and trim (Delphine)  
  LINAC4 responsibilities: what is happening during LS2?  
  New timing system approach: where shall/should we go  
  Reference measurements end of 2018 for after LS2. How to store reference measurements? New framework?  
  Super table and beam parameter statistics  
  Check list tool: add additional requirements for post LS2. Prepare func spec  
  Software synergies between machines  
  Manpower requirements for injector settings management implementation (Delphine)  
  Expert shifts during start-up?  
  Ideal length of beam commissioning for all beam types up to high intensity per machine  
  How to add testing of signal exchange between machines in planning tool? (Readiness of beam type?)  
  PSB and LINAC4? Commissioning with/of LINAC(2)4. Who is responsible for what? What about check lists and planning?  
  Organisation of individual system tests: if some should be carried out during hardware commissioning, how much extra time is required for check out?  
  Which of the individual system tests should be done during hardware commissioning?  
  Add required state/settings of equipment to test procedure  
  Organise full de-consignation at end of shutdown  
  Better cross-coordination, also including LHC for planning and required testing of LINACs (switch yard)  
  Need hard end of shutdown. No more carry over shutdown work  
  Define better interface between check lists and ASM  
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