DBL (Dibosons, Multileptons and Extra Dimensions) Subgroup

The DBL group searches for new physics with two or more electroweak bosons or multileptons. Main topics of interest include new heavy gauge bosons decaying to diboson, heavy neutrinos, technicolor, Randall-Sundrum Gravitons, inclusive same-sign dilepton, tri-/four-lepton inclusive searches, together with interpretations for relevant new physics models. We also provide a forum for discussing models of extra dimensions, e.g. RS models predicting TeV-scale gravitons.

Ideas for New Searches

Active analyses

Analysis Person-Power Meetings Contacts eGroup Wiki Derivation Analysis Framework Statistical Framework Glance
Fully hadronic Final States
VV → JJ Orange led Tue 12h A. Giannini, S. Schramm atlas-phys-hdbs-VVres-JJ VVJJFullRun2 EXOT3   ResonanceFinder Phase0
Vh → qqbb Orange led Fri 17h Z. Meadows atlas-phys-hdbs-VHres-qqbb VhqqbbFullRun2 EXOT3 CxAOD ResonanceFinder HDBS-2018-11
Y → Xh → qqbb Orange led Fri 15h J. Gonski atlas-phys-hdbs-XHres-JJ VhqqbbFullRun2 EXOT3 CxAOD ResonanceFinder HDBS-2019-23
Hγ /Vγ Green led Thur 14h Hγ: Bo Liu, Boping Chen, Vγ: Bo Liu, Shu Li atlas-phys-hdbs-BosonGamma-hadronic VgammaFullRun2 EXOT3 CxAOD   Hγ: HDBS-2018-17 Vγ: HDBS-2019-10
Dark Jet Resonances Green led Wedn 11h E. Hansen,D. Portillo atlas-phys-hdbs-DarkJetResonances DarkJetResFullRun2 EXOT3     HDBS-2018-45
Semi-leptonic Final States
Vh semi-leptonic / A → Zh (125 GeV) Orange led Frid 14.30h D, Duda, W. Fisher atlas-phys-hdbs-VHres-semileptonic VhSemileptonicFullRun2 HIGG5D1 HIGG5D2 HIGG2D4 CxAOD ResonanceFinder HDBS-2018-12  
A → ZH (not 125 GeV) Green led Tues 15h X. Sun atlas-phys-hdbs-A-Zh-hHeavy AZHFullRun2 HIGG2D4 CxAOD/MIA WSMaker HDBS-2018-13
VH for Generic Heavy Higgs Green led   Yue Xu, Ke Li atlas-phys-hdbs-VH-GenericHeavyHiggs VHGenericHeavyHiggs       HDBS-2019-16
VHH Green led Mon 17h Matthew Klein, Lianliang Ma atlas-phys-hdbs-VHH-Vlep4b         HDBS-2019-31
Other Analyses
WZ → lvll Orange led Wed 13h J. Manjarres, M. Lu atlas-phys-hdbs-WZres-lvll WZlvllFullRun2 HIGG2D1 WZlvllFrame ResonanceFinder HDBS-2018-19
Y → ZX (Z → ll) Red led   K. Han, D. Zhang atlas-phys-hdbs-ZXresonances-semilep ZXresFullRun2       HDBS-2019-12
Combination Green led   DBL-specific: R. Les, Overall: K. Terashi, D. Hayden atlas-phys-exotics-hbinterpretations DBLcomboFinalRun2 - -   EXOT-2018-53

Public Results

Publications with full Run 2 dataset

Analysis Contacts eGroup Wiki Derivation Analysis Framework Statistical Framework Glance Public Result
Fully hadronic Final States
VV → JJ DBL Conveners atlas-phys-hdbs-VVres-JJ VVJJFullRun2 EXOT3   ResonanceFinder Phase0, HDBS-2018-31 arXiv:1906.08589 JHEP09(2019)091
VBF HH → 4b Yu Nakahama, M. Swiatlowski atlas-phys-hdbs-DiBoson-4b hh4bFullRun2 EXOT8     Phase0 HDBS-2018-18 Conf-Conversion ATLAS-CONF-2019-030
CWoLa Hunting A. Cukierman, B. Nachman atlas-phys-hdbs-CWoLaHunting-hadronic XYZ_CWoLa_FullRun2       HDBS-2018-59  
Semi-leptonic Final States
VV semi-leptonic T. Nobe, L. Xu atlas-phys-hdbs-VVres-semileptonic VVSemileptonicFullRun2 HIGG5D1 HIGG5D2 HIGG2D4 CxAOD ResonanceFinder HDBS-2018-10  

Publications based on 2015+2016 dataset

Analysis Meeting Contact(s) eGroup Wiki Analysis Note, Paper, CONF Note GLANCE Derivation
Inclusive Analyses
General search Fri 11h00 (2015) S. Amoroso, M. Rotaru atlas-phys-susy-generalsearch GeneralSearch arXiv:1807.07447 EXOT-2016-38 SUSY1
WW/WZ/ZZ/VH resonances
VBF/VBS WW→ lνlν   (2015) J. Zhu atlas-phys-exotics-diboson-vbf atlas-phys-higgs-hww-highmass VbfVbs2015 ATLAS-CONF-2016-053 (2015)    
WZ → lνll Mon 15h30 J. Manjarres,S. Hassani atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-run2-lvll WZlvllSearchRun2 arXiv:1806.01532 EXOT-2016-11 HIGG2D1
ZV → llqq/vvqq Thurs 14h00 F. Dias F. Lo Sterzo L. Xu atlas-phys-higgs-exotics-VV-llqqvvqq DibosonResonancesllqqvvqq2016 arXiv:1708.09638 EXOT-2016-29 EXOT12 HIGG5D1
WV → lνqq Tues 17h00 T. Nobe atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-run2-lvqq-llqq DibosonResonanceslvqq2015 DibosonResonanceslvqq2016 arXiv:1710.07235 EXOT-2016-28 EXOT11 HIGG5D2
VV→ JJ Thurs 14h30 Y. Gao atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-run2-JJ DibosonResonancesJJ2015, DibosonResonancesJJ2016 arXiv:1708.04445 EXOT-2016-19 EXOT3
VH semileptonic Tues 15h00 G. Halladjian, S. Argyropoulos atlas-phys-higgs-exotics-VHreso-lepbb VhResonances2015, VhResonancesLepbb2016 arxiv:1712.06518 EXOT-2016-10 HIGG5D1 HIGG5D2 HIGG2D4
VH → qqbb Thurs 16h00 I. Ochoa atlas-phys-exotics-VHreso-run2-qqbb VhqqbbResonances2015 VhqqbbResonances2016 arXiv:1707.06958 EXOT-2016-12 EXOT3
Vγ /Hγ Wed 13h30 Z. Liang, S. Li atlas-phys-exotics-Xgamma-run2 VgammaResonanceSearches2015 VgammaResonanceSearches2016 arXiv:1805.01908 EXOT-2016-30 EXOT3
Combination Wed 17h00 V. Cavaliere, R. Camacho atlas-phys-exotics-vv-vh-res-run2-comb 2015: DBCombRun2 , 2016: VVVHCombRun2 arXiv:1808.02380 EXOT-2017-31  
W' → Xh → JJ   K. Iordanidou     arXiv:1709.06783 EXOT-2017-04 EXOT3
A → ZH (not 125) Fri 14h00 X. Sun atlas-phys-higgs-AZH-analysis AZH_run_2 arXiv:1804.01126 EXOT-2016-34 HIGG2D4
HH → 4b Fri 14h30 M. Kagan D. Wardrope, Jana Schaarschmidt atlas-phys-exotics-diboson4b XhhCommon arXiv:1804.06174 EXOT-2016-31 EXOT8

Run 1: Publications with the 8 TeV dataset

Analysis Meeting Contact(s) eGroup Wiki Analysis Note, Paper, CONF Note EdBoard Public Plots
Inclusive Analyses
SS dilepton informal meeting E. Lytken,
K. Hamano
atlas-phys-exotics-2012ssdilepton PrelimAnal2012 2013-324 ( JHEP draft) Glance EXOT-2012-25 (JHEP)
Multi(>=3)-leptons Informal meeting P.O. Deviveiros atlas-phys-exotics-multilepton MultiLeptons8TeV 2013-651 ( CONF draft)
2014-236 ( JHEP draft)
Glance ( CONF) EXOT-2012-20 (JHEP)
Mono-Z(ll) dark matter Informal meeting A. Nelson atlas-phys-exotics-monoz ZllDarkMatter 2013-338 ( PRL draft) Glance EXOT-2012-26 (PRD)
Heavy Leptons
Heavy neutrino Informal meeting J. Klinger atlas-phys-exotics-majorana WrHeavyMajoranaNeutrinoAnalysis2012 2013-810 ( Paper draft) Glance EXOT-2014-24 (JHEP)
Type-III Seesaw: dilepton Informal meeting F. De Lorenzi atlas-phys-exotics-t3seesaw   2014-273 ( PRL Draft) Glance EXOT-2014-07 (PRD)
Type-III Seesaw: 3+ leptons Informal meeting L. Wiik-Fuchs,
D. Yu
atlas-phys-exotics-t3seesaw   2014-344 ( JHEP draft) Glance ( CONF) EXOT-2014-08 (JHEP)
WW/WZ/ZZ resonances
WZ→ lνll   H. Wang atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-lvll 20fb-1 WZResonanceSearchAt8TeVFull2012
13fb-1 WZResonanceSearchAt8TeV
2013-1452 (PLB Draft) Glance EXOT-2013-07 (PLB)
ATLAS-CONF-2013-015 (13 fb-1)
ZV → llqq Informal meeting K. Terashi atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-2l2j DibosonResonanceslljjWithllJ2012
2013-1556 Glance EXOT-2013-06 (EPJC)
ATLAS-CONF-2012-150 (7.2 fb-1)
WV → lνqq Informal meeting A. Ruiz Martinez atlas-phys-exotics-vvres-lvjj DibosonResonanceslvjj2012 2013-486 ( Paper Draft) Glance EXOT-2013-01 (EPJC)
VV→ JJ Informal meeting E.Kajomovitz atlas-phys-exotics-dbres-JJ DibosonResonancesJJ2012 Search note ( JHEP Draft)
Boson tagging note
Glance EXOT-2013-08 (JHEP)
VV Combination Informal Meeting M. Hance atlas-phys-exotics-dbx-comb   2014-1330 ( Paper Draft) Glance EXOT-2014-18 (PLB)
VH/Vjj Informal meeting V. Cavaliere atlas-phys-exotics-dbx-Vjj TechnicolorSearch2012 2013-101 ( CONF draft)
2014-213 ( EPJC Draft)
Glance ( CONF) EXOT-2013-23 (EPJC)
Wgamma/Zgamma Informal meeting H. Abreu atlas-phys-exotics-vgamma VgammaResonanceSearches 2013-1044, Summited to PLB Glance EXOT-2013-09 (PLB)
Exotic Higgs decays
H→ ZZdark   T. Lagouri atlas-phys-higgs-hzprimezprime4l   2013-1308 ( Paper Draft) Glance EXOT-2013-15 (PRD)
H→ ZdarkZdark     atlas-phys-higgs-hzprimezprime4l   2014-115 ( Paper Draft) Glance EXOT-2013-15 (PRD)

Run 1 Archive

See our DBL Run 1 archive for information on analyses performed with 7 TeV and partial 8 TeV data samples.

Latest HL-LHC Prospect Studies

Channel Public Lnk Glance
VV Search and Measurement ATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-022 PUB-EXOT-2018-24
HH → 4b ATL-PHYS-PUB-2018-028 PUB-EXOT-2018-42

Signal models and main MC generators

Signal Models

Theory Model Contact Ref.
VBF Charged Higgs Haleh Hadavand arXiv:1507.02549
Heavy Higgs bosons/Scalar resonances   arXiv:0706.4311
Heavy Vector Triplet Georges Azuelos arXiv:1402.4431
Bulk RS Graviton Stephane Willocq arXiv:0701186

Monte Carlo Generators


  • Git: repository
  • On EOS: /eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/phys-hdbs/dbl/
  • HDBS approval steps: twiki
  • Guidelines for contacts: twiki
  • Blinding policy: link
  • Guidelines for significant digits: document
  • Material from previous publications (e.g. workspaces) can be found on the phys-hdbs/dbl eos space and on tape:
    • 2015 combination: group.phys-exotics.combination_dbx_2015

MC Validation Requirements

  • Guidelines for validation of new MC samples (to be presented at a DBL meeting): twiki
  • Please check the PMG known-issues page to make sure generator versions and Athena releases are valid: twiki
  • There is also a dedicated HDBS area with known issues: twiki

CxAOD framework

Statistical Frameworks and Guidelines

Analysis methods

Theory Uncertainties

Relevant hands-on sessions and tutorials

  • RECAST by L. Heinrich: link
  • Trigger studies by B. Carlson and E. Tolley: agenda
  • Functional-form fits (including functional decomposition, gaussian processes): agenda

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