TRT Offline Calibration Constants Upload in the DataBase


Each data run need the optimal calibration constants in the DB. You have to be sure of the goodness of the calibration constants, before to do the upload!!!

Find calibout_0x.txt

Find the location of the text file that contains the t0 and Rt calibration constants to upload. Example: /afs/ (describe constants here or link to another twiki page)

Create Pool and Cool

Go to the Calibration Display. Check that the calibrated run (that provides the constants) has been added to the calibration display list. If not, see Shifter's Guide. The Calibration Display tool allows to easily create pool and cool files.

now select the calib 854 and click "Pool & Cool"

i see my txt file

selet both rt and t0 for that file!

and keep the tags as they are!

UPD1 Rt and t0

click Go! and WAIT .. it can take up to 2 minutes!

you dont need to verify this time!

tell me when the text changes in the Info field!

Rt file: /afs/ T0 file: /afs/ Upload dir: /afs/ Added tags: TrtCalibT0-Physics-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00, TrtCalibRt-Physics-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00 Logfiles: txt2db.log

just change the tags to the ES1-UPD1 ones .. t0 and Rt Field On!!!

just click Go again!

then the same for BLK-UPD4 and REP-159041 ... BUT for the last one also select "verify"

UPD1, ES1-UPD1, BLK-UPD4 and REP-159041

Tags added in: /afs/ Added tags: TrtCalibT0-Physics-REP-159041-00, TrtCalibRt-Physics-REP-159041-00 Logfiles: txt2db.log T0 difference: max diff between original txt file and DB constants = 0.100000 ns (average diff = 0.100000 ns) Tags Found: TrtCalibRt-Physics-BLK-UPD4-FieldOn-00-00 TrtCalibRt-Physics-ES1-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00 TrtCalibRt-Physics-REP-159041-00 TrtCalibRt-Physics-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00 TrtCalibT0-Physics-BLK-UPD4-FieldOn-00-00 TrtCalibT0-Physics-ES1-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00 TrtCalibT0-Physics-REP-159041-00 TrtCalibT0-Physics-UPD1-FieldOn-00-00 Logfiles: db2txt.log comp.log

use the python script to compare

go to /afs/

you will see the files

calib.txt is the same as calibout_start_-0.4ns.txt and caliboutput.txt is what will end up in the DB [9:51:17 PM] S.: /afs/ [9:51:38 PM] S.: the txt files are the same, the only difference is [9:51:44 PM] Johan Lundquist: and you added 0.6 .. which will be rounded to 0.5 [9:51:46 PM] S.: the line -3 -1 -1 -1 -1 : 11.100000 0.000000

END -3 -1 -1 -1 -1 : 11 0

copy this whole directory to the uploadDB/Collisions/ area

now we have to do pool and cool upload!

copy this whole directory to /afs/

rename folder upload_e20bdd1e855288973e929b224fac9d9a/ in bla bla

so lets first do the pool upload

better log in from start on lxplus in a clean shell as yourself

cd to the directory

source /afs/ -tag=15.6.7,32,runtime

bocchett@lxplus202:~/TRT_Calibration/uploadedDB/Collisions/multiple_tags/Tue_Jul_13_21:58:00_2010$ /afs/ --wait cond10_data.gen.COND pooloutputfile.root Registering files into dataset cond10_data.gen.COND pooloutputfile.root assigned request ID 56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26 Waiting for 1 requests to be completed at Tue Jul 13 22:06:30 2010 Waiting for 1 requests to be completed at Tue Jul 13 22:06:50 2010 Waiting for 1 requests to be completed at Tue Jul 13 22:07:10 2010

Processed POOL file registration request 56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26 with return code 0

[Tue Jul 13 22:06:55 2010] Attempting to extract POOL GUID from file [Tue Jul 13 22:07:06 2010] File GUID determined to be 3A353E69-B58E-DF11-ABE9-0030487CCB62 [Tue Jul 13 22:07:06 2010] Pre-checks completed successfully [Tue Jul 13 22:07:06 2010] Executing dq2-put --client-id=cond -a -C --local-site=CERN-PROD_SPECIALDISK --guid=3A353E69-B58E-DF11-ABE9-0030487CCB62 --source=/afs/ --files=p0oloutputfile.root.56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26 cond10_data.000012.gen.COND [Tue Jul 13 22:07:06 2010] Please wait ... [Tue Jul 13 22:07:19 2010] cond10_data.000012.gen.COND is open, you are adding files to the current version Gathering list of files... done p0oloutputfile.root.56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26: pre-checking file

Checking for GUID clashes

cond10_data.000012.gen.COND -- confirm adding files to dataset (1 file): (3A353E69-B58E-DF11-ABE9-0030487CCB62 ad:6988c66b 256804) cond10_data.000012.gen.COND._0002.pool.root Confirm (y/n)? Automatic confirm Confirmed lcg-cp -v --vo atlas -b -D srmv2 -S ATLASSPECIALDISK file:///afs/ ot.56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26 srm:// [10:10:43 PM] S.: (you will not see output until the command is finished) lcg-cp -v --vo atlas -b -D srmv2 -S ATLASSPECIALDISK file:///afs/ ot.56ed9f2d-3e7b-4dbd-8bc9-ae1903a20d26 srm:// ata/000012/gen/cond10_data.000012.gen.COND/cond10_data.000012.gen.COND._0002.pool.root: done cond10_data.000012.gen.COND._0002.pool.root: verifying cond10_data.000012.gen.COND._0002.pool.root: OK (3A353E69-B58E-DF11-ABE9-0030487CCB62) Dataset cond10_data.000012.gen.COND updated Dataset cond10_data.000012.gen.COND registered at location CERN-PROD_SPECIALDISK with status OPEN Finished [Tue Jul 13 22:07:19 2010] Castor/LFC/DQ2 Registration completed successfully

now the cool upload

Copying finished after 8 AtlCoolCopy runs and 0 failures

COPY in LOGFILE and add in the README

take note of the files so first run for UPD4 is 158996 and for UPD1 is 159086

1) README 2) verify 3) mail

-- SimonaBocchetta - 24-Sep-2010

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