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Documentation for Spin-1 properties analyses

Template creation

A standalone tool (based on ROOT only) has been written for the creation of various templates used in the HZZ4l spin-parity analysis. The code can be found here:


Setup the tool

Current version is


The code can be downloaded from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/jbsauvan/TemplateBuilder.git
cd TemplateBuilder/ 
git checkout 230414_fixes
## Setup ROOT before compiling

Configuration files

  • production-independent, 3D D1+dec vs D1-dec vs Dbkgdec : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/json_dec/*.json
  • qqbar, 3D D1+ vs D1- vs Dbkg : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/json_qqb/*.json


  • Combine systematics (use scale_up+res_up and its mirror) : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/Combine_sys.c
  • Use qqZZ template as systematic for Z+X : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/mergeCR.C


  • production-independent : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/template_dec/
  • qqbar : /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/templates/template_qqb/

Setup combine & make cards

Step by step setup slc5

cmsrel CMSSW_6_1_1
cd CMSSW_6_1_1/src/

git clone https://github.com/cms-analysis/HiggsAnalysis-CombinedLimit.git HiggsAnalysis/CombinedLimit

Add modified scripts for 3D templates : /afs/cern.ch/work/x/xiaomeng/public/forCandice/develop

# modified:   interface/FastTemplate.h
# modified:   interface/VerticalInterpHistPdf.h
# modified:   src/CombinedLimit_LinkDef.h
# modified:   src/FastTemplate.cc
# modified:   src/MultiDimFit.cc
# modified:   src/VerticalInterpHistPdf.cc
Also add :
# interface/HZZ4L_RooSpinZeroPdf.h
# interface/HZZ4L_RooSpinZeroPdf_phase.h
# src/HZZ4L_RooSpinZeroPdf.cc
# src/HZZ4L_RooSpinZeroPdf_phase.cc

scramv1 b clean; scramv1 b -j4

cvs co -P -r postHCP_VBF -d CombinationPy UserCode/HZZ4L_Combination/CombinationPy
cd CombinationPy/
cvs co -P -r HEAD -d AnalysisInputs UserCode/HZZ4L_Combination/CombinationPy/AnalysisInputs
cvs co -P -r HEAD -d  SignalSeparation UserCode/HZZ4L_Combination/CombinationPy/SignalSeparation
cvs co -P -r HEAD -d  CreateDatacards UserCode/HZZ4L_Combination/CombinationPy/CreateDatacards

cd CreateDatacards/
cd ../AnalysisInputs/
root -l -b -q mergeFragments.C

Run cardmaker

cd ../CreateDatacards/

cp -r /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cayou/public/properties/spin1_materials/input/* .


python makeDCsandWSsSMD.py -i SM_inputs_7TeV -a spin1_7TeV  -b -t templates3D_dec_7TeV --spinHyp=11  > spin1_7TeV.txt
python makeDCsandWSsSMD.py -i SM_inputs_8TeV -a spin1_8TeV -b -t templates3D_dec_8TeV --spinHyp=11  > spin1_8TeV.txt

qqbar :

python makeDCsandWSsSMD.py -i SM_inputs_7TeV -a spin1_7TeV  -b -t templates3D_qqb_7TeV --spinHyp=4  > spin1_7TeV.txt
python makeDCsandWSsSMD.py -i SM_inputs_8TeV -a spin1_8TeV  -b -t templates3D_qqb_8TeV --spinHyp=4  > spin1_8TeV.txt

Make workspace

combineCards.py hzz4l_*ALT.txt > hzz4l_all_ALT.txt
text2workspace.py -m 125.6 hzz4l_all_ALT.txt -P HiggsAnalysis.CombinedLimit.HiggsJPC:twoHypothesisHiggs --PO=fqqFloating -o spin1_mixture.root

Datacards and workspaces can be found here :



Hypothesis testing

combine -m 125.6 -M HybridNew --testStat=TEV --generateExt=1 --generateNuis=0 spin1_mixture.root --singlePoint 1 --saveHybridResult -T 100000   --clsAcc 0 --fullBToys -n "Test3D" --fitNuis=0  --setPhysicsModelParameters fqq=0.0  --freezeNuisances fqq  

root -l -n -q -b higgsCombineTest2D.HybridNew.mH125.6.root "$CMSSW_BASE/src/HiggsAnalysis/CombinedLimit/test/plotting/hypoTestResultTree.cxx(\"qmu.root\",125.6,1,\"x\")"

root -l -n -b -q "extractSignificanceStats.C+ (false,\"1^{-}\",\"1-\",\"qmu.root\")" > output_1-.txt

Non-interfering fraction scan

exepected :

combine -M MultiDimFit spin1_mixture.root -t -1 -S 1 --expectSignal=1 --algo=grid --points 200 -m 125.6 -n 1D_exp_1-  -v 7 --setPhysicsModelParameters fqq=0.0  --freezeNuisances fqq  > debug_1-_exp

combine -M MultiDimFit spin1_mixture.root -t -1 -S 1 --expectSignal=1 --algo=grid --points 200 -m 125.6 -n 1D_exp_1+  -v 7 --setPhysicsModelParameters fqq=1.0  --freezeNuisances fqq  > debug_1+_exp

root -l -b -n -q "plotScan1D.C (true,\"1-\",\"f(1^{-},q#bar{q} #rightarrow X #rightarrow ZZ)\")" 
root -l -b -n -q "plotScan1D.C (true,\"1+\",\"f(1^{+},q#bar{q} #rightarrow X #rightarrow ZZ)\")" 

expected + observed :

combine -M MultiDimFit spin1_mixture.root  -S 1 --algo=grid --points 200 -m 125.6 -n 1D_observed_1-  -v 7 --setPhysicsModelParameters fqq=0.0 --freezeNuisances fqq  > debug_1-_obs

combine -M MultiDimFit spin1_mixture.root  -S 1 --algo=grid --points 200 -m 125.6 -n 1D_observed_1+ -v 7 --setPhysicsModelParameters fqq=1.0  --freezeNuisances fqq  > debug_1+_obs

root -l -b -n -q "plotScan1D.C (false,\"1-\",\"f(1^{-},q#bar{q} #rightarrow X #rightarrow ZZ)\")" 
root -l -b -n -q "plotScan1D.C (false,\"1+\",\"f(1^{+},q#bar{q} #rightarrow X #rightarrow ZZ)\")" 

Summary plot :
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