Athena release setup


lsetup git

git atlas init-workdir

cd athena

git checkout release/21.0.75 ##Choose the relevant release

git checkout -b <new-branch-name> ##If you want to keep your changes, make a new branch

git atlas addpkg NAME_OF_PACKAGES ##E.g: InDetRecExample

cd ../build

asetup 21.0.75,Athena ##Setup the relevant release

###Add the local packages to the package filter

cmake ../athena/Projects/WorkDir

make -j

source x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/

Athena release setup 20.20

asetup,here PixelConditionsServices

cd WorkArea/cmt

cmt broadcast cmt config; cmt broadcast cmt make binclean; cmt broadcast cmt make

TTHbb L1 code

Important - Please make sure you compile under an SLC6 environment (lxplus6 or setupATLAS -c slc6 should provide you with what you need as a bare minimum).

The following are the instructions to allow you to submit the jobs in an automated fashion. I have tried to assign samples to you all based on how long I expect the jobs to run (and also what samples I think you’re most likely to care and check up on anyway). They are listed here ( and note if I have your grid username wrong, please correct it here and let me know. You will also need to change the information in the submission script used in step 16) below.

# Step 0 is not needed if you are comfortable using an existing local repository

0) git clone

1) cd TTHbbAnalysis

2) git fetch

# Make sure you see that the tag appears in the log messages

3) git checkout

4) cd ../

# Building the tag

5) mkdir TTHbbAnalysis-212860-build

6) cd TTHbbAnalysis-212860-build

7) setupATLAS

8) asetup AnalysisTop,21.2.86

9) cmake ../TTHbbAnalysis && make

10) source x*/

11) cd ../

# Preparing the grid area

12) mkdir TTHbbAnalysis-212860-grid

13) cd TTHbbAnalysis-212860-grid

14) getTTHbbProdScripts

# This will copy all our submission scripts to this folder

15) source

16) ./

# Note that there may be times when you are told the spreadsheet needs updating (you should do this)

17) # Check the list of samples printed and the cut files generated

18) # Edit the submission script and set noSubmit = False

19) ./

TTHbb download

cd download



TTHbb CPPM L2 code

# Create file list

dans TTHbbAnalysis/TTHbbOfflineAnalysis/run: for file in /squark1/coadou/TopAnaOutput/TTHbb212640/* ; do echo $file; ./ $file group datasamples_212640new; done

marsquark python libraries table


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/cvmfs/

Upload to the database

/afs/ --folder /PIXEL/ITkClusterError --tag tagname --retag newtagname Dbfile OFLP200 ATLAS_COOLWRITE ATLAS_COOLOFL_PIXEL_W WCOOLOFL4PIXEL11

Read local database "sqlite://;schema=afs/;dbname=OFLP200"

Read central database "COOLOFL_PIXEL/OFLP200"

>>> listtags /PIXEL/ITkClusterError
Listing tags for folder /PIXEL/ITkClusterError PixelITkError_v1 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v1_ATLAS-P2-ITK-22-00-00 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v2 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v2_ATLAS-P2-ITK-22-00-00 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v3 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v3_ATLAS-P2-ITK-17-04-02 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v3_ATLAS-P2-ITK-22-00-00 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v3_ATLAS-P2-ITK-22-02-00 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v4_ATLAS-P2-ITK-23-00-00 (unlocked) [] PixelITkError_v4_ATLAS-P2-ITK-23-00-01 (unlocked) []

Copy tag in central database

/afs/ --newtag ATLAS_COOLWRITE ATLAS_COOLOFL_PIXEL_W WCOOLOFL4PIXEL11 OFLP200 /PIXEL/ITkClusterError PixelITkError_v4_ATLAS-P2-ITK-23-00-01 PixelITkError_v4_ATLAS-P2-ITK-23-00-02

PhysVal web display --reffile q445:NTUP_PHYSVAL.q445.pool.root NTUP_PHYSVAL.q447.pool.root --outdir ~/www/PHYSVAL/ --title "q447" --ratio --reffile nominal_r13998:NTUP_PHYSVAL_mu200_nominal_r13998_70p6k.root NTUP_PHYSVAL_mu200_overlay_r14001_99k.root --outdir ~/www/PHYSVAL/Overlay/mu200_nominal_overlay_Tracking/ --title "overlay_r14001 mu=200" --ratio --pathregex SquirrelPlots --normalize

prmon --input prmon.full.HITtoRDO --xvar wtime --yvar vmem,pss,rss,swap --yunit GB


acmd diff-root ../run_q447_ref/myAOD.pool.root myAOD.pool.root --error-mode resilient

-- ThomasStrebler - 2017-06-18

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