Oracle 11g

This page describes the process and quirks of porting/testing an application which uses Oracle 10g ( to Oracle 11g (

This is written based on the experience porting the CMS TagCollector application. The application normally uses the following software for reference:

  • Production: instantclient, cx_Oracle (Python's driver) 5.0.1, Python 2.6.4
  • Development: instantclient, cx_Oracle (Python's driver) 5.1, Python 2.6.6

Note that I am already using Oracle's instant client at major version 11g. I have not got any experience using the 10g instant client version with the 11g server database. As far as TagCollector is concerned, the latest instant client version works fine with the old database, so it may be nice to test your application with the latest instant client first (keeping the 10g database server) and then if everything is fine moving to 11g in the server. Maybe everything works just fine with the old instant client, though.

In brief, for TagCollector, which manages a rather simple database (many constraints, few triggers, some PL/SQL; but no partitioning, views, materialized views, etc.), at the time of writing there were no major problems found when moving to Oracle 11g.

First step is to get an account for development and testing Oracle 11g at . Ask for an account in devdb11 explaining you want to test your application with the new version of the database. In addition, provide the name of your current account in 10g and ask for a full copy of your application's objects, if applicable/possible (i.e. if your database is huge you may want to ask for a partial copy only. In the case of TagCollector, its space usage is 2 GB, including indexes, so I asked for a full copy from the production DB).

You will receive an email notifying you about the account. Go to and click on "Applications and Resources", then on "[Manage]" on Oracle's row. You should see your new account in the right side of the page. Click on "[details]" and set a new password. Now you should be able to login into your account in devdb11 from lxplus using sqlplus (note that sqlplus' version is 10g).

When copying all the data, DBAs will alert you of any problem recreating the database in 11g. For TagCollector, there was a problem with some date-related constraints which were not wrapped around to_date(). Some similar constraints gave some problems in Oracle 10g in particular situations a couple of months ago; however, some seemed to be left (although Oracle 10g did not complain about those). Maybe Oracle 11g is stricter in this respect, so please fix whatever DBAs find in both the new account and the common 10g ones (production, integration, etc.).

Finally, run your application, unit tests, test suites, etc. and please check everything is fine (including performance-wise). Please add any additional useful information you find in your experience here. For TagCollector, everything seemed working correctly for the moment. Note, however, that TagCollector is a simple application which does not exploit any complex Oracle's functionality. Even though, Oracle 11g seems to work fine for the basic stuff.

-- MiguelOjeda - 14-Jun-2011








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