Scratch Notes

Spring 2011

2011.03.04 HI at the LHC: a first assessment

2011.02.01 BNL Initial State Fluctuations and Final-State Particle Correlations

2011.01.27 heavy ion inclusive photon

2011.01.06 Z approval

Fall 2010

2010.11.17 LHCC Open, Approval Talk JME-10-010 Jet Energy Corrections

2010.11.15 Pat Tutorial at FNAL, JetMET Session on HCAL

2010.11.05 Cms Grid Tutorial

2010.11.04 HLT Tutorial

2010.10.29: Weekly Offline - HI Preparation

2010.10.22: JEC - Data Base Corrections

2010.10.20: CMS J/Psi

2010.10.10 Hard Probe 2010

2010.11.05 CMS Grid tutorial

2010.10.19 Tues: October Physics/Trigger Days

2010.10.12 Tues: Ridge Discussion

2010.10.11 Mon: DAQ Integration, HI PF Jet

2010.10.05 Tues: High_mul brain storm

2010.10.04 Mon: HCAL Operations Meeting, JetMET DPG

2010.09.30 Thru: HI Trigger Review

2010.09.29 Wed: CMS General

2010.09.27 Mon: CMS Offline and Computing Workshop - Heavy-Ion Status

2010.09.22 Wed: LHCC Report, CMS General

2010.09.21 Tues: High_mul seminar

2010.09.20 Pat Tutorial, High_mul seminar preview

2010.09.16 Thur: Using the Physics Analysis Toolkit (PAT) in your analysis

2010.09.15 Wed: Bodrum - High Multiplicity Approval

2010.09.14 Tues: CMS Physics Week

  • CMS Physics Week
    • Jet Energy Corrections
    • Jet Energy Resoution
    • jetmet Plans and Schedule

2010.09.07 Tues Unfolding workshop, MBUE update

2010.09.06 Mon JetMET

2010.09.03 Low Pt QCD Spectra update, HIC10 Experimental Results, Detector Readiness

2010.09.01 CMS Physics Jamboree

Summer 2010

2010.08.27 Fri: JEC

  • JEC agenda
    • JEC uncertainties due to single particle response
    • Plan for JEC systematics in data

2010.08.25 Wed: Cms General - CMSSW_3_8_0

2010.08.23 Mon JetMET

2010.08.20 Fri: East, Detector Readiness

  • east agenda
    • BSC Simulation Fix and Performance
    • Centrality update, status and plans
    • Upsilon and continuum in UPC
  • detector readiness agenda
    • L1 status - Gabor
      • bsc maintenance, pmt issues
      • new bsc trigger bits
    • Online status - christof: farm back, developing clean-up triggers
    • computing - Ed: ZS algos, VR2Raw workflow
    • openhlt - Alisah

2010.08.16 Mon: The first heavy ion collisions at the LHC - HIC10

2010.08.13 Fri: Hi East - dilepton, OpenHLT update

2010.08.11 Wed: CMS General - PD, SD and CS (Central Skims)

2010.08.06 Fri: East - HI DQM, HI Online

2010.08.04 Wed: pp Spectra Approval

2010.07.02 Fri: ICHEP Approvals

  • ICHEP approvals' agenda
    • TRK-10-002, Tracking Efficiencies
    • TRK-10-005, Primary Vertexing
    • JME-10-008 - Single Particle Response in the CMS Calorimeters (Seema)
    • Hadronic Event Shapes in pp Collisions at 7TeV
    • QCD-10-014 -Jet Transverse Structure and Momentum Distribution in pp Collisions at 7TeV (Olga)
    • QCD-10-015 -Dijet Azimuthal Decorrelations and Angular Distributions in pp Collisions at 7TeV (Len)
    • QCD-10-004 - Charged Particle Multiplicity (Roman)
    • Spectra of identified hadrons in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 0.9, 2.36 and 7TeV (Krisztian)
    • QCD-10-011 Inclusive Jets
    • QCD-10-012 2/3 Jet ratio
    • di-jet mass spectrum (Kostas)
    • Jet Transverse structure (Pelin)

2010.06.29: LPCC Lectures

2010.06.23 Wed: Approval of Jet Performance at 7 TeV

2010.06.14 Mon: Gen Cowan Statistics Lecture

2010.06.03 Thur: DAQ Tutorial

* DAQ tutorial agenda

2010.06.01 Tues Spectra update at QCD meeting

2010.05.26 Wed Cms general

  • Cms General meeting
    • Status Report from the Task Force on Anomalous Signals in Calorimetry
    • Tracking and Vertexing Results from First Collisions TRK-10-001

Spring 2010

2010.05.18 CMS Physics Week

2010.5.4 Tues: Physics Plenary, QCD Meeting, Preapproval: 2 particle correlations

  • Physics Plenary May 4
    • JME Presentation
    • TRK Presentation
  • QCD meeting
    • Status of high pT analyses for ICHEP
    • Preapproval: Adding 7TeV data to QCD-10-002 (Cluster properties from 2 particle correlations)

2010.4.30 Fri 7TeV mc tuning vs data, Spectra, high_pt qcd

2010.4.28 Wed dN/dEta 7TeV Approval

2010.4.26 CMS Offline and Computing Workshop

2010.4.20 Tues dN/dEta 7TeV Pre-Approval

2010.4.19 Mon

2010.4.16 QCD Low Pt

2010.4.15 grid tutorial

2010.4.14 Wed Cms General

  • cms general meeting
    • Update and news: Endorsement for HI
    • First two weeks of running and Plans for the Evolution of the Luminosity

2010.4.13 Tues high_pt

2010.4.12 Mon QCD Lectures

2010.4.9 JEC

  • JEC agenda
    • First look at the absolute jet energy scale from gamma+jet events

2010.4.8 7TeV Jamboree

2010.4.6 QCD

2010.3.31 Wed

2010.3.29 Mon

2010.3.26 Fri JEC

2010.3.23 Tues

2010.3.22 Mon JetMet, alice talk, tracking dpg

2010.3.16 Tues CMS Week, JetMET

Winter 2010

2010.3.12 Fri QCD low/high pt, high_pt PInG Report

2010.3.11 Thur Jet Algo

  • jet algo
    • Calorimeter Jets composition in 900GeV and 2360GeV MinimumBias Data
    • Jet To Track Association

2010.3.10 Wed

2010.3.9 Tues Pat Tutorial, 2-Particle Correlation Pre-Approval

2010.3.5 Fri

2010.3.4 Thur

2010.3.3 Wed: Approval talk PAS TRK-10-001

2010.3.1 Mon: MB & UE Working Group, jetmet

2010.2.25 Physics Trigger Days (Includes Physics Plenary)

  • Ed's crab skim for 900 GeV data
    • /d01/edwenger/prod/CMSSW_3_4_2/src/edwenger/Skims/prod
  • Physics Trigger Days
    • QCD: QCD meeting
    • Trigger
      • Performance review: Jets/MET
      • Software and analysis Tools
    • Physics Plenary
      • Two Particle Correlations
      • Underlying event
    • Plenary Joint Physics/Offline/PVT
      • Visualization tools for startup: status
      • RECO in 350 and 360
      • Analysis tools: status, plans
    • Physics Plenary
      • Approval talk JME-10-001

2010.2.24 Wed UE Approval

2010.2.23 Tues Physics Trigger Days -- QCD Meeting

  • Physics Trigger Days -- QCD Meeting
    • Status report of the Underlying event analysis
    • Status of ongoing low pT data analyses at 0.9 and 2.36 TeV PICK
      • Shows nice over view of: two particle correlations, BE measurement, triggered particle correlations, plans at 7 TeV, jet triggered spectra
    • TrackJet reconstruction
    • Report from the Photon sub-group

2010.2.22 Mon

2010.2.19 Fri HI East: Lessons from 900 GeV first data taking, pp 900 GeV Jet Ana Era, jet area/shape study at 900 GeV

2010.2.18 Tracking POG, jet algo

2010.2.17 dijet FF ana cuts 900 GeV

2010.2.16 High_pt 900 GeV first look

  • Super cluster: 5by5 ecal cells (each ecal cell is a 2.2cmby2.2cm crystal)

2010.2.15 Mon Talk with Gunther

2010.2.12 Fri CMS HI West, Tracking Final Results for 900GeV, Underlying Event Paper, JEC

2010.2.11 Thur

  • yenjie's working dir: /home/yjlee/ana/trackletStudy/trackletAna/

2010.2.11 Wed journal club

2010.2.10 Tues

2010.2.8 Mon Jetmet analysis note approval, Tracking DPG Pre-Approval Results

  • JetMET (2010.2.8)
    • Pre-Approval: Jet Commissioning in 2009 Collision Data
  • Tracking DPG
    • Summary of the results for pre-approval

2010.2.5 Fri HI Spectra Ping Report: Plans for 7 TeV pp and HI in 2010

Jet ana

2010.2.4 Thur TrackJets Results on 2009 Data

  • jet algo (2010.2.4)
    • Effect of Jet ID cuts in Data and MC vs. pT
    • Update on calo noise in data and MC
    • Results with TrackJets in the 900/2360 GeV data

2010.2.2 Tues (JetMET: 2009 Data Event Selection)

2010.2.1 Mon (EJTerm)


beam/detector alignment

Useful Rediscovering Workbook

2010.1.29 Fri (HI West High Pt Ping Report)

2010.1.28 Thur (Jet Algo Meeting on Results for winder conference 2009)

  • Jet Algo (2010/1/28)
    • Inclusive CaloJets in 900GeV / 2.36TeV data (Monica Vazquez Acosta)
    • Dijets in 900GeV / 2.36TeV data (Philipp Schieferdecker)
Analysis tips Detector Conditions
  • 33X MC global tag for 900 GeV data: STARTUP3X_V8P
  • 33X MC global tag for 2.36 TeV data: STARTUP3X_V8O
  • cf global tag twiki
Good Reading

2010.1.25 Mon. Review of Jet, Tracking DPG

Review of Jet Related meetings
  • Jet Algo (2009/12/17)
    • Association of Tracks to Jets (Salvatore Rappoccio)
    • Early Dijet Analysis with 900 GeV data (Philipp S.)
    • Calorimeter JetID Studies with 900GeV data (Kalanand Mishra)
  • Jet Algo (2010/01/14)
    • Tracker base jet id selection
    • Noise Studies in 900GeV data (Kalanand Mishra)
    • Calorimeter SimHit Level Jet Studies (Sharma Seema)
      • In MC, "Low EMF jets are an artifact of the ZS of ECAL and the low energy deposited by the particles traversing the detector. The jets are fine otherwise"
      • Therefore the low EMF cut actually removes a significant fraction of good jets in MC
      • The shape of EMF looks more like soft "single" hadrons which futher confirms that we are mostly seeing soft "isolated-kind of" hadrons (or accompanied by very soft particles) in 900 GeV MinBias sample.
  • Interesting Sw they used
Jet Analysis Winter Conference Plans
  • See Philipp's talk
    • pas twiki:
    • Philipp thinks that dijet study is almost as clean as Z to mumu, and little jet id cuts are needed. On the other hand, the inclusive jet spectrum has no handle on kinematics signatures and is more susceptible to fake jets due to detector noise. Thus a tight jet id criterion is needed.

Jet ID

Review of Detector Performance on 900 GeV data 2009

ReReco in 3_3_6_patch3 and Tracking Problem

  • PH-DPG Tracking Meeting (2010/01/25)
    • In News/Announcements, talks about the pixel triplet problem due to the very offset beam spot.
    • "Basic" tracking distributions and primary vertex resolution with collision data
  • JetMET
    • Validation of Data Re-Reco and new MC
      • Didn't see much change
      • From tracking talk we see that jet reco is ok b/c the tracks are later recovered in pair seeding.
    • In Philipp's talk, "Plans for Jet PAS for Winter Conferences", slide on "Data & MC Samples"
      • He says jetmet will stick with this sample for the winter conference plots b/c it's ok for jet reco.

Detector Conditions related

2010.1.22 QCD High Pt Review

2010.1.20 CERN Academic Seminar on Physics Analysis

-- TengMa - 01-Feb-2010

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