How we can make all our pages non visible for people not at CERN?

We would like that only CERN users can read our web. Are our pages open to everybody outside the CERN?

Thank you.


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-- TonoRiesco - 16 Sep 2008


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It is possible to set access control on webs or on individual topics.

The easiest is to protect the Web so that only authenticated users can access it. (Like for the CNIC web.) For this, you need to edit the "WebPreferences" topic of your web with the following settings:

NB NB NB: If you apply access restrictions, you MUST remove the web from the sitemap (see above)

          o Set DENYWEBVIEW = TWikiGuest
          o Set ALLOWWEBVIEW =
          o Set DENYWEBCHANGE = TWikiGuest
          o Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE =
          o Set DENYWEBRENAME = TWikiGuest
          o Set ALLOWWEBRENAME = 

If you need to keep some information completely public, tt is better to decide which set of documents you want left open to the public and separate them from the private topics. Groups of Twiki users can be created and may be used for access control. See TWikiAccessControl for further information. Use the email address at the bottom of the page to request any changes.

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