LAN Parties, a run-down

A better idea . Lanning

That's right, a page describing gaming at our place, what will be provided for you and what you should bring.. what should you expect?


  • Install: Download and install at least 4 out of the 6 core games (do not stress our internet connection at the LAN)
  • Check: you need to check all of the games you want to play actually run on the device you'll be using before you arrive
  • Patch: Where necessary check that you have the latest patches and European compatible versions before you arrive and check you have the latest video drivers
  • RSVP: Let us know you're coming and reserve crashing space if you want
  • Sleep: Have a good night's sleep... sleep well the night before!
  • Gear-up: Get your game face on n00b, ur about 2b pwned, gl hf

The Games

We've been known to play a lot of games. However, you should turn up having installed and be willing to play at least four of the following six core games, which are chosen before the LAN.

  • If need be we will setup a doodle for games choices.
  • Doodle for 21st/22nd September
  • We always pick several free-to-play games in this list, so you at most need to buy one game beforehand, which is why one of the games is chosen to be cheap..

  • Core Games: have 4 out of these 6 ready to play

Game Steam Price Genre Notes Link
Artemis No $40 "Bridge" Star Ship Ever wanted to captain a real Star Trek crew? Next best thing. Lots of missions to try out! Artemis
Free-to-play Bridge Sim 5 player co-op, or 5v5 team versus, or co-op missions. Licences are for entire groups. Ask for the download link.
Starcraft 2 No 40 Eur (full) RTS When you buy SC2 you choose your region. You need a different account for each continent, so people with US versions cannot play with people with EU versions. BattleNet
If you don't have the EU version, then you won't be able to play with us. You can get your version changed in advance, it takes a few days for customer support to make the switch
Free-to-play Technically there is a free-to-play version, but this is more like a Demo. You can only be terran and can only play multiplayer on three maps.
Jedi Knight II Outcast Yes 9 EUR Jedi Combat Sometimes buggy, but it's great to be a force-wielder. Deathmatch, usually. Steam
Follow this link to fix widescreen, tells you how to edit the ini file. Forum
Alien_Swarm Yes Free-to-play Co-op TPS Gives you a hat for TF2 smile Co-op Third Person Shooter, RPG! for up to 4 Steam
Magicka Yes 10 Eur Co-op Unique It's a comedy parody of most RPG games, spell-casting and it's good fun. 4 player co-op. Steam
Dungeon Defenders Yes 12 EUR Co-op unique 4 player co-op. Dungeon bashing, first-person, hack-and-slash, sword-and-sorcery, RPG, tower defence ... awesome! Magica meets TF2. Super smash bros meets Skyrim. Steam

  • Ancilliary Games: if you like, they're all fun! Don't be surprised if these get broken out at some point, but ideally should be dropped for the core games.

Game Steam Price Genre Notes Link
Left4Dead2 Yes 20 EUR Team FPS Don't startle the witch. 4 player Co-op. Or team versus, 4v4, for up to 8. Steam
UT Yes 20 Eur FPS Arena The Unreal Tournament series is the pinnacle of FPS arena deathmatch and a true LAN classic. Most often played UT GOTY-edition, but for the past few years, there's been UT3. Steam
You'll want to at least enable antialiasing in your video card, using nvidea control panel or catalyst
Borderlands Yes 30 Eur Team FPS 4 player co-op. Was on sale, ask if you want a cheap steam gift. Steam
Suffering from low frame rate and poor vsync? Best thing to do is to simple edit the graphics options manually using your graphics card driver software. Enable Anti-Aliasing and VSync in CCC, nVidea control panel, or download nHancer Tweaks nHancer
The in-game graphics options are few, but the ini file is human-editable ini
When editing ini files, in steam you need to edit some magic combination of the base config files... or just edit all of them. My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\WillowInput.ini, Steam\steamapps\common\borderlands\Engine\Config\BaseInput.ini and also check Steam\steamapps\common\borderlands\WillowGame\Config\WillowInput.ini.
The default mouse is very "jumpy". First, if you can, turn down the (software) mouse sensitivity in the game options to minimum. This makes the "Grid" of mouse movements possible in the game finer and finer until it is not noticable any longer. Then, if you can, turn up the (hardware) mouse sensitivity of your mouse instead, if you have something like a Razer Mamba, this is simple. Similarly performance is better turning of in-game mouse smoothing following the ini link
The default field of view is very small, especially if sitting close to a large screen, you can be easily ambushed from the sides or even the bottom of the screen you can only hear but not see the enemies :S. Change it following the same ini link, you can also activate a third-person mode, which eliminates ambushes almost completely.
Nexuiz Yes 10 Eur FPS Arena It seems to be a very cool quake clone with the latest and best graphics. Many of the levels are very much clones of Quake or Unreal levels. Steam
Quake 4 or TA Yes 20 Eur FPS Arena The best of the Quakey best. Steam
Team_Fortress_2 Yes Free-to-play Team FPS Pyrovision big grin CTF, dominate, escort, missions. Unreal but a little crazier, unlimited players. Steam
Moon Breakers Yes Free-to-play Flight sim Space combat, fully 3D. Steam
Trackmania Yes Free-to-play Racing Cool tracks, massively multiplayer. Steam
Left4Dead Yes 10 EUR Team FPS The original, slightly less fun than the new version. See L4D2. Steam
StarTrek:Armada FO No ...erm unbuyable ... RTS Update to the popular multiplayer game, ST:Armada, you need an Armada CD but Fleet Operations (the expansion) is free-to-play. Fleet Ops
ET No Free-to-play Team FPS You really feel like you're in WWII, used to be a bit temperamental to install. Luckily I found an ultimate installer. Select at least ETPro, PunkBuster and v1r1 maps. ET Ultimate
Nazis vs. Allies, team versus match, CTF (mostly). To fix to high graphics settings follow these instructions. config wiki
Or save the attached autoexec.cfg file into your etmain and etpro folders. Then edit the screen resolution at the end of both files. autoexec.cfg
There is also a high-res texture pack, but I haven't gotten that to work properly yet. Don't Bother. textures
Achron Yes 20 Eur RTS Time is a dimension in this very unusual RTS. Steam
SingStar No N/A Karaoke We have a few discs. It's fun! Promise!  

  • General Games Rules: For games, note the following provisos
    • Multiplayer: Must be multiplayer. We don't want to just watch you play your own game
    • $$$: Try to choose games which are free-to-play, or cheap. Avoid pirating. Sometimes it is physically impossible to buy the game any longer, so ...
    • Installer: If they need an installation disk, make sure you have sufficiently many of them, or copies on hard disk if they can be installed/copied from there
    • Bugs: ideally should be newer bug-free games. We don't want to waste any time installing a game we don't or can't play.
    • Steam: Games through steam are easiest in this regard since usually they can just be copied around with no penalty

You bring:

PC . Cans . Gadgets . Cat5 . Snacks

  • PC: Your PC, any ancilliary devices, cables, adapters, you need
  • Cans: A good and comfortable pair of headphones. You might want to get two sets of headphones, over and in ear, to switch when your ears get sore
  • Gadgets: External keyboard/mouse/screen, if you are on your laptop. If you like RSI .. fine, but better to bring yourself a fancy screen/kb/mouse combination
  • CAT5: Spare network cables, multiplug (strip plugs) and adapters
  • Rations: Snacks and Drinks

We provide:

Chez Lambert . Chez Lambert pt 2

  • Ports: One wired network port per person (up to 15 people, 6 x GB Eth, 9 x 100 Mb Eth)
  • CAT5: Some network cables (We have around 5 spare cables) (bring them if you've got them)
  • Wifi: WPA, very long and annoying password. We try to keep it to 2 or fewer people gaming on the wireless network to improve performance, so as many people as possible get cabled
  • Power: at least 2 plug sockets per person, a mix of UK, European and Swiss plugs are available (bring them if you've got them)
  • Seating: Chairs and Tables (Seating for up to 8 people plus ourselves, for more than 8 people you might not fit, which is why telling us you're coming is important)
  • FOOD / DINNER / BREAKFAST: we try to provide for everyone, but if you have special dietary requirements, please bring your own food
  • Snacks: Food and Drinks (We always get a lot of food and drinks, Alcoholic and non, vegetarian and none, but please bring what you can anyway, no need to eat before you arrive)
  • Parking: There are plenty of places to park
  • Bed: Crashing space, comfortably for 4 people, doubling up to 8 sleeping here maximum. (please tell us if you want to crash)


  • T -4 Hrs (Before you arrive): We will have already set up the gaming environment as best we can. If you are helping to set up or bringing something we need for the setup, arrive early
  • T -1 Hrs (Arrival and Setup): Please arrive on time. We will help you set up as quickly as possible
  • T +0 Hrs (Food): Dinner is almost always provided, whenever anyone feels hungry. Don't be late because you were going to the shops
  • T +0 Hrs (Games): As soon as you are set up, find someone else to play a game. That's what we are here for!
  • T +8 Hrs (Sleep): Yes, really, yes we expect you hardcore gamers to pull an all nighter every-now and again. We really expect people to stay for as much gaming as possible, until their arms fall off and their heads explode
  • T +16 Hrs (Awake): Breakfast will be served usually. OJ, croissants and pain-au-chocolat
  • T +18 Hrs (Round 2): More Games, different types of games... who's really hardcore?
  • T +24 Hrs (Leave): We're not going to kick you out, but usually 24 hours is how long these things should last

The Atmosphere

  • Idea: we're here to play games against and with each other in the same room. Anything which prevents that is SADFACE. Anything that makes that easier is HAPPYFACE
  • Timing: we're here to play as many and as much and as intense games as possible for as long as possible. Leaving early will be SADFACE, arriving early will be HAPPYFACE
  • Drinking: Get drunk! It's fine! It's a party! Eat Junk Food! Laugh yourself stupid!
  • All-for-one: it's not very easy to have a very large team game outside of the LAN, so take fullest advantage of the opportunity to try and make the largest team games. Please give priority to increasing the number of players in any game, particularly the core games.
  • Learning: try out a new game! Play a game because you suck at it! We can't all be good at every possible game genre, and it takes practise
  • Internets people: LAN harkens back to the days before the proper internet, before WAN gaming. If we wanted to WAN we would WAN. So let's keep the internet crazypeople as far away as possible.

PC or MAC? Desktop or Laptop?

PC, linux/windows and/or MAC are both fine, providing:

  • Drivers: You have correct network/graphics drivers
  • Expert: You are familiar with the operating system
  • Check!: You have checked that the games we want to play work on your favourite OS
  • Mellow: You're prepared for some craziness/disappointment if you don't have a standard windows PC, sorry, but that's the way of the world

Desktop or Laptop are both fine, providing:

  • Gubbins: You have brought all the peripherals you need (external screen/mouse/kb)
  • Sockets: You don't need to monopolize all the power sockets in the flat
  • Size: You don't need a small aircraft carrier to house your rig

It's a time to show off your latest fastest prettiest machine, so pull out the stops!

Getting here

We are in Ferney-Voltaire, on the Y/O/F bus route.

The Big Map of Us (you may need to reload the page before the embedded map shows up).

View Directions to Lamberts in a larger map

Method Notes Link
Foot With your PC... erm, OK, it's about an hour from CERN through the woods and hills. It's a nice walk, really. --
Bike Cycle along the D35 from CERN, or use the cycle paths from Geneva centre. Lock up your bike on our balcony. --
Bus Y : Thoiry via the airport to Ferney. Stop is Avenue du Jura. Once per hour in evenings and weekends, not so reliable, no night-bus. TPG
O : Meyrin via Prevessin to Ferney. Stop is Chemin de Collex. Once per hour not evenings or weekends. No night bus.
F : Gare Cornavin (around the back) to Gex. Stop is Avenue du Jura. Once per hour in evenings and weekends, quite reliable.
Train Nearest train station is Geneve Aeroport, from where you can take the Y or 28/F to get to Ferney, or a taxi. SBB
Got off at Gare Cornavin, well, you can take the F, the 14 and then the Y, the 5 then the F, a taxi or just get back on the train to the airport.
Plane Geneve Aeroport, (GVA) and take a taxi or the Y bus --
Taxi Very difficult to get a taxi out of Ferney, especially late at night, so you'll be relying on a lift. To get To Ferney, you can pick up a taxi at Cornavin or the Airport. Around 30 CHF from the airport, or 60 CHF from the centre. Can be much more expensive, though, late at night and on holidays, or if the driver makes a wrong turn. 100 CHF is not unheard of. Some taxis will not cross the border, make sure to ask before you get in. --
Car About 15 mins from CERN depending on the traffic, about 30 from Geneva centre depending on the traffic, we have plenty of parking space. Park first in the spots labelled Prive #41, then in any spots not labelled, then on the road. If you have a car, why not advertise some spaces for other people? Sometimes it's pretty impossible to get here without a car. --

Try to arrive on time.

Getting back

Honestly pretty much your only choice is going to be a lift, depending when you leave. Buses are not reliable at weekends and not frequent. Taxis are almost impossible to hail. But that's just more of an excuse to stay longer and game harder!


  • I think my PC might be too slow...
    • A: Always possible. Most of the games we play are not taxing on graphics but most tax CPU somewhat.
    • A: As long as you;ve tested that you don't get too much lag with the core games, it will be fine. Don't leave it to the last minute, though.
    • A: Often if you ask nicely someone will help you upgrade or even lend you a spare laptop for the day
  • Can I invite my Friend?
    • A: Probably it's fine, but they should also be aware of the games, and they are your responsibility if we need to kick them out and not our fault if they don't fit in the flat.
  • Any weird rules at your place?
    • A: No. Although if some people start wandering around naked early in the morning, don't panic, that's perfectly normal, don't get your knickers in a twist.
    • A: No smoking, but we have a balcony for that. No deep-fat fryers (yes, it's in our lease) no pets.
    • A: Everything stops for Doctor Who (if it's on).
  • Should I bring X/Y/Z?
    • A: If you can bring it, do bring it, the more the merrier.
  • I don't have or don't want to play the games in the core list, but I still want to come. Is it OK?
    • A: No. We can change the core list, as often we do before the LAN, but if you're going to turn up you'll be expected to play those games.
  • What if I have a late meeting?
    • A: Dude, you work too hard. People turning up late is usually fine, but you'll be missing out.
  • Can I bring my XBOX/PS3...?
    • A: See above. Of course you can bring it, share and share alike!
  • There's this other game I'd really like to play, that's not on the list. Should I bring it?
    • A: The core list is up for negotiation up until a few days before, if the game you want to play is free, or cheap, or fun, or better yet if it's a different Genre to the rest, then great.
  • I'm on my way and I'm hungry, shall I stop to eat something?
    • A: No! Get here quicker and there will be food for you!
  • If you say we start at, like, 7, I shouldn't turn up until, like, 9 or 10, right?
    • A: Wrong. If we say 7pm, turn up at 7. It's a casual affair so a little late won't matter but then you should be prepared to stay awake later too!
  • I'm going climbing the next day, so will need to sleep early ...

-- RobLambert - 20-Jul-2012

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