Hallo everybody, I created a few pages in CMS Twiki. It would be really great if I could add some very preliminary material such as unpublished drafts, draft presentations and such for perusal by CMS users, but unvisible to any other nonCMS user. Is this functionality possible ? Thanks a lot stefano


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-- StefanoBianco - 10 Jun 2008


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This is possible and CMS have recently requested such functionality. Please contact Andreas Pfeiffer for more information.

-- PeterJones - 10 Jun 2008

Assuming that. CMSwebAccessSimbaGroup is a group of CMS? then you can use the access rights documented here. TWikiPreferences#Access_Control_Settings. More over if you want to the whole draft -> approval -> publish process then WorkflowPlugin exists. Having said last time I tried WorkflowPlugin it did not quite work right but a similar problem with another plugin now looks to be fixed so it might be worth ago again.

-- SteveTraylen - 11 Jun 2008

If you just need to block read access to non CMS users you can set this within a topic

   * Set DENYTOPICVIEW = Main.TWikiGuest
   * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = CMSwebAccessSimbaGroup 

In a web that has been created specifically to allow access to only a group of users this setting is done once in the WebPreferences page

-- PeterJones - 12 Jun 2008

Hi Peter, thanks for your hint, I tried it in MuonRpcPrivate it seems to work. But the two Set commands actually show up in page. How to do to have them not showing ? thanks,


-- StefanoBianco - 15 Jun 2008

Surround the setting with the comment markers.


   * Set DENYTOPICCHANGE = Main.SomeGroup

-- PeterJones - 16 Jun 2008

Hallo again Peter. Now something weird happened. The page appeared in and it works great. I asked an ATLAS friend to login and she couldn't. Great.

HOWEVER, the page also magically appeared in and it is public !

help please

thanks a lot stefano

-- StefanoBianco - 16 Jun 2008

You are referring to the same page. Once access control is set in a page TWiki uses viewauth to display it. Always use the full path when referring to a TWikiUser or TWikiGroup like Main.TWikiGuest

-- PeterJones - 17 Jun 2008

I inserted the link to MuonRpcPrivate in the (bottom of the page).

When clicked, it will not use viewauth, it is just public. Where am I skrewing up ? thanx

-- StefanoBianco - 17 Jun 2008

I have changed the private page for you. Access control settings must be in a list and therefore be in the form

space space space *

Lists are 3, 6 , 9 spaces and you had 4 spaces for your setting.

Can you check again

-- PeterJones - 17 Jun 2008

nope, stil not working. I can access it without incurring in viewauth

-- StefanoBianco - 20 Jun 2008

Only members of CMSwebAccessSimbaGroup may view the private topic and it would seem that you are not in that group. You should ask to be put into the Simba mailing list

-- PeterJones - 23 Jun 2008

The best method is to use a CMS egroup which is now supported. Foe example the CMS web is protected for users of the cms-web-access egroup

-- PeterJones -

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