Jet Energy Scale and Resolution Subgroup

Convenors: Fabrice Balli, Chris Young


The Jet Energy Scale and Resolution group is a subgroup of the JetEtMiss group dedicated to measuring the jet energy scale and energy resolution, as well as their uncertainties and correlations.

Current recommendations for physics analyses

See the JetCalibrationToolsForPhysicsAnalyses and JetUncertainties2012Final twiki pages. For dijet specific analyses, some useful info is on the JetStudies2012 page. For the resolution : use ApplyJetResolutionSmearing-00-01-02 and JetResolution-02-00-02. Further instructions at JetEnergyResolutionProvider2012 and ApplyJetResolutionSmearing.

Meetings and Mailing Lists

Current and Future Analyses

Below a list of current analyses happening within the group as well as possible future analyses are listed. Either list may not be complete, please let us know if that is the case. For ongoing analyses, a (possibly incomplete) list of people working on them, and a twiki/e-group (when available) are listed.

Both analyses in progress and future projects need manpower (ongoing analyses often need to be carried over to new datasets, so do not be discouraged if some people are already listed). If you are thinking of starting a new project or joining an ongoing one, we hope the information found below is helpful in making your choice. Please also contact us to further discuss your interest.

High priority tasks

  • Pile-up systematic estimation
  • Multijet balance in-situ analysis
  • Recommissioning of origin correction
  • Recommissioning of punch-through correction
  • Cross-calibration for detector and energy changes btw 2012/15
  • eta-intercalibration with early Run2 data : dedicated page EtaIntercalibration2015

Remaining Run I analyses

Analysis Active People
Final JER Z+jets G. Lefebvre
Final JER gamma+jets A. Olariu
Final JER multijets W. Leight
Final JER Noise term C. Sawyer, C. Young
Final JER combination B. Malaescu

Run I CONF and paper

Analysis Editors Link
CONF MC JES & Uncertainties C. Sawyer, C. Young pdf
CONF GSC R. Camacho, J. Taenzer  
CONF Eta intercalibration J. Lacey, A. Pilkington  
CONF V+jets S. Lammers, M. Vetterli, P. Starovoitov  
2012 JES/JER paper B. Malaescu, D. Gillberg  

Run II preparation

MANPOWER NEEDED -- even if there is a name for the subject you may be interested in, there is still a lot of work to do in each of these areas.

Analysis Active People Deadline Link
xAOD migration - Jet calibration tool J. Taenzer 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Jet uncertainty provider S. Schramm, DeMarco 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - JVT pile-up suppression P. Nef (?) 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Pile-up correction and systematics S. Alkire 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Origin correction NOBODY 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - MC JES and eta calibration G. Marceca, J.-L. La Rosa 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - GSC J. Bossio 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Eta intercalibration M. Queitsch-Maitland, F. Balli 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Z+jet J. Horton, A. Dattagupta, P. Starovoitov 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Gamma+jet J. Beare, A. Olariu 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Multijet balance NOBODY 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Single particle B. Axen 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Combination B. Malaescu 30/10/2014  
xAOD migration - Jet Energy Resolution S. Farrell 30/10/2014  
Cross-calibration 2012 vs 2015 data      
Punchthrough correction      

NB: the active members responsible for xAOD migration are also responsible for re-running the whole analysis in November and have DC14 recommendations for end-of-November.

Analyses in Progress


Sub-topic Analysis Active People Twiki/E-group
Pile-up Corrections Monte Carlo Truth-level Offset J. Backus Mayes, C. Sandoval twiki
JVF-based Correction J. Backus Mayes  
Offset Calculation using Jet Areas L. Bryngemark  
Offset Calculation using Random Cones P. Manning  
Offset validation with Track-jets J. Backus Mayes, G. Zevi della Porta  
Offset validation with $\gamma$+jet Balance A. Tanasijczuk  
Inclusive JES Monte Carlo Absolute JES T. Sumida  
Validation using $\gamma$+jet Balance L. Kogan, F. Vives twiki
Validation using $\gamma$+jet MPF J. Kvita, A. Tanasijczuk twiki
Validation using di-jet ($\eta$ intercalibration) G. Brown, D. Gillberg, R. King, V. Kus, J. Lacey, C. Suhr twiki
Validation using Z+jet J-F Grivaz, J-B Sauvan  
Validation using Multi-jet Sample X. Chao, K. Terashi twiki
Validation using Tracks in di-jet Sample F. Paige  
Validation using Tracks in Z+jet Sample M. Shapiro  
Combination of Measurements C. Doglioni, D. Gillberg, B. Malaescu  
Non-isolated Jets Isolation Definition C. Doglioni, D. Gillberg, H. Reisin, M. Swiatlowski twiki
JES Validation using Tracks K. Terashi  
Quark/gluon JES Monte Carlo Systematics D. Lopez Mateos, S. Adomeit, A. Picazio  
Validation Using $\gamma$+jet Balance F. Vives  
Validation Using di-jet Balance H. Reisin  
b-jet JES Monte Carlo Systematics K. Loureiro  
Semileptonic JES in MC D. Lopez Mateos, K. Mercurio, A. Yen  
Validation of JES using $t\bar{t}$ G. Compostella, G. Cortiana  
Validation of JES using di-jet Sample D. Lopez Mateos, K. Mercurio  
Validation of JES using Z+jet Sample D. Lopez Mateos, A. Yen  
Validation of JES using $\gamma$+jet Sample K. Ikematsu,  
Jet Energy Resolution Jet Energy Resolution Measurement using di-jets G. Otero, S. Sacerdoti  
Improvement of Resolution using $N_{trk}$ G. Otero, H. Reisin  
Improvement of Resolution using Calorimeter Props (GS) (uncovered currently) twiki
High pT Jets Performance and Calibration C. Issever, S. Schramm twiki
Study of Punchthrough Effects using dijets S. Gupta  
Study of Punchthrough Effects using D* T. Huffman  
Study of Punchthrough Effects using gamma+jet V. Pleskot  
Multijet Calibration G.Vardanyan  
High pT Jet Cleaning V. Pleskot, A. Saddique, O. Endner, F. Guescini, A. Picazio, D. Salek  

Potential Future Projects

Sub-topic Analysis
Pile-up Corrections Offset validation with dijet balance
Offset derivation or validation using MC with overlaid ZB data
Correcting for the effect of pile-up on the jet mass (with substructure group)
Study of improved variables for parametrizing pile-up
Dependence of the offset on jet properties
Use of tracks to correct for the effect of pile-up on the jet direction
Inclusive JES Measurement of JES/JER Using Hadronic Ws from top
Non-isolated Jets JES Correction for Different Topologies
Quark/gluon JES JES Correction vs Likelihood Variable
Heavy flavor JES Validation using $Z\rightarrow b\bar{b}$
Validation using Tracks and Reconstructed C-Hadron Decays
JES Correction for C-Hadron Decays
Jet Energy Resolution Resolution Measurement using hadronic Ws
b-jet Resolution Measurement using top mass reconstruction
Angular Resolution Measurement (and pile-up dependence)
b-jet Resolution Monte Carlo Study
b-jet Resolution using di-jet Sample
b-jet Resolution using $\gamma$+jet
b-jet Resolution using Z+jet
b-jet/c-jet Angular Resolution Measurement (and pile-up dependence)

Analysis Tools and Common Selections

D3PD Information 2011 samples

See the AnalysisData2011 page and the JetEtMiss D3PD page.

Jet ETmiss samples

Recalibration and Smearing Tools

Due to testing of multiple calibration baselines, it is recommended to recalibrate jets from the D3PD using the guidelines found here: Jet Calibration Tools For Physics Analyses

Jets are also required to be smeared in the Monte Carlo, to allow for data/MC agreement, as calculated using release 16. Preliminary results with release 17 suggest that the smearing values may change slightly (for the better) in the new release. However, those changes have not been propagated to the tools above, and they will not modify the interfaces of the tools (being transparent to analyses).

Recommendations for the in-situ JES analyses

For the preliminary Moriond JES.


The final calibration is in the ApplyJetCalibration package. The recommended tag is ApplyJetCalibration-00-03-35 (link to SVN)

Jet response fitting tool

See JetResponseFitter.

Reference region


Jet cleaning

''isBadLoose'' (to be updated for the final JES measurement, post Moriond).

Example code

See the JetEtMissAnalysis twiki. Example code to run on xAODs : SoftwareTutorialxAODAnalysisInROOT

Notes, papers, and documentation 2012

See this Twiki page

Notes, papers, and documentation 2011

Many of the CONF notes currently being developed have had previous versions, listed below in the twiki linked from the JetEtMiss main page. New CONF notes based on the full 2011 dataset will be listed here as they become available.

Major updates:
-- DagGillberg - 06-Dec-2011 -- DavidLopezMateos - 04-Jan-2012 -- FabriceBalli - 08 Oct 2014

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