Fox (Played by Rob)

Alyana Alyana

Alyana Fox (Al-lee-aah-na) is a shy misfit. Self-conscious of her past and wary among strangers. Fiercely loyal and attached to those she does confide in. Happy to be mistaken for a mortal, with a strange foreign air and bearing, giving the impression that she isn't secure in her own skin, nor blending with society in general, she somehow doesn't belong.


  • Key concept: Kitsune (Child-like fox-were)
  • Trouble: Hopelessly Attached
  • Others: Animal Instincts, Survivor of barren places, Paradoxically Vegetarian, Innocent Curiosity, Strange Friends in Stranger Places

Aspect Explanations
  1. Kitsune:
    • Invoke: Tooo Cute! To stir parental instincts (staying the blade in combat), socially to avoid awkward questions and ignore slights.
    • Compel: when trying to blend into a crowd, when trying to "act normal", when common knowledge or training is implied
  2. Hopelessly Attached
    • Invoke: To protect those I care for, leaping to their defence.
    • Compel: Compelled to protect people who are kind to me, regardless of cost to myself or others
  3. Animal Instincts
    • Invoke: quick-off-the-mark, fast reactions, avoiding certain situations inherantly, noticing other animalistic behaviour
    • Compel: Fight/flight when threatened. Driven against better judgement.
  4. Survivor of barren places
    • Invoke: Whenever a survival instinct would help.
    • Compel: mild fear of crowded places or small spaces, awkwardness in large groups.
  5. Innocent Curiosity
    • Invoke: Investigation rolls, if I really think there should be something there. Avoid cowardice.
    • Compel: To produce conflicts with animal instincts or perhaps to provoke wandering away from the party...
  6. Paradoxically Vegetarian
    • Invoke: Ignoring hunger if there is only meat to eat. Courage of my convictions for protecting animals.
    • Compel: I will not kill unless absolutely necessary. I am reluctant to hurt any living creature and not likely to be friendly to anyone who does.
  7. Strange Friends in Stranger Places
    • Invoke: Difficult to invoke. Help with making friends in otherwise difficult situations.
    • Compel: Perhaps the GM invents a friend I somehow know...


  • Fox-form:
    • Great: Stealth, Claws (fists)
    • Good: Endurance, Athletics
    • Fair: Survival, Presence
    • Average: Alertness, Investigation
  • Human-form:
    • Great: Athletics
    • Good: Endurance, Lore
    • Fair: Presence, Investigation, Empathy
    • Average: Driving, Burglary, Might, Alertness

Powers and Stunts:

  • Human Change (natural form is of an arctic-fox)
  • Fox Form
  • Echoes of the Beast
    • Beast senses [+1 when appropriate]
    • Beast trappings (+1 to stealth when bare-foot)
    • Beast friend sense animal motives
  • Claws (natural weapon:2)
  • Inhuman Speed (Fox Form Only)
    • (Alertness [+4 to initiative])
    • (Athletic [+1 / +2 when sprinting])
    • (Casual Movement [no -1 penalty for Move then Act])
    • (Almost too fast to see [moving Diff 1/2 for Stealth])


  1. Backstory: Animal Instincts:
    • When I was a cub, it was cold and white. there were those that walked on two legs who lived nearby. They .. interested me.
  2. Backstory: Survivor of Barren Places
    • I am alone. They taught me to walk on two legs, but I am not like them. I hide even from my own kind now. I am unique.
  3. The Cold North, guest starring Phil .... fey dude, Aspect: Paradoxically Vegetarian
    • Men came with clubs. They slaughtered many of the small oiled ones. I stopped them, but they chased me. I swore never to kill again except in case of absolute need. A different man, a kind man, a stranger took me away. I learnt later that he was not a man at all.
  4. The girl who fell from the sky, guest starring Lt. Christophe Berger (Mat), Aspect: Innocent Curiosity
    • The stranger was so kind, he took me to an odd land full of new sounds and smells. He saved me, he is my Hero! Eventually he took me away again, to an odd place where they made me wear clothes. A dog on two legs didn't want me to wear those clothes, though... I don't understand.
  5. Collision Central, guest starring everybody apparently, Aspect: Strange Friends in Stranger Places
    • I met a new friend in a strange box which goes very fast. there were lots of people who were all kind to me. they call me Fox, and I like that.

Lt. Christophe Berger (Mat)

policedog.jpg "Squirrel!"


  • High Concept: Police Dog
  • Trouble: Sucker for lost sheep
  • Last of an ancient line
  • My nose is all the evidence I need
  • Not in MY territory
  • ...
  • French

Skills (human form):

  • Great (+4): Investigation, Empathy
  • Good (+3): Contacts, Alertness
  • Fair (+2): Guns, Athletics
  • Average (+1): Endurance, Presence

Skills (dog form):

  • Great (+4): Investigation [intended to include scent/tracking], Alertness
  • Good (+3): Fists [i.e. bite], Stealth
  • Fair (+2): Endurance, Athletics
  • Average (+1): Survival, Intimidation

Powers and Stunts:

  • -1: Beast change (shepherd dog)
  • -1: Echoes of the beast
  • +1: Human form
  • -1: Claws (bite, only in dog form)
  • -2: Inhuman speed (only in dog form)
  • Total refresh adjustment: +2

Phases and Aspect Explanations

High concept: Police Dog

  • He's a police detective. He's a dog. Together, they're a crime-fighting duo!
  • Invoke: when interacting with the police, or acting in an official capacity; when doing doglike things (especially in an investigation)
  • Compel: when duty calls; when impelled by a canine instinct

Trouble: Sucker for lost sheep

  • He's gruff and hasn't got a lot of time for fools. But when someone is in real trouble -- especially an innocent, especially if being menaced -- he can't ignore it.
  • Invoke: when plunging into a dangerous situation to save someone
  • Compel: to plunge into dangerous situations because someone might be at risk

Background: Last of an ancient line

  • He's from an old, old French farming family. The firstborn in each generation inherits the power to turn into a sheepdog, and have been shepherds for centuries. He's broken with this in two ways: by joining the police and by being gay (thus: no "heir").
  • Invoke: when using knowledge of or contacts in the local French countryside; when interacting with his family
  • Compel: interactions with his family

Conflict: ...

My nose is all the proof I need

  • Having superhuman senses sure is an advantage in the detective business! But he has a tendancy to rely on them too much, and cut corners when he's sure someone is guilty despite a lack of evidence that a court would accept.
  • Invoke: when using canine senses (mainly scent, but also hearing) in an investigation
  • Compel: to go out on a limb or take a professional risk without a solid evidence trail to back him up

Not in MY territory

  • No wolves allowed here!
  • Invoke: when fighting or taking aggressive action to keep threats out of his patch (violent crime and criminals, monsters)
  • Compel: to bring confrontations to a head; to take on threats that clearly outclass him; to act aggressive and needlessly macho towards an intruder that might not have hostile intent


  • *

Phillipe Phillope (Played by Aidan)

Phillipe Pimped out ride

Phillipe Phillope is a retired mafia boss in his late 50s from Paris. His immediate family was gunned down in a mob war and he fled the city. After moving around he settled down in Geneva where he is trying to retire, hopefully quieter than a life of organised crime. His mafia front was a patisserie, so he can cook gourmet baked goods (and has somewhere to hide his stash of cocaine.) He has a pimped out limo and a yacht on Lake Geneva, where he sometimes hosts orgies for Geneva's elite. He still knows his way around a handgun and hand to hand combat. He deals cocaine across the Lake from time to time to stop from getting too bored.


  • High concept: Retired mafia boss
  • Trouble: Mafia massacre (Immediate family (wife, kids, brother) was gunned down in a mafia war. Fled Paris to start a new life and retire, hopefully somewhere more peaceful.)

Aspect Explanations
  1. Revenge is sweet:
    • Invoke: Always carry a firearm/other weapon, just in case
    • Compel: Go gun crazy if I see my old Parisian enemies
  2. Pimped out ride
    • Invoke: Fast luxury limo with cool shizzle in the back
    • Compel: Very inconspicuous!
  3. Mafia front
    • Invoke: Gourmet patissier, keep cocaine next to the sugar/flour
    • Compel: Sweet tooth, diabetic
  4. Pier pressure
    • Invoke: Got a personal yacht for disposing of "waste", making deals with my French friends across the border
    • Compel: The boat sometimes attracts attention of the police
  5. Kinky little secret
    • Invoke: Attends high class orgies, has "unusual" contacts and blackmail fodder
    • Compel: Can be blackmailed!


  • *Great: Presence, Resources
  • *Good: Guns , Rapport
  • *Fair: Fists , Contacts
  • *Average: Burglary, Driving , Scholarship, Athletics

Powers and Stunts:

Refresh, stress

Physical: 2 Mental: 2 Social: 4


Tyriq Gabler (Played by Aidan)


^picture added by Fox.... wink

Tyriq Galber (or Pyro if you want to use his nickname) is a reformed pyromaniacal cultist who has is on the run from his former cult and from some national and city authorities. He wants to keep a low profile, is suspicious of others, and generally slow to trust people. Half of his face is scarred by burns, making it hard to be on the run. To compensate he's learned a little magic to help him create veils to hide himself or other objects.


  • Key concept: Former pyromantic cultist and terrorist for hire
  • Trouble: Running from the law, running from his past
  • Others: Modest ability to hide objects with magic veils

Aspect Explanations
  1. Pyromancer:
    • Invoke: To summon controlled fire, very powerful weapons in a fight
    • Compel: Generally reluctant to fight
  2. Cultist
    • Invoke: Distrustful and deceitful to strangers
    • Compel: Often distracted in public places (looking over shoulder etc)
  3. Reformed
    • Invoke: Cooperate well with trusted others, find productive use of normally destructive abilities
    • Compel: Reluctant to show powers in public
  4. Trouble
    • Invoke: Use average alertness to keep one eye on the surroundings for suspicious behaviour
    • Compel: Put a policeman (or any authority figure that is not Cristophe!) in a scene to make me jumpy and uncooperative
  5. Magic veil
    • Invoke: To quickly hide small objects or a character
    • Compel: Would rather hide from enemies than confront them, even if it's in my interests to confront them


  • Great: Conviction, Discipline
  • Good: Lore, Stealth
  • Fair: Burglary, Deceit
  • Average: Empathy, Alertness

Powers and Stunts:

  • -3 Evocation (Fire, spirit, tba)
  • Focus items
    • Blasting rod (teehee)
      • +1 offensive power
      • +1 control with fire
  • 3 Rote spells:
    • Shield spell (5 shift block)
    • Fireball (Weapon, 5 attack)
    • Veil (4 shift block against perception)


Aspect: No smoke without fire

I grew in the Black Forest region, and came from a well educated German family. I went to university to study Medicine, and got involved with an ancient underground pyromancy group. I learned to use a little magic there, and then lost touch with my family.

Rising conflict

Aspect: Playing with fire

I was involved with pyromantic crime (ie insurance claims) and espionage (much the same, but on a larger scale and for different reasons), some of which went wrong. I'm now on the run from various authorities and my previous masters. Half of my face was scarred with burns as a result of these actions.

The story

Aspect: Face the music (or Burnt Face Man)

The ancient pyromancy group is basically an old cult that supports itself though arson. I occasionally acted on behalf of criminal elements and local governments. During the preparation for a job to burn down a hospital I decided to leave the group. On the night of the job me and another cultist went to the site, the hospital was burned to the ground and only I got out alive. This is where I got my facial scars from. I'm not ready to tell the world what happened in there that night. This is the night the chase started. The cult must have outed me to the authorities.

Guest star

Aspect: Smoke and mirrors

Starring: Christophe

I settled down in the Geneva area, moving to and fro across the border. The authorities don't seem to be looking for me here and I haven't seen the cult operating here, until recently. After a series of fires in France I teamed up with Christophe to investigate the causes. These investigations made me a little uneasy.

Guest star redux

Aspect: Burning desire

Starring: Sequoia

On a university exchange to Edinburgh I met Sequoia at a fire festival. I accidentally burned her left knee. Meeting Sequoia made me realise that I wanted to leave the cult and lead a normal life again.

Zach Williams (Scott)

This is just a sample character, showing (what I consider to be) good aspects, how aspects fit into the character's backstory, etc. Notice that most of the aspects have situations in which they're beneficial (I could invoke them for a bonus) and situations in which they could be a liability (the GM might compel them to cause problems)

Aspects, skills powers/stunts


  • Half-Elf Gunslinger
  • Machinations of the Fae
  • Fae by Blood, Human by Family
  • Survivor of the 7th Infantry
  • Always Be Prepared


  • Great (+4): Guns*, Discipline*
  • Good (+3): Athletics*, Alertness*
  • Fair (+2): Lore, Empathy
  • Average (+1): Endurance, Survival
* this skill is affected by Powers and/or Stunts

Powers and Stunts:

  • Glamours (-2)
  • Inhuman Speed (-2)
  • Elven Accuracy (Stunt, +1 to Guns attacks at range of at least two zones)

Phases and Aspect Explanations

High Concept: Half-Elf Gunslinger

  • Invoke: while shooting guns or using elvish powers
  • Compel: standard fae weaknesses (can't tell a literal lie, supernaturally binding oaths and gifts, etc.)
Trouble: Machinations of the fae
  • Simply because of my heritage, I'm drawn into many faerie plots. I haven't met any recently who openly try to convince me to join the Summer Court, but have they given up or are they just trying a more subtle approach?
  • Invoke: when dealing with the fae. I have a fair amount of experience dealing with their trickery and their customs.
  • Compel: when faeries show up to harass me.
Background: Fae by Blood, Human by Family
  • My (human) father met my (elf) mother on a camping trip, spent a night with her, and never saw her again. Nine months later, I showed up on his doorstep. He raised me on his own, and was a wonderful, loving parent. Eventually, (soon after I started to discover my faerie powers) my mother showed up and insisted that I come with her to join the Summer Court. I refused; there was no way I was going to leave behind everything I knew to go with someone who clearly didn't care about me at all. I may have some faerie blood in me, but I'm human in every way that counts.
  • Invoke: when defending humans from what goes bump in the night,
  • Compel: when someone doesn't trust me due to my fae heritage, when the humans are actually the bad guys and I have a moral dilemma.
Rising Conflict: Survivor of the 7th Infantry
  • I joined up with the Army out of a desire to protect my homeland. While in the field, my squad was attacked by a rampaging Winter ogre. It easily slaughtered most of us, but I managed to veil and rescue a few of my squadmates. I left the Army when my tour of duty was over, deciding to use my skills to protect humanity from monsters instead of fighting for one particular country.
  • Invoke: to know military strategy and tactics, to do anything covered in basic training
  • Compel: when one of my squadmates (of the few who are still alive) needs my help
First Adventure: Always Be Prepared
  • Hearing about a string of strange murders in the city, I gather up my steel weaponry and set out to hunt what a assume is a troublemaking faerie. It turns out that, while iron and steel are excellent weapons against the fae, they're nearly useless when you happen to be hunting a vampire...
  • Invoke: when researching a monster I'm hunting
  • Compel: I'm extremely wary of charging into battle without properly preparing.
Guest Star:
Guest Star:

Sequoia (Played by Helen)

Sequoia Wikka

A hippie, but driven to actually work the system, not against it, man.


  • Key concept: Hippy-Spawn
  • Trouble: Overly Idealistic
  • Others:

Aspect Explanations
  1. Hippie-Spawn:
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  2. Overly Ideallistic:
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  3. Disciplined
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  4. Wiccan Student
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  5. Inquisitive Curiosity
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  6. Scarred by Fire
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  7. Bookworm
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:


  • Fox-form:
    • Great: Discipline, Lore
    • Good: Athletics, Empathy
    • Fair: Alertness, Rapport
    • Average: Craftsmanship (Jewellery), Conviction

Powers and Stunts:

  • The Sight
    • Soul Gaze
  • Ghost Speaker
  • A Few Seconds


  1. Backstory: Disciplined:
    • Scottish Commune, Rebelling against Hippy Family by being disciplined and joining the system, Man.
  2. Backstory: Wiccan Student
    • On a Ghost Tour, saw a real ghost, investigated it.... Encountered a white witch, who mentored me.
  3. *Beltane
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