Introduction: Shipping Tests

The idea of this test is to verify that the packaging methods we plan to use for our modules are good enough. Three different packaging will be tested, shipping the R0 modules to 10 different Institutes in Europe, US, Canada and China. Each of the traveling boxes will have a shock indicator to monitor the maximum acceleration suffered during the shipment. A data logger will also be attached to one of the three packets.

Before receiving the modules:

During the last Upgrade Week (November 2017), each institute has received a certain number of shock indicator to be used to replace the ones which will get triggered during shipment. There is no need for further preparation. The only thing to keep in mind is that cardboards or packaging foam could be necessary to substitute the old ones, if some of the boxes is very damaged during the shipping.

Frame transport box:

Each R0 module is going to be shipped in a transport box together with its pseudo test frame. Two different versions are going to be used, depicted in the two following pictures. The first one has a 3D printed framespacer which keep the module in place, the second one uses magnetic pins. Each of the boxes will have shock indicators attached.


Packaging 1:

The first packaging method consist of a Pelicase 1520. The inner foam has been cut to accomodate two Frame transport boxes.


Packaging 2:

The second packaging method consist of a plastic container packaged in foam inside a cardboard. An acceleration logger able to detect up to 16g has also been included in the container.


Packaging 3:

The third packaging method consist of a plastic container suspended in air using elastic cables. This is the most difficult to open. The container is marked with a translucid "OPEN HERE" on the side to be opened. There is no need to remove the elastic cables, just unscrew the 8 screws on the side of the container and slide the frame boxes out. The cardboard also include replacements for the elastic cables.


Package 4

Packaging method 4 is similar to method 2, but the slide-in platics box is replaced by a plastics box filled with foam. This method allows Modules to be kept in a EDS-safe moisture bag during transportation. The box can hold maximum 4 modules.



During the shipping test, 3 modules was shipped with method 4.

There are two dummy R0 silicon piece and one mechanical R0 module. The module has hybrid-sensor wirebonds but without hybrid to testframe wirebonds.

They are equipped with shock sensors. (10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, 70G, 100G)


Moisture barrier bag

The method suggested by SCIPP was used:

Each module was packed together with silicon gel pack and humidity indicator, in one 3M Dri shield 2000 moisture barrier bag. The bag was filled with nitrogen, then vaccumed out and heat sealed.

Test Instructions:

Each box has to be opened, the status of the silicon sensors has to be checked (just unpack them and verify their integrity) and reported in the table below. If the shock indicators have been triggered they must be replaced. The maximum acceleration suffered during the transportation has to be reported too.

If the silicon sensors are broken the packages have to be shipped back to us. If not they must be shipped to the following address in the table below. (The last three institutes have not received the shock indicators during AUW, we'll need to understand how to proceed when we get to that point)

Replace broken cardboards and damaged foam if necessary!! The shock indicators are sticked to the frame boxes. They are difficult to remove therefore I put a layer of tape between them and the top plastic cover of the boxes. You can just remove the tape and the indicators will detach too.

DATA LOGGER ACQUISITION: In the second packaging an acceleration data logger was included inside the container. Please download the data using the software available here: .

After installing (on Windows), start the program, connect the accelerometer to your PC, click the download button and save the results. To reconfigure the data logger, click the setup button in the start-up screen (instead of the download one). Configure the logger to record ONLY accelerations above 3g!!! (otherwise memory runs out).

PICTURES REQUIRED: 2 picture per each frame box (similarly to the two on top of the twiki), 1 with the shock sensors, and a second removing the top protection to see the silicon module. SO 6 PICTURES IN TOTAL. If some of the packaging is hevily damaged please attach picture of it too.

Order Institute Contact Person Email Address Received on date Packaging 1 Check Packaging 2 Check Packaging 3 Check Sent On date Comments
1 DESY-ZE Francesco Peri

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Newtonstr. 15, EE2, 12489 Berlin, Germany

- - - - -  
2 Valencia Pablo Leon

Instituto Fisica Corpuscular
Nave experimental 002
Calle Catedratico Jose Beltran Martinez, 2
46980, Paterna, Valencia


12/12/2017, 12:00 Checked (information below) Checked (information below) Checked (information below) 23/01/2018, 13:30, UPS -
3 Santa Cruz Vitaliy Fadeyev SCIPP / UCSC
Nat. Sci. Bldg 2, Rm. 337
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA
Please include statement (zzz) below
2018-01-25 (# 1 & 2), 2018-01-26 (# 3) Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below, there is damage) 2018-01-31 Fedex tracking numbers: 771375029063, 771375246738, 771375341831
3b DESY Zeuthen F. Peri Francesco Peri,
Platanenallee 6,
D-15738 Zeuthen, Germany.
2018-02-07 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below)    
4 Copenhagen Craig Wiglesworth Niels Bohr Institute
Blegdamsvej 17
2100 Copenhagen
2018-02-19 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below) 2018-02-22 Data logger sent back to DESY Zeuthen since it was unresponsive when it arrived in Copenhagen
5 Toronto Robert Orr Dept. of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George Street
Toronto, ON CANADA
M5S 1A7
2018-02-26 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below) 2018-03-15 no data logger in package see comment above, some of the 25g sensors have been replaced with different ones, 10g and 15g couldn't be replaced in some cases.
6 RAL Craig Sawyer Dr Craig Sawyer
Particle Physics Department
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Building R1, Room 1.78
Harwell, Didcot, Oxfordshire
OX11 0QX
United Kingdom
2018-03-18 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below)    
6b Desy-Zeuthen F. Peri.     02-05-18 magnetic pin module broken, 10-15g sensors triggered magnetic pin module broken, 10g sensor triggered all ok    
7 Beijing Hongbo.Zhu 19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China 2018-06-08 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below)    
8 Dortmund- some broken indicators Jonas Loenker

Technische Universität Dortmund
007; Physik; E4; Jonas Loenker
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4
44227 Dortmund


2018-08-23 All ok (see below) All ok (see below) All ok (see below)   data logger stopped recording after ~20 minutes.
9 Vancouver Francesco Guescini Francesco Guescini
6095 Nurseries Road
V6T 2A3, Vancouver, BC
2018-10-10 All OK(See below) All OK(See below) All OK(See below)   Maximum acceleration on accelerometer measured at 7.2g (magnitude)
10 Birmingham Juergen Thomas Dr Juergen P Thomas
Particle Physics Group
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, West Midlands
B15 2TT
United Kingdom
22 Oct 2018 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below) 7 Nov 2018; Tracking: DHL Waybill 2110664942 Data logger battery empty, was replaced. Further comments see below.
11 Ljubljana - missing indicators Andrej Gorisek Dr. Andrej Gorisek
J. Stefan Institute
Jamova cesta 39
1000 Ljubljana
8 Nov 2018 Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Checked (info below) Nov 2018; Tracking: DHL Waybill, AWB# 1444372506 Max. recorded acceleration ~27g in box 2
10g and 15g stickers not available in Ljubljana
12 Sheffield - missing indicators Trevor Vickey Dr Trevor Vickey
University of Sheffield
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Hicks Building
Hounsfield Road
S3 7RH
United Kingdom
26/11/2018 One Yellow Sensor Triggered All Senors OK (1 Blue Missing) All Sensors OK (1 Blue Missing) 14.01.2019 Shipment by DHL tracking:
13 Desy HH - missing indicators Sergio Diez Sergio Díez Cornell
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)
ATLAS group1c/O1.336
Notkestr. 85
15/01/2019 No sensors triggered No sensors triggered (blue missing) No sensors triggered (blue missing)    
(zzz) To avoid occasional customs confusion, it is helpful to use a low insurance value and to include the following statement for custom declarations: "The shipment contains test structures loaned to University of California for academic research. They represent no commercial use nor value."

Second Round shipping

Shipping is done with inner box with foam, using shipping method 4.

Order Institute Contact Person Email Received on date Module 1 Check Module 2 Check Module 3 Check Sent On date Comments
1 LBL Luise Poley 30 May 2019 No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered 23 May 2019  
2 SCIPP Vitaliy Fadeyev   No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered 4 June 2019  
3 BNL Stefania Antonia Stucci 17 July 2019 No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage, 10G & 15G sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered 5 July 2019 Moisture barrier bag was added
4 DESY Z Sam Yanwing Ng 21 Aug 2019 No damage and no shock sensor triggered No damage, 10G sensor triggered No damage and no shock sensor triggered 23 July 2019 Moisture Barrier Bags were broken


DESY-ZE to VALENCIA shipping:


3 Shock sensors triggered for both frames (10, 15 and 25g), silicon sensors fine.



1 Shock sensors triggered for the frame in the lower rack (10g), silicon sensors fine.




Upper frame with 3 shock sensors triggered (10, 15 and 25g). Lower frame with no sensors triggered . Silicon sensors fine.


VALENCIA --> SCIPP shipping:

Shipment artifacts: 1) the battery in the electronics shock logger is discharge. Will need to purchase this non-standard ("1/2 AAA") type. (The one used in the logger is "SAFT LS 14250" Li-SOCl2, 3.6 V.) 2) one sensor in 3rd package is broken, even though the shock loggers were not triggered.

PACKAGING 1 (Peli case box)

1 and 3 Shock sensors triggered, silicon dummies are fine.


PACKAGING 2 (solid box in abundant foam cushion)

NO Shock sensors triggered, silicon dummies are fine.


PACKAGING 3 (bungee cord suspension)

NO Shock sensors triggered, 1 silicon dummy has a broken corner.


The shipment box started to tear.


The accelerometer didn't seem to run for too long:


Due to the damage seen in box #3, all packages are sent back to Francesco Peri at DESY.

SCIPP --> DESY ZE shipping:

PACKAGING 1 (Peli case box)

shock indicators triggered up to 25 g. No damage on the sensors. (both methods are leaving some traces on the surface of the silicon though)



PACKAGING 2 (solid box in abundant foam cushion)

No indicator triggered, no damage. The accelerometer detected 2 accelerations above 16 g. (why not detected by the indicators?)



PACKAGING 3 (bungee cord suspension)

No indicator triggered, no damage on the single sensor shipped back in the suction cups configuration



DESY ZE --> NBI (Copenhagen) shipping:

Package with Foam:

Shock sensors (partially) fired at 10g
Silicon is OK - no damage

NBI_shock_sensors_2.jpg NBI_dummy_modules_2.jpg

Package with Peli Case:

Shock sensors fired at 25g
Silicon is OK - no damage

NBI_shock_sensors_3.jpg NBI_dummy_modules_3.jpg

Package with Bungee Cord Suspension:

No shock sensors fired
Silicon is OK - no damage

NBI_shock_sensors_1.jpg NBI_dummy_modules_1.jpg

Data Logger

Unfortunately the data logger was unresponsive when it arrived. I tried replacing the battery but it still didn't respond. The data logger has therefore been sent back to DESY Zeuthen for further investigation.

NBI (Copenhagen) --> Toronto shipping:

PACKAGING 1 (Peli case box)

3 Shock sensors triggered for both frames (10, 15 and 25g), silicon sensors are both fine. Unfortunately, the replacement shock sensors fired already on their way to Toronto and the only replacement we could get here on short notice were 25g sensors. So we removed all triggered sensors from all packages to avoid confusion and replaced the 25g sensors with the new ones (see picture at the bottom of this section).



PACKAGING 2 (solid box in abundant foam cushion)

1 shock sensor triggered for one of the frames (10g), no damage to the silicon sensors.



PACKAGING 3 (bungee cord suspension)

No shock sensor triggered, no damage to the silicon sensors.



Shock sensor replacement

This is how the new shock sensor we placed on the module looks.


Toronto --> RAL shipping:

PACKAGING 1 (Peli case box)

No shock sensors triggered (but no sensors there below 25g). Damage to silicon sensor in "magnetic corner box"


PACKAGING 2 (solid box in abundant foam cushion)

1 shock sensor triggered for one of the frames (10g), no damage to the silicon sensors. Some damage to main box.


PACKAGING 3 (bungee cord suspension)

No shock sensor triggered, no damage to the silicon sensors. Some damage to outer box


-- FrancescoPeri - 2017-11-20

DESY --> IHEP shipping:

PACKAGING 1(Peli case box)

Two (10g)s were triggered. No damage to sensor. Remove triggered (10g)s and replace 1 of them.


PACKAGING 2(solid box in abundant foam cushion)

Two (10g)s & one 15g were triggered. No damage to sensor. Remove triggered (10g)s and replace triggered 15g.


PACKAGING 3(bungee cord suspension)

One 10g was triggered. No damage to sensor. Remove triggered 10g.


-- JonasLoenker - 2018-08-24

IHEP --> Dortmund:

Package 1 (Peli) No shock indicator triggered, no damage on the sensors.

IMG_5235.JPG IMG_5236.JPG

IMG_5237.JPG IMG_5238.JPG

Package 2 (solid box & foam): No shock indicator fired, no damage on the sensors. The accelerometer recorded only six samples (within a time range of 20 minutes.) Highest vector sum being 8.34g, measured ten minutes after the starting time.

IMG_5240.JPG IMG_5241.JPG

IMG_5242.JPG IMG_5243.JPG

Package 3 (bungee cord): No shock indicator fired. No damages on the sesors visible.

IMG_5244.JPG IMG_5245.JPG

IMG_5246.JPG IMG_5247.JPG


-- TynanLouisStack - 2018-10-15

Dortmund --> Vancouver TRIUMF

Package 1 (Pelican): No Shock indicators triggered no damage to sensors visible. Notes: No 10g shockwatch present on clamp, was put on at TRIUMF


Package 2 (Solid box & Foam): No Shock indicators triggered no damage to sensors visible. Notes: No 10g shockwatch on either sensor case, placed 10g shockwatch on Suction cup at TRIUMF


Package 3 (Bungee Cord): No Shock indicators triggered no damage to sensors visible. Notes: 1 bolt missing attaching the top plastic piece to the enclosure. No Shockwatch on clamp on arrival, attached one at TRIUMF.


Vancouver TRIUMF --> Birmingham (UK)

No damage visible on cartons or boxes. All sensors look ok (though haven't unpacked all of them fully).

Package 1 (Pelicase):

Two blue (10g)s & one silver(15g) stickers have triggered. Replaced triggered shock sensor stickers No damage to sensor.

BHM_P1_1.JPG</verbatim> BHM_P1_2.JPG</verbatim>

Package 2 (Solid box & Foam):

One blue (10g) has triggered. No damage to sensor. Replaced triggered shock sensor stickers. One missing blue (10g) sticker. Can't be replaced as no more blue spare stickers here.

BHM_P2_1b.jpg</verbatim> BHM_P2_2b.jpg</verbatim> BHM_P2_3b.jpg</verbatim>

Package 3 (bungee cord):

One blue (10g) has triggered. Removed triggered sticker, but can't replace it as no more blue spare stickers here. No damage to sensors.

BHM_P3_1.JPG</verbatim> BHM_P3_2b.jpg</verbatim> BHM_P3_3.JPG</verbatim>

Data logger memory only contained two data points, from 15th Oct 2018 ie before shipment. Voltage of battery at >0.2V, so it's empty. Data sheet says battery life is only 1000h ie 42 days. Refitted fresh battery (type: '1/2AA') and restarted logger. Setting: Motion detection, 1g on X/Y/Z. Check on arrival that green LED flashes every 10sec, then it's still active.

Checking data logger again after being active overnight: Plug into PC, start S/W, Download Data. S/W shows 'not responding' but then eventually has downloaded the data. But can't be immediately restarted, ie LED doesn't flash every 10sec, so it's not recording. To get it back to doing this: Do 'Run' for direct recording with live plot on the PC, wait a moment, then 'Stop'. Only then go back to 'Data Logger Setup' and then will show again 'Data logger started' and LED flashes again.

For the record: Feedback from Birmingham (Barrel hybrid and module production site): (1) Modules need to be wrapped inside antistatic bags during transport, but only Packaging 2 would allow for that easily, as in the others, they are placed onto the rails of the black boxes directly. (2) Packaging 3 doesn't look workable during production, as it is tedious to open and close the black storage box with the bungee cords in the way, ie attach and fix the screws. But more crucially, the forces from the cords onto the box, combined with sharp edges of the outer frame, constitute a health and safely risk. (3) A more conventional package ie module transport box inside antistatic bag, then layers of antistatic bubblewrap, and only then foam and carton or a light-weight outer box, should have also been tried. It is not clear that densely packed quite sturdy foam will help with cushioning bigger shocks well, as the module transport boxes are held very tightly. (4) The battery of the vibration data logger goes empty often, some spare batteries should be applied as they aren't standard (1/2AA size) (5) A temperature/humidity data logger should also be with the shipment, eg a 'Lascar EasyLog EL-USB-2+' or a similar model. (JuergenThomas - 2018-11-07)

Birmingham (UK) --> Ljubljana (Slovenia)

No damage visible on cartons or boxes. All sensors look ok.

Package 1 (Pelicase):

Two blue (10g)s & one silver(15g) stickers have triggered. 10g and 15g stickers were removed, not replaced (none available).

One yellow (25g) sticker has triggered and was replaced. One sensor package layers were resorted (in better? order), which required reattaching labels to another layer. Some stickers could not be removed without damage and were replaced.

No damage to sensor.

Lj_box1_p1.JPG</verbatim> Lj-box1_p2.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box1-p3.jpg</verbatim>

Lj-box1-p4.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box1-p5.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box1-p6.jpg</verbatim>

Package 2 (Solid box & Foam):

The only blue one (10g) has triggered (the other one was already missing). No damage to sensor. Shock sticker removed, not replaced (none available).

Vibration Datalogger - data extracted, log file attached. The logger was restarted (threshold at 1g). The LED blinks every 10s.

Pack of Higgs cards discovered in the package - no time to play with them.

Lj-box2-p1.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box2-p2.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box2-p3.jpg</verbatim>

Lj-box2-p4.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box2-p5.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box2-p6.jpg</verbatim>

Lj-box2-p7.jpg</verbatim> Lj-box2-p8.jpg</verbatim> Lj-datalogger.png</verbatim>

Package 3 (bungee cord):

Only one blue sticker. No shock sticker triggered!

No damage to sensors.

Lj-box3-p2.JPG</verbatim> Lj-box3-p1.JPG</verbatim> Lj-box3-p3.JPG</verbatim>

Lj-box3-p4.JPG</verbatim> Lj-box3-p5.JPG</verbatim>

Ljubljana (Slovenia) --> Sheffield (UK) Shipping

Package 1 (Pelicase):

One Yellow sensor triggered

Package_1_Sheffield.jpg</verbatim> Package_1_Silicon_sheffield.jpg</verbatim>

Package 2 (Solid box & Foam):

All Sensors OK

Package_2_Sheffield.jpg</verbatim> Package_2_Silicon_sheffield.jpg</verbatim>

Package 3 (bungee cord):

All Sensors OK

Package_3_Sheffield.jpg</verbatim> Package_3_Silicon_sheffield.jpg</verbatim>


Logging Started before shipment began, and finished before shipment ended. peak of 18g

DHL Tracking says Shipping was 23/11/2018 11:35 > 26/11/2018 9:59


Sheffield (UK) --> DESY Hamburg (Germany) Shipping

Package 1 (Pelicase):

All sensors OK


Package 2 (Solid box & Foam):

All Sensors OK


Package 3 (bungee cord):

All Sensors OK



Completely unresponsive. Exchanged battery.

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JPEGjpg Lj-box2-p4.jpg r1 manage 1833.3 K 2018-11-20 - 12:36 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box2-p5.jpg r1 manage 3070.0 K 2018-11-20 - 12:36 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box2-p6.jpg r1 manage 3468.3 K 2018-11-20 - 12:36 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box2-p7.jpg r1 manage 3175.4 K 2018-11-20 - 12:36 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box2-p8.jpg r1 manage 2471.6 K 2018-11-21 - 13:59 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box3-p1.JPG r1 manage 3516.2 K 2018-11-21 - 13:15 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box3-p2.JPG r1 manage 2696.8 K 2018-11-21 - 13:15 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box3-p3.JPG r1 manage 2689.0 K 2018-11-21 - 13:15 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box3-p4.JPG r1 manage 2623.7 K 2018-11-21 - 13:15 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj-box3-p5.JPG r1 manage 1900.7 K 2018-11-21 - 13:15 AndrejGorisek  
PNGpng Lj-datalogger.png r1 manage 125.8 K 2018-11-20 - 12:36 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg Lj_box1_p1.JPG r1 manage 5593.3 K 2018-11-20 - 12:21 AndrejGorisek  
JPEGjpg NBI_dummy_modules_1.jpg r1 manage 2220.2 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg NBI_dummy_modules_2.jpg r1 manage 1877.2 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg NBI_dummy_modules_3.jpg r1 manage 2982.4 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg NBI_shock_sensors_1.jpg r1 manage 3462.5 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg NBI_shock_sensors_2.jpg r1 manage 3289.4 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg NBI_shock_sensors_3.jpg r1 manage 2364.0 K 2018-02-21 - 14:59 CraigWiglesworth  
JPEGjpg Package_1_Sheffield.jpg r1 manage 1374.9 K 2018-12-17 - 12:55 SamuelOwenEdwards  
JPEGjpg Package_1_Silicon_sheffield.jpg r1 manage 979.8 K 2018-12-18 - 11:02 SamuelOwenEdwards  
JPEGjpg Package_2_Sheffield.jpg r1 manage 1368.6 K 2018-12-17 - 12:55 SamuelOwenEdwards  
JPEGjpg Package_2_Silicon_sheffield.jpg r1 manage 1196.5 K 2018-12-18 - 11:02 SamuelOwenEdwards  
JPEGjpg Package_3_Sheffield.jpg r1 manage 1768.3 K 2018-12-17 - 12:55 SamuelOwenEdwards  
JPEGjpg Package_3_Silicon_sheffield.jpg r1 manage 1167.6 K 2018-12-18 - 11:02 SamuelOwenEdwards  
PNGpng Picture_1.png r1 manage 382.3 K 2020-05-19 - 23:04 SamYanwingNg  
Texttxt Shock_Data_logged_Valencia.txt r1 manage 14.5 K 2018-01-12 - 10:50 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg TRIUMF_Bungee_Sensors.jpg r1 manage 2021.4 K 2018-10-15 - 21:06 TynanLouisStack Dortmund --> TRIUMF Shipping
JPEGjpg TRIUMF_Pelican_Sensors.jpg r1 manage 1861.7 K 2018-10-15 - 21:06 TynanLouisStack Dortmund --> TRIUMF Shipping
JPEGjpg TRIUMF_Solid_and_Foam_Sensors.jpg r1 manage 1950.3 K 2018-10-15 - 21:06 TynanLouisStack Dortmund --> TRIUMF Shipping
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING1.jpg r2 r1 manage 1333.5 K 2018-03-09 - 17:55 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING1_Sensor1.jpg r1 manage 1278.4 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING2.jpg r1 manage 1227.3 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING2_Sensor1.jpg r1 manage 1091.3 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING2_Sensor2.jpg r1 manage 1287.8 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING3.jpg r1 manage 897.3 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING3_Sensor1.jpg r1 manage 1104.5 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING3_Sensor2.jpg r1 manage 1299.4 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_PACKAGING_Sensor2.jpg r1 manage 1301.7 K 2018-03-09 - 17:58 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg Toronto_ShockSensorReplacement.jpg r1 manage 753.0 K 2018-03-14 - 20:31 KarolaDette  
JPEGjpg box-1_20180129_105003.jpg r1 manage 5438.9 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-1_20180129_105856.jpg r1 manage 4867.8 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-2_20180129_112737.jpg r1 manage 5587.4 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-2_20180129_113016.jpg r1 manage 4461.5 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-3-tear_20180129_110635.jpg r1 manage 3780.6 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-3_20180129_123446.jpg r1 manage 5625.4 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-3_20180129_123649.jpg r1 manage 4317.0 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg box-3_20180129_123729.jpg r1 manage 3606.4 K 2018-01-29 - 23:19 VitaliyFadeyev  
JPEGjpg bun_cups.jpg r1 manage 5884.4 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg bun_cups_sensor.jpg r1 manage 2745.5 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg bun_den.jpg r1 manage 6054.4 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg foam_cups.jpg r1 manage 5126.1 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg foam_cups_sensor.jpg r1 manage 2931.1 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg foam_den.jpg r1 manage 3577.4 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg foam_den_sensor.jpg r1 manage 3023.5 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_cups1.jpg r1 manage 4294.5 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_cups_sensor.jpg r1 manage 2267.8 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_cups_sensor_zoom.jpg r1 manage 2800.1 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_den1.jpg r1 manage 5204.4 K 2018-02-09 - 11:00 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_den_sensor.jpg r1 manage 2538.6 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg peli_den_sensor_zoom.jpg r1 manage 2759.6 K 2018-02-09 - 13:11 FrancescoPeri  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-08-32.jpg r1 manage 191.2 K 2018-01-12 - 10:10 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-08-40_2.jpg r1 manage 83.6 K 2018-01-12 - 10:10 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-11-25_2.jpg r1 manage 390.0 K 2018-01-12 - 10:38 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-11-41.jpg r1 manage 106.1 K 2018-01-12 - 11:27 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-13-30.jpg r1 manage 219.4 K 2018-01-12 - 10:52 PabloLeonLara  
JPEGjpg photo_2017-12-13_15-13-33.jpg r1 manage 118.2 K 2018-01-12 - 10:52 PabloLeonLara  
PNGpng pic_shocks.png r1 manage 60.2 K 2018-01-12 - 10:45 PabloLeonLara  
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