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Central Exclusive Production of SUSY particles

  m_0 (GeV) m_1/2 (GeV) A_0 tanβ sign μ
SPS2-mSUGRA 1450 300 0 10 +
SPS9-AMSB 400 60000 (m_3/2) - 10 +

  m_gluino (GeV) m_chargino (GeV) m_neutralino (GeV) decay BR
SPS2 801.879 228.674 122.306 ~chi10 ddbar 8.919E-03
        ~chi10 uubar 2.689E-02
        ~chi10 ssbar 8.919E-03
        ~chi10 ccbar 2.689E-02
        ~chi10 bbbar 1.264E-02
        ~chi10 ttbar 7.778E-02
SPS9 1164.635 197.662 197.653 ~chi10 e+ nu_e 1.945E-01

Monte Carlo generator: Configuration/Generator/python/ --fast --conditions auto:run2_mc --eventcontent AODSIM -s GEN,SIM,RECOBEFMIX,DIGI:pdigi_valid,RECO --beamspot Realistic50ns13TeVCollision --datatier GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO --pileup NoPileUp --era Run2_25ns --customise SimTransport /CTPPSHectorProducer/FastSimWithCTPPS_cff.customise --filein file:chargino_decay_ee.lhe --fileout file:chargino_GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO -n -1 --no_exec

  • Information about private MC samples here and here

Gluino pair production Analysis



Final State:

  • 4 jets at central region
  • 2 scattered protons at CT-PPS
  • MET due to the neutralino
Mass hierarchy: m(squark) >> m(gluino)
  • main production: gluino pairs
  • dominat decay: gluino -> q qbar neutralino
  • typical signature: >=4 jets + MET + X

Chargino pair production via photon fusion



Final state:

  • 2 leptons (e-e or e-muon or muon-muon) with opposite charges at central region
  • 2 scattered protons detected at CT-PPS
  • MET due to the neutrinos and neutralinos
  • acoplanarity

CT-PPS information

How to

LPC CLuster

kinit samaral@FNAL.GOV
ssh -Y
source /cvmfs/
setenv SCRAM_ARCH slc6_amd64_gcc530
voms-proxy-init -voms cms --valid 192:00
cd nobackup
cmsrel CMSSW_8_0_27
cd CMSSW_8_0_27/src
git cms-init
scram b -j8


  • List files and delete file:
eosls -l /store/user/samaral/
eosrm /store/user/samaral/EOSFile.txt

  • Copy to/from local and to EOS from EOS:
xrdcp ~/test.txt root://
xrdcp root:// ~/copyOfEOSFile.txt
xrdcp root:// ? root://

  • Create and delete directory:
eosmkdir /store/user/samaral/newDir
eosrm -r /store/user/samaral/dir

  • ROOT:
root -l root://

  • Merge files:
hadd myTarget.root `xrdfsls -u /store/user/samaral/rootFiles | grep '\.root'`


Found data on eos, stepping through all cms directories one by one, with:
eoscms ls -l /eos/cms/store/data/Run2012B/DoublePhoton/AOD/PromptReco-v1/000/194/108/D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root

eos copy messages, copying to my work area:

eos cp /eos/cms/store/data/Run2012B/DoublePhoton/AOD/PromptReco-v1/000/194/108/D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root /afs/
[eos-cp] path=/eos/cms/store/data/Run2012B/DoublePhoton/AOD/PromptReco-v1/000/194/108/D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root size=3134841652
[eos-cp] going to copy 1 files and 3.13 GB
append: /eos/cms/store/data/Run2012B/DoublePhoton/AOD/PromptReco-v1/000/194/108/D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root
[eoscp] D0FEA2C9-649F-E111-9368-003048D2BF1C.root Total 2989.62 MB      |====================| 100.00 % [40.1 MB/s]
[eos-cp] copied 1/1 files and 3.13 GB in 85.07 seconds with 36.85 MB/s

CMSWBM Run-Event-Lumi info

For run info, go to cmswbm and click on Run Summary.

For run 194108, get start 2012.05.13 16:24:36, end 2012.05.13 22:06:09, nearly 6 hrs, triggers 831,997,827
Famous event 564,224,000 about 70% into run.

Click on Lumi Sections:
888 lumi sections listed. ~1 M events per lumi section. Each lumi section only ~ 30 seconds !!

Famous event between following times, info from clicking on Run Info:
CMS.TRG:NumTriggers 562,145,377 2012.05.13 20:07:24
CMS.TRG:NumTriggers 564,576,503 2012.05.13 20:08:24

Now back to Lumi Sections to search for event 564,224,000
573 start 20:07:06 too early ??
574 start 20:07:30 possible
575 start 20:07:53 Possible Probable
576 start 20:08:16 too late

Condor at Wisconsin

How to use farmoutAnalysisJobs to submit CMSSW analysis jobs to Condor:

voms-proxy-init --valid 48:00

farmoutAnalysisJobs --input-files-per-job=5 --input-dir=root:// puNTuple2 ~/CMSSW_7_2_3_patch1/ ~/CMSSW_7_2_3_patch1/src/Analysis/JMEDAS/test/


git cms-addpkg Packg/Pck

git clone url


  • Na lxplus:
sshfs ssilvado@uerjpowerp100:/storage1/ssilvado /afs/

  • No crab.cfg:

-- SheilaSilvaDoAmaral - 2015-04-29

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