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Working with screen on lxplus

1. Creating new screen:


2. Disconnecting from all screens keeping them running in background: Ctrl+a d

We're now in regular session: [detached] appears.

3. Now we can disconnect from regular session and then log in again. (note that you have to log in to the same lxplus node - make sure you remember which one you were in before!) This way all running jobs will be killed except for those working in screens.

screen -ls

will show all your active screens, e.g.

[login@machinename]/mydir% screen -ls
There is a screen on:
        36713.pts-21.machinename (Detached)
        2794.pts-33.machinename   (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-login.

will appear.

4. Now say we want to reconnect to second screen:

screen -r 2794.pts-33.machinename (or simply screen -r 2794) (in case you have only 1 running screen you can simply type screen -r without any screen id indication!)

5. To destroy current (or all your existing screens - to be checked) screen and stop all running jobs in there press Ctrl+d while in screen.

If you've have some screen running for >~ 12 h please kill it - otherwise you'll get "AFS token expired"

6. To kill attached screen, e.g. 36713.pts-21.machinename (Attached)


kill 36713

7. In case screen got frozen kill it and then wipe screens list:

kill 36713

screen -wipe

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