Access AFS from your laptop (May 20 2007)

To access the AFS volume at CERN (including the releases) you need to have issued the following command:

> klog  username@CERN.CH

Don't bother with the 'username@CERN.CH' if your username is the same in both places.

You will need a valid kerberos ticket in order to perform certain operations, such as checking code out of the central repository. The following command can be used to set up a ticket:

> kinit -4 username@CERN.CH

To access AFS and get a valid kerberos ticket in one command, you can do:

> klog.krb username@CERN.CH

Use 13.0.10 and nightlies in CERN(June 12 2007)

Very briefly (part of it is pretty standard):

  • create a cmthome directory
  • copy there the requirements file mentionned in AtlasLogin#The_Home_Requirements_File
  • make sure you have a ${HOME}/mytests directory, OR edit the ATLAS_TEST_AREA line in requirements file to specify your own working directory
  • add in your requirements file the following lines (note that these tags can also be specified when typing the command, but this saves you doing it everytime):
    • apply_tag bugfix means you are using 13.0.X nightlies ,
    • apply_tag setup means that you don't need to type a second AtlasOfflineRuntime /,
    • apply_tag setupCMT means it will always pick the right version of CMT for a given release:
    • apply_tag oneTest means that your working directory will be used directly, not with a different subdirectory depending of release being used:
    • apply_tag 32 slc4 is now the default (slc3 nightlies build will be discontinued shortly). You have to specify "32" has a tag when setting up the requirements file in order to use 32 bit build instead of 64 bit build:

  • set up to use a recent version of CMT ( v1r20p20070208 is mandatory for 12.X.0 )

source /afs/
cmt config

All the above need to be done only once

The following two commands should be done in any new window (replace atlrel_4 by the relevant nightly or release number) (32 is needed if there is no corresponding apply_tag 32 in your requirements file, I will omit it in the following)

> kinit -4 username@CERN.CH   [Note CERN.CH in uppercase]
> klog username               [If you want to access your AFS files as well]

source ~/cmthome/ -tag=atlrel_1,bugfix,setup  (For nightlies)
source ~/cmthome/ -tag=13.0.10     (For 13.0.10)

Update VP1TriggerDecision in CVS repository (July 11 2007)

Some CVS Commands:

cvs diff

cvs -n update

cvs diff Changelog

cvs commit -m "Add warning regarding potential crash due to exit statement in trigger code" Changelog src/VP1TriggerDecisionSystem.cxx cmt show version
cvs tag VP1TriggerDecisionSystems-00-00-01

-- WeiyiZhang - 20 May 2007

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