CT-PPS CEP Studies

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  • CT-PPS On Line Software: here
  • CT-PPS Reconstruction Software: here
  • CT-PPS Fast Simulation: here
  • Private code Repository: here

  • ExHuME: A Monte Carlo Event Generator for Exclusive Diffraction here
  • FPMC: a generator for forward physics here

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Software Goal

Goal is...

Getting Started

Text background color convention

In this page, the following text background color convention is used:

GREY: For commands.
GREEN: For the output example of the executed commands (nearly what the user should see in his/her terminal).
PINK: For CMSSW parameter-set configuration files.
BLUE: For configuration files.
YELLOW: For any other type of file.

Checkout PPS FastSim Package

cmsrel CMSSW_8_0_0_pre5 # or later
cd CMSSW_8_0_0_pre5/src
git clone  git@github.com:CTPPS/CTPPSFastSim.git .
scram b -j 8

Git Commands

CRAB3 Quick Start

For more details check: CRAB3 Tutorial

For LXPLUS users:

ssh -XY <username>@lxplus.cern.ch

Setup CRAB3 by sourcing:

source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/crab3/crab.sh

There is also an alternative way to do this by using the light client script. The crab_light.sh script sources the crab.sh script without polluting the environment with extra variables. The sourced CRAB3 Client is the same with both scripts.

source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/crab3/crab_light.sh

Check the version being used by executing:

which crab

Get a CMS VO proxy

voms-proxy-init --voms cms --valid 168:00

To submit a task, execute the following CRAB command:

crab submit -c crabConfig.py

To check the status of a task, execute the following CRAB command:

crab status --dir/-d <CRAB-project-directory>

CRAB allows the user to resubmit a task, which will actually resubmit only the failed jobs in the task. The resubmission command is as follows:

crab resubmit --dir/-d <CRAB-project-directory>

In case one wants to retrieve some output ROOT files of a task, one can do so with the following CRAB command:

crab getoutput --dir/-d <CRAB-project-directory> [--jobids <comma-separated-list-of-jobs-and/or-job-ranges>]

Monte Carlo Private Samples

Minimum Bias Sample

  • Release: CMSSW_8_0_0_pre5

  • Number of events: 3775000

  • DAS Direct Link: here

  • cmsDriver command:
cmsDriver.py MinBias_13TeV_pythia8_TuneCUETP8M1_cfi -n 1000 --fast --conditions auto:run2_mc --magField 38T_PostLS1 //
--beamspot Realistic50ns13TeVCollision -s GEN,SIM,RECOBEFMIX --eventcontent FASTPU --datatier GEN-SIM-RECO //
--era Run2_25ns --fileout minbias.root --no_exec

GluGlu to Dijets with Pile Up

  • Release: CMSSW_8_0_0_pre5

  • Number of events: 87000 evts

  • DAS Direct Link: here

  • cmsDriver command:
cmsDriver.py GluGluTo2Jets_M_100_7TeV_exhume_cff.py -n 10 --fast --conditions auto:run2_mc //
--pileup_input das:/RelValMinBiasFS_13_ForMixing/CMSSW_8_0_0-80X_mcRun2_asymptotic_v4_FastSim-v1/GEN-SIM-RECO //
--eventcontent AODSIM -s GEN,SIM,RECOBEFMIX,DIGI:pdigi_valid,RECO --beamspot NominalCollision2015 //
--datatier GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO --pileup AVE_35_BX_25ns --era Run2_25ns //
--customise FastSimulation/PPSFastSim/customise_FastSimCTPPS_cff.customise_pu_protons_ctpps --pileup_dasoption limit 0 --no_exec

You sould modify the follow parameters on your configuration fragment:

MassRangeHigh = cms.double(2000.0)
MassRangeLow = cms.double(300.0)

comEnergy = cms.double(13000.0)

process.mix.input.fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring([

You can check the configuration fragment here and the crab parametershere

CEP Dijets


The FPMC generator (unofficial) with HepMC output can be obtained from:

git clone https://github.com/ForwardPhysicsMC/fpmc.git
In the FPMC directory, compile with:
make fpmc-hepmc
and run the code like:
./fpmc-hepmc --cfg Datacards/dataQED_WW --comenergy 13000 --fileout FPMC_WW_13TeV.hepmc --nevents 10000
Warning: The dataQED_WW datacard is working, but some datacards can be not working.

To use the HepMC output in CT-PPS FastSimulation we need a configuration fragment to produce the configuration file to run the FastSimulation. First go to src directory and do this:

mkdir Configuration
cd Configuration
mkdir Generator
cd Generator 
mkdir python
cd python
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uerj-cms-cep-studies/tmp/master/readHepMC_cff.py
Now you have the fragment in the right place. In the src directory do:
cmsDriver.py readHepMC_cff.py -n 10 --fast --conditions auto:run2_mc --eventcontent AODSIM -s GEN,SIM,RECOBEFMIX,DIGI:pdigi_valid,RECO --beamspot Realistic50ns13TeVCollision --datatier GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO --pileup NoPileUp --era Run2_25ns --customise FastSimulation/PPSFastSim/customise_FastSimCTPPS_cff.customise --no_exec
and in readHepMC_cff_py_GEN_SIM_RECOBEFMIX_DIGI_RECO.py file add the line
process.VtxSmeared.src = 'source'

The configuration file needs a filter, which is used in process.generator. This filter can be obtained doing:

mkdir inputHepMC
cd inputHepMC
mkedfltr inputHepMC
Warning: This filter return true for all events. If you want a specific channel you can modify the filter. For example the WW production decaying in the semileptonic channel is modified like: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uerj-cms-cep-studies/tmp/master/inputHepMC.cc .

Compile the code:

scram b -j 8
Now you can run the configuration file smile

CT-PPS Tools

The goal of this private package is to provide a set of useful tools for CEP studies using the CT-PPS detector.


This filter does the following:

  • Check which proton combination reconstruct a vertex compatible (in z) with the hardest vertex in the event, putting their track indices in a std::pair;

  • All combinations found are put in the event inside a std::vector<std::pair<size_t,size_t> >.

To get the filter:

$ cd CMSSW_8_0_12/src
$ cmsenv
$ mkdir tmp
$ cd tmp
$ git clone git@github.com:uerj-cms-cep-studies/CTPPSTools.git
$ git clone git@github.com:uerj-cms-cep-studies/DataUtils.git
$ mv CTPPSTools ../
$ mv DataUtils ../
$ rm -rf tmp
$ scram b -j 8

On your configuration file add the follow statements:

process.doubleArmFilter.vertices = 'offlineSlimmedPrimaryVertices'
process.doubleArmFilter.tofRes = 20 # ToF resolution in ps

process.p1 = cms.Path(process.doubleArmFilter * [anything] )

To get the protons in your analyzer:

edm::EDGetTokenT<std::vector<std::pair<size_t,size_t> > > tracks_tk;
edm::Handle<std::vector<std::pair<size_t,size_t> > > tracks;
tracks_tk = consumes<std::vector<std::pair<size_t,size_t> > >(edm::InputTag("doubleArmFilter","tracks"))); // this line must be in your constructor!
event.getByToken(tracks_tk, tracks); // in the event loop


How to access CERNBox directly from lxplus

source /afs/cern.ch/project/eos/installation/user/etc/setup.sh
export EOS_MGM_URL=root://eosuser.cern.ch
eosmount $HOME/eos

if it works, you will see something like this:

.... trying to create ... /afs/cern.ch/user/m/mdealmei/eos
===> Mountpoint   : /afs/cern.ch/user/m/mdealmei/eos
===> Fuse-Options : kernel_cache,attr_timeout=30,entry_timeout=30,max_readahead=131072,max_write=4194304,fsname=eosuser.cern.ch root://eosuser.cern.ch//eos/
===> xrootd ra             : 131072
===> xrootd cache          : 393216
===> fuse debug            : 0
===> fuse write-cache      : 1
===> fuse write-cache-size : 100000000

How to merge edm files

edmCopyPickMerge inputFiles_load=~/eos/user/m/mdealmei/ListOfFiles.txt outputFile=~/eos/user/m/mdealmei/output.root

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