To set up the analysis framework for the SMP analysis, please follow these instructions under SLC5 or Mac OS X:

OS X: make sure you have a recent version of ROOT set up

SLC5: make sure you have a recent compiler (gcc43) and a recent version of ROOT set up, e.g. by setting up a recent Athena version (e.g. by doing asetup 16.0.3,gcc43 using AtlasSetup).

Then check out and compile the needed packages:

svn co --non-recursive svn+ssh://${me} # get the base dir so that you can easily do 'svn update' from there to get all the updates - you don't want all my crap in there though!
cd Analyses
svn co svn+ssh://${me}
svn co svn+ssh://${me}
svn co svn+ssh://${me}
svn co svn+ssh://${me}
cd GoodRunsLists-00-00-82/cmt/
make -f Makefile.Standalone
cd ../../DataAnalysis2011/
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:../GoodRunsLists-00-00-82/StandAlone/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH # or on OS X: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:../GoodRunsLists-00-00-82/StandAlone/:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH

Then you can run over your favorite SYNT comme ca:

./DataAna yoursynt.root

WARNING: the contents and settings in the code changes quite a bit, so let me know if you check this out for the first time so I can make sure you have a stable sensible version to start out with. You may have to copy a few files with PDFs for the SMP discriminators into your workarea:

cp ~cohm/public/pdf* <somewhere>/DataAnalysis2011/hizzies/

-- ChristianOhm - 10-Dec-2010

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