Pablo Jacome's Four Top Logbook

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* “Four-heavy-quark hadroproduction”, V. Barger, A. L. Stange, and R. J. N. Phillips, Phys. Rev. D 44 (Oct, 1991) 1987–1996, doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.44.1987.

P) 22-Jul-2013 to 28-Jul-2013

  1. Playing with ROOT, trying to plot PrimaryVertices histogram:
    1. TFile* file = new TFile("FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.DATA.DATA.root","READ");
      TTree* mytree = (TTree*)(file -> Get("AnalysisTree"));
  2. Superimposed and adding histograms:
    1. TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas("c1","hists with different scales",600,400);
      TFile* f1 = new TFile("FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.DATA.DATA.root","READ");
      TTree* t1 = (TTree*)(f1 -> Get("AnalysisTree"));
      TFile* f2 = new TFile("FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.MC.TTTT.root","READ");
      TTree* t2 = (TTree*)(f2 -> Get("AnalysisTree"));
      TH1F *h1 = (TH1F*)gDirectory->Get("h1");
      TH1F *h2 = (TH1F*)gDirectory->Get("h2");
      TH1F *h3 = (TH1F*)gDirectory->Get("h1");

O) 15-Jul-2013 to 21-Jul-2013

  2. Reading about PROOF:
    1. Write-up on SFrame: Configuring a small PROOF cluster:
    2. Add the following in the config file, inside tag definition:
      1.   RunMode="PROOF" ProofServer="lite://"  ProofWorkDir="__CONDOR__"
        RunMode="PROOF" ProofServer="lite"  ProofWorkDir=""
    3. Files for sending CONDOR jobs. sframe_condor_exe.csh:
      1. #! /bin/csh
        # Modify SFrame config
        cd ${_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR}
        cp -r /uscms_data/d3/pjacome/_TEST2/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/FITAnalysis/config .
        cp config/FourtopsSelectionCycleMuons_config.xml ./temp.xml
        sed -i s:__CONDOR__:${_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR}:g temp.xml
        cp temp.xml config/.
        cd config
        # Source version of CMSSW associated to SFRAME
        source /uscmst1/prod/sw/cms/cshrc uaf
        cd /uscms_data/d3/pjacome/_TEST2/CMSSW_5_3_3/src
        eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`
        # Setting SFrame
        cd /uscms_data/d3/pjacome/_TEST2/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame
        source fullsetupSFrame.csh
        # Run the sframe job
        cd ${_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR}/config
        sframe_main temp.xml
        cd ${_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR}
        rm -rf config
    4. sframe_condor_proof_cfg.txt
      1. universe = vanilla
        Executable = sframe_condor_exe.csh
        Requirements = Memory >= 199 &&OpSys == "LINUX"&& Machine == ""
        REQUEST_CPUS = 8
        +BigMemoryJob = TRUE
        Output = sframe_$(Cluster)_$(Process).stdout
        Error = sframe_$(Cluster)_$(Process).stderr
        Log = sframe_$(Cluster)_$(Process).log
        notify_user = ${LOGNAME}@FNAL.GOV
        Arguments =
        Queue 1
    5. Send job:
      condor_submit  sframe_condor_proof_cfg.txt
    6. State of the job:
      condor_q -bet <JOB_ID> 
    7. Killing 'idle' jobs that have been more than 24 hours:
      condor_rm <JOB_ID> 
    8. Changing settings of condor job:
      1. Requirements = Memory >= 199 && OpSys == "LINUX"&& (Arch != "DUMMY" )&& Disk > 1000000
  3. Playing with ROOT:
    1. AnalysisTree->Scan("event")
  4. Learning about Histos:
      1. python -i /eos/uscms/store/user/yumiceva/fourtops/sframePreselection/FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.MC.TTTT.root  -o output.root -p 6
      2. Didn't work. It didn't throw output.root

N) 08-Jul-2013 to 14-Jul-2013

    1. Do I have to run the PreSelection for every type of filter? (... one for electrons, then one for muons and finally one for jets)
      1. ... muons and electrons seems to be exclusive
    2. What is BaseCycleContainer?
    3. Why Selection doesn't take input data drom PreSelection?
  2. Exploring src/FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.cxx and src/FourtopsSelectionCycle.cxx
    1. To compare: /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/FITAnalysis/src
  3. Preselection FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.cxx :
    1. "At least one good muon"
      1. Changed in the function: FourtopsPreSelectionCycle::BeginInputData
      2. preselection->addSelectionModule(new NElectronSelection(0,0));//no electron preselection->addSelectionModule(new NMuonSelection(1,int_infinity()));
    2. "min pt, max eta , min reliso, and muon ID " for muon, electrons and jets.
      1. Changed in the function: FourtopsPreSelectionCycle::ExecuteEvent
  4. Trying Selection code:
    1. cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/FITAnalysis/src/FourtopsSelectionCycle.cxx* ./src
      cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/FITAnalysis/include/FourtopsSelectionCycle.h* ./include
      cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/FITAnalysis/config/FourtopsSelectionCycleMuons_config.xml* ./config
    2. No problems building. But when executing sframe_main, It got problems loading libFITAnalysis
    3. SFrame/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN22FourtopsSelectionCycle11ShowMembersER16TMemberInspector
    4. Tried: c++filt _ZN22FourtopsSelectionCycle11ShowMembersER16TMemberInspector
    5. Message: FourtopsSelectionCycle::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector&)
    6. nano include/FITAnalysis_LinkDef.h
                           #### ADD
                           #pragma link C++ class FourtopsSelectionCycle+;
      rm src/FITAnalysis_Dict.*
      rm obj/*
      rm obj/dep/*
    7. Other issues (LumiFiles, PileUpHistos and JECFiles) where solved doing the following inside ./FITAnalysis directory:
      1. cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/ZprimeAnalysis2012/PileUpHistos/PileUpHistoCycle.DATA.ElectronHad_208686.root ./PileUpHistos/
        cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/ZprimeAnalysis2012/LumiFiles/HLT_Ele30_CaloIdVT_TrkIdT_PFNoPUJet100_PFNoPUJet25_208686.root ./LumiFiles/
        cp -r /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/sframe/CMSSW_5_3_3/src/SFrame/ZprimeAnalysis2012/JECFiles/ ./

M) 01-Jul-2013 to 07-Jul-2013

  2. <Cycle Name= , in config file , stores the name of the class
  3. Trying to install SFrame from the sources:
    1. Following:
      1. More... Close \x{fffd}verbatim3\x{fffd}
  4. guide USING GITHUB:
    1. More... Close
      setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc5_amd64_gcc462
      scram project CMSSW CMSSW_5_3_3
      cd CMSSW_5_3_3/src
      git clone UHHAnalysis/NtupleWriter
      cvs co -d EGamma/EGammaAnalysisTools -r V00-00-31 UserCode/EGamma/EGammaAnalysisTools
      scram b -j 8
      svn co  SFrame
      cd SFrame
      source setup.csh
      cp ~/fullsetup_SFRAME_from_B2GZ.csh ./
      source fullsetup_SFRAME_from_B2GZ.csh
      sed -i 's/-lpcre//g' core/Makefile
      git clone NtupleWriter
      git clone SFrameTools
      git clone SFrameAnalysis
      cd NtupleWriter
      /bin/sh ./
      cd ..
      cp NtupleWriter/include/*.h SFrameTools/include/
      cd SFrameAnalysis/include
      wget --no-check-certificate
      cd ..
      cd src
      wget --no-check-certificate
      cd ../..
      cd SFrameTools/include
      wget --no-check-certificate
      cd ..
      cd src
      wget --no-check-certificate
      wget --no-check-certificate
      cd ..
      cd JetMETObjects
      cd ../../SFrameAnalysis
      git clone git://
      cd FITAnalysis
              nano  src/FourtopsPreSelectionCycle.cxx
                         comment:  if(bcc->electrons) cleaner.ElectronCleaner(35,2.5,0.1,m_reversed_electron_selection,m_reversed_electron_selection); // min pt, eta, iso, and ID)
                         THE PROBLEM IS BECAUSE : m_reversed_electron_selection
  5. Messages:
    1. undefined symbol: _ZN17LuminosityHandler11ShowMembersER16TMemberInspector
    1. kserver_init
      svn co  SFrame
      cd SFrame
      echo "#\!/bin/csh" > fullsetupSFrame.csh
      echo "setenv FASTJETDIR /uscms_data/d3/pjacome/fastjet/3.0.2-install/lib" >> fullsetupSFrame.csh
      echo "source setup.csh" >> fullsetupSFrame.csh
      echo setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH  \$\{FASTJETDIR\}:\$\{SFRAME_DIR\}/SFrameTools/JetMETObjects/lib:\$\{LD_LIBRARY_PATH\} >> fullsetupSFrame.csh
      source fullsetupSFrame.csh
      sed -i 's/-lpcre//g' core/Makefile
      cvs co -d SFrameAnalysis -r Feb-15-2013-v1  UserCode/UHHAnalysis/SFrameAnalysis
      cvs co -d SFrameTools -r Feb-15-2013-v1 UserCode/UHHAnalysis/SFrameTools
      cd SFrameTools/include
      cvs co -d Objects -r Feb-15-2013-v1  UserCode/UHHAnalysis/NtupleWriter/Objects
      cvs co -d HEAD UserCode/UHHAnalysis/SFrameTools/include/
      cp ./HEAD/BaseHists.h ./
      cd ..
      cd JetMETObjects 
      cd ../../SFrameAnalysis
      cd ..
      git clone git://
      cd FITAnalysis

L) 24-Jun-2013 to 30-Jun-2013

    1. LHE_NtupleWriter.C in Newer versions of NtupleWriter
    2. In B2GZ they use other versions of software, ex: git clone UHHAnalysis/NtupleWriter
    3. What is PROOF run mode in config.xml files
    4. ERROR when executing SFrame_main:
      1. \x{fffd}verbatim6\x{fffd}
    5. I think I know how to do the cuts with NTupleWriter:
      1. What is minreliso ?
      2. At least 6 jets?
    6. Don't know how to do cuts with FITAnalysis
  2. Finally I solved all the problems:
    1. Just copy the whole SFrame directory:
      1. \x{fffd}verbatim7\x{fffd}
    2. With the previous step all works ok. But I also try to change some references without success so, don't do the following:
      1. Go to SFrame directory:
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim8\x{fffd}
      2. Change SFrame references:
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim9\x{fffd}
      3. Changing FASTJET references:
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim10\x{fffd}
      4. Now check again for other references:
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim11\x{fffd}
      5. To keep PileUp information, Lumi files, etc. Copy again config files:
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim12\x{fffd}
  3. Finish with:
    1. \x{fffd}verbatim13\x{fffd}
  4. Creating Ntuples from PATuples using Francisco's recipe:
    1. Using my PATuples: I got errors:
      1. More... Close \x{fffd}verbatim14\x{fffd}
    2. Using PATuples from Titas Roy, it succeded!:
      1. \x{fffd}verbatim15\x{fffd}
      2. Note: I just changed the source file. I didn't change any other code line.
        1. \x{fffd}verbatim16\x{fffd}
  5. Skimmed Analysis ntuples (Preselection)
    1. Edit: config/FourtopsPreSelectionCycleMuons_config.xml
      1. Leave <!ENTITY TTTT line. Delete the other ENTITIES definitions
      2. Edit config/53xNTuples-v2/TTTT.xml and put the location of the NTuple (Ntuple made using NTupleWriter)

K) 17-Jun-2013 to 23-Jun-2013

  1. Following new prescription:
    1. SFrame installation:
      1. ROOT (OK)
      2. CMSSW 5 3 3 (OK)
      3. NTuple writer (in CMSSW) (OK)
      4. FastJet (OK) -> Next time could be installed in other directory, outside /CMSSW_5_3_3/src
        1. fastjet-3.0.4.tar.gz
        2. More... Close \x{fffd}verbatim17\x{fffd}
      1. SFrame (OK)

J) 12-Jun-2013 to 16-Jun-2013

  1. Stat I - Hands-on Tutorial Session (HATS) at LPC:
    1. Is it mandatory to create a parameter with a defined range?
    2. Page 7,
    3. Created a signal Gaussian using parameters without ranges and works perfectly.
  2. Reading "Training and classification of BDT" for thesis plan.
  3. Reading "Hypothesis testing" from CLASHEP Perú slides:
  4. Analysis of Ntuples:
    1. Source:
    2. After executing "cvs co ..." code, do (this avoids dependencies problems):
      1. cvs co -r V00-03-03 -d Yumiceva/Top7TeV UserCode/Yumiceva/Top7TeV
      2. scram b
    3. Another Error messages:
      1. 20:03:15  8637 Wrk-0.17 | Error in <TFile::TFile>: file /query-result.root does not exist
        20:03:15  8637 Wrk-0.17 | Info in <TProofServLite::HandleArchive>: file cannot be open (/query-result.root)
        20:03:15  8572 Wrk-0.10 | Error in <TFile::TFile>: file /query-result.root does not exist
        20:03:15  8572 Wrk-0.10 | Info in <TProofServLite::HandleArchive>: file cannot be open (/query-result.root)
    4. To plot root histograms:
      1. root -l results_data.root
        1. _file0->GetListOfKeys()->Print();
          TH1F *h = (TH1F*)_file0->Get("h1test");
      2. Default example just plot h1test muon PT
        1. example_ntuples_analysis.png
      3. Plotting leading muon histogram. Change SimpleAnalyzer.C :
        1.   TopMuonEvent max_pt_muon;
   = 0.;
            for ( size_t imu=0; imu < total_muons; ++imu) {
              TopMuonEvent muon = muons[imu];
              if ( >{
            h1test->Fill( );
        2. leading_muon.png

I) 27-May-2013 to 02-Jun-2013

  1. Due to problems in FourTop model for MadGraph (low Xsec)
Source X Sec. SM,
p p > t t- t t-
X Sec. GH 700,
pp->GH GH-> t t- t t-
X Sec. GH 700,
pp->GH GH
X Sec. GH 700,
pp->GH GH -> b b- b b-
MadGraph 0.00779 pb 0.00337 pb 0.413 pb problems
Massive color-octet ..
- - 0.4 pb 0.02 pb
Top compositeness ..
0.0036 pb - - -

H) 13-May-2013 to 19-May-2013

  1. Reading about analysis script:

G) 06-May-2013 to 12-May-2013

  1. Requesting severals letters (to EPN and IECE) for applying a bursary for SENESCYT
  2. Making the application
  3. Writing paper for EPN magazine
  4. Calculating number of events of Four Tops in SM and heavy colorons
    1. pp collisions Xsec
Tot elastic Inelastic Source
8 Tev 100 mb 28 mb 72 mb
8 Tev 101.7 mb 27.1 mb 74.7 mb
Xsec/Model using MadGraph5
Standard Model Heavy scalar octects
7.133E-4 [pb] 2.32E-4 [pb]
CMS Total
21.79 fb-1 * 101.7 mb = 2.21E15 events
SM expected 21.79 fb-1 * 0.7133 fb = 15.54 events
Heavy scalar bosons expected 21.79 fb-1 * 2.32E-4 pb = 5.05 events

F) 29-April-2013 to 05-May-2013

  1. Questions:
    • Difference between : GEN,SIM and RECO vs GEN,FASTSIM, HLT
  3. Running code for plot histograms of GEN-FASTSIM-HLT root file :
    1. cvs co UserCode/Yumiceva/Scripts
      python -i Hadronizer_TuneZ2star_8TeV_generic_LHE_pythia_tauola_cff_py_GEN_FASTSIM_HLT_PU.root
  4. Reading:
    1. "The Analysis Tool (AT) group of CMS strongly recommends to use pat::Tuples instead of flat ntuples due to the following reasons:"
  5. Reading log output when created "tlbsm_53x_v2_mc.root" (PatTuple step), found an error: More... Close
    Begin processing the 1st record. Run 1, Event 1, LumiSection 1 at 18-Apr-2013 09:36:03.058 CDT
       ----- Begin Fatal Exception 18-Apr-2013 09:36:03 CDT-----------------------
       An exception of category 'ProductNotFound' occurred while
          [0] Processing run: 1 lumi: 1 event: 1
          [1] Running path 'p0'
          [2] Calling event method for module HBHENoiseFilter/'HBHENoiseFilter'
       Exception Message:
        could not find HcalNoiseSummary.
          Additional Info:
             [a] If you wish to continue processing events after a ProductNotFound exception,
       add "SkipEvent = cms.untracked.vstring('ProductNotFound')" to the "options" PSet in the configuration.
       ----- End Fatal Exception -------------------------------------------------
    1. Find the strings:
      # process all the events
      process.maxEvents.input = 100
      1. process.options = cms.untracked.PSet(
            SkipEvent = cms.untracked.vstring('ProductNotFound')
    3. Add CMSSW package which contains BUT THIS DIDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM
    4. kserver_init    
      addpkg DataFormats/METReco
      scram b
    5. Removing all the lines containing: "HBHENoiseFilter" , ""
      1. ## The iso-based HBHE noise filter ___________________________________________||
        ## The CSC beam halo tight filter ____________________________________________||
        process.filtersSeq = cms.Sequence(
           process.primaryVertexFilter *
           process.noscraping *
        #   process.HBHENoiseFilter *
        #   process.CSCTightHaloFilter *
           process.hcalLaserEventFilter *
           process.EcalDeadCellTriggerPrimitiveFilter *
           process.goodVertices * process.trackingFailureFilter *
        #if options.runOnFastSim:
        #    process.patseq.remove( process.HBHENoiseFilter )
        #    process.patseq.remove( process.CSCTightHaloFilter )
  6. Doing PatTuple Tutorial with my GEN_FASTSIM_HLT.root :
      1. PhysicsTools/PatAlgos/test/
      2. edmDumpEventContent patTuple.root
    2. Exploring my GEN_FASTSIM_HLT.root file with ROOT/TBrowser I realized that there is just xxxx_HLT objects. ( No xxxx_RECO objects)
    3. Success creating patTuple_standard.root
  7. Now creating PatTuples following the tutorial:
      1. PhysicsTools/PatExamples/test/
      2. edmDumpEventContent patTuple.root
  8. Doing NTuples:
    2. Modifications:
      1. $ nano Yumiceva/Top7TeV/test/
        1. if inputType=="MC":
              process.source = cms.Source("PoolSource",
                                          fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring(
    3. $ cmsRun Yumiceva/Top7TeV/test/ useData=0 channel=muon events=100 >& ntuple_100.log
    4. Error message: More... Close
      1. 02-May-2013 11:33:19 CDT  Initiating request to open file file:/uscms_data/d3/pjacome/exercises/ntuple_exoticaWptb/CMSSW_4_2_4/src/tlbsm_53x_v2_mc.root
        02-May-2013 11:33:20 CDT  Successfully opened file file:/uscms_data/d3/pjacome/exercises/ntuple_exoticaWptb/CMSSW_4_2_4/src/tlbsm_53x_v2_mc.root
        02-May-2013 11:33:20 CDT  Closed file file:/uscms_data/d3/pjacome/exercises/ntuple_exoticaWptb/CMSSW_4_2_4/src/tlbsm_53x_v2_mc.root
        %MSG-s CMSException:  AfterSourceConstruction 02-May-2013 11:33:20 CDT  pre-events
        cms::Exception caught in cmsRun
        ---- FatalRootError BEGIN
        Error occured while constructing primary input source.
        Source is of type "PoolSource"
        ---- FatalRootError BEGIN
        Fatal Root Error: @SUB=TStreamerInfo::Compile
        Counter fNClusterRange should not be skipped from class TTree
        Error occurred while creating source PoolSource
        ---- FatalRootError END
        ---- FatalRootError END
  9. SM PatTuples:
    1. /eos/uscms/store/user/troy2012/PaTTuples_v1/
  10. Questions:
    1. DO I have to tunning HCAL signal response?
    2. Will I have to run EDAnalyzer for patTuple.root to get analyzePatMuons.root?
    3. I Did PatTuples using PhysicsTools/PatAlgos/test/
    4. Event Selection?
    5. What if I change CMSSW version of the prescription?
    6. Learning how to do NTuples:
    7. Do I have to change/install pythia 8 ?
    8. If I began using an especific version of CMSSW, Do I have to keep working with this for all the processes (MG, FASTSIM, PatTuples, NTuples) ?

E) 22-April-2013 to 26-April-2013

  • Stuying QFT
  • Writing thesis plan.
  • Reading Dobrescu and 4 top papers:
    • "Weak-triplet, color-octet scalars, and the CDF dijet excess", Dobrescu, Bogdan A. and Krnjaic, Gordan Z.
    • "Top compositeness at the Tevatron and LHC", Ben Lillie and Jing Shu and Tim M.P. Tait
    • "Massive color-octet bosons and pairs of resonances at hadron colliders", Dobresc
    • "Heavy octets and Tevatron signals with three or four b jets"
    • "Strong Dynamics and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking", Christopher T. Hill and Elizabeth H. Simmon
  • Questions:
    1. WHat is current state of heavy scalar bosons since the higgs discovery? ( Heavy scalar bosons triy to explain electroweak symmetry breaking)
    2. Finding Dobrescu predictions for two pairs of t t~ , not just heavy scalar bosons x-sec.
    3. Found 3.6 fb for tt~tt~ in SM. What's energy? It is not visible over background?
    4. Dind't find yet the value for tt~tt~ x-sec in color-octet model.
    5. FIg 4 of "Massive color-octet bosons and pairs of resonances at hadron colliders"
    6. Fig 2. in "Weak-triplet, color-octet scalars, and the CDF dijet excess", Dobrescu, Bogdan A. and Krnjaic, Gordan Z.,
      doesn't seems to be for Heavy escalar bosons because it says " charged octo-triplet"
    7. It is b b~ decays greater than t t~ decay for GH bosons? in "Massive color-octet bosons and pairs of resonances at hadron colliders", Dobrescu,
      1. (Section 5)
        If the coefficient cs is flavor independent, GH decays predominantly 
        into bb~ or tt~ for masses above 350 GeV. However, it is possible that
        cs is nonzero only for down-type quarks, so that even above the
         tt~ threshold the dominant decay is into b b~
         (Section 6)
        and a 100% branching fraction
        of GH to b b~(next-to-leading order corrections, which
        may be sizable, are not included). The production
        cross section is huge, more than 20 times that for
        a quark of equal mass, allowing for early discovery.

D) 18-April-2013

  • PatTuple creation
    • $ cp TopQuarkAnalysis/TopPairBSM/test/ TopQuarkAnalysis/TopPairBSM/test/
    • $ nano TopQuarkAnalysis/TopPairBSM/test/
      • process.source.fileNames = [
        # '/store/mc/Summer12_DR53X/TTJets_MassiveBinDECAY_TuneZ2star_8TeV-madgraph-tauola/AODSIM/PU_S10_START53_V7A-v1/0000/0076C8E3-9AE1-E111-917C-003048D439AA.root'
    • Edit input filename
    • $ cmsRun TopQuarkAnalysis/TopPairBSM/test/ useData=0 >& output.log

C) 17-April-2013

B) 16-April-2013

  • Finish Chapter 2, QFT David Tong
  • Testing the scripts. 1 job of 1000 events lasts 2:30 hours.

A) 15-April-2013

Creating scripts to send several simulation jobs automatically.

  • 4top_mg5.csh , for madgraph
  • 4top_cmssw.csh , for GEN, FASTSIM and HLT
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