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Looping Over NTuples

root -l yourNtupleFile.root

root [0] ggNtuplizer.cd()

root [1] .ls <--*should show your event tree*

root [2] EventTree->MakeClass() <--*Now the files EventTree.C and EventTree.h will appear in your directory*

How to compile ggNtuplizer and which tag to be used (link to CVS web)

(dev) Working with CMSSW_7_0_6_patch3 (updated on 11/Sep/2014)

source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/cmsset_default.csh (at cmslpc)
cmsrel CMSSW_7_0_6_patch3
cd CMSSW_7_0_6_patch3/src/

git cms-addpkg PhysicsTools/PatAlgos
git cms-addpkg RecoJets/JetProducers
git clone -b V07-00-06-00 https://github.com/cmkuo/RecoEgamma.git
git cms-merge-topic 4330
git clone https://github.com/cmkuo/HiggsAnalysis.git
git clone https://github.com/cmkuo/ggAnalysis.git
mv ggAnalysis/ggNtuplizer/plugins/NjettinessAdder.cc RecoJets/JetProducers/plugins/
scramv1 b -j 10
cmsRun ggAnalysis/ggNtuplizer/test/run_mc_70X.py

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