Hello I have a problem with a twiki table (see below) that does not visualize correctly (the 5th column disappears after the first raw)

Date Id Requester Sample description Binned Total # of evts Cross section Total eff. cfg time per event (s)Sorted descending size per event Additional Notes
    M. Pierini W+0j   3.05E7 3.05E4 4.80E-1        
    M. Pierini W+1j 0<pT(W)<100 6.23E6 6.23E3 5.15E-2        
    M. Pierini W+2j 0<pT(W)<100 1.66E6 1.67E3 2.43E-2        
    M. Pierini W+3j 0<pT(W)<100 4.02E5 4.02E2 1.28E-4        
    M. Pierini W+4j 0<pT(W)<100 8.73E4 8.73E1 4.07E-5        
    M. Pierini W+5j 0<pT(W)<100 2.36E4 2.36E1 9.18E-6        
    M. Pierini W+1j 100<pT(W)<300 1.47E5 1.47E2 2.53E-2        
    M. Pierini W+2j 100<pT(W)<300 1.35E5 1.35E2 1.06E-3        
    M. Pierini W+3j 100<pT(W)<300 6.58E4 6.58E1 2.13E-4        
    M. Pierini W+4j 100<pT(W)<300 2.22E4 2.22E1 4.14E-5        
    M. Pierini W+5j 100<pT(W)<300 1.00E4 9.30 1.31E-5        
    M. Pierini W+1j 300<pT(W)<800 1.00E4 1.43 1.17E-2        
    M. Pierini W+2j 300<pT(W)<800 1.00E4 2.02 4.25E-4        
    M. Pierini W+3j 300<pT(W)<800 1.00E4 1.56 6.54E-5        
    M. Pierini W+4j 300<pT(W)<800 1.00E4 0.77 1.35E-5        
    M. Pierini W+5j 300<pT(W)<800 1.00E4 0.51 7.84E-6        
    M. Pierini W+1j 800<pT(W)<1600 1.00E4 1.5E-5 1.79E-3        
    M. Pierini W+2j 800<pT(W)<1600 1.00E4 3.9E-5 1.49E-4        
    M. Pierini W+3j 800<pT(W)<1600 1.00E4 4.0E-5 3.05E-5        
    M. Pierini W+4j 800<pT(W)<1600 1.00E4 2.6E-5 5.79E-6        
    M. Pierini W+5j 800<pT(W)<1600 1.00E4 1.7E-5 2.23E-6        
    M. Pierini W+1j 1600<pT(W) 1.00E4 1.5E-5 1.10E-3        
    M. Pierini W+2j 1600<pT(W) 1.00E4 3.7E-5 7.95E-5        
    M. Pierini W+3j 1600<pT(W) 1.00E4 3.9E-5 2.16E-5        
    M. Pierini W+4j 1600<pT(W) 1.00E4 2.5E-5 4.60E-6        
    M. Pierini W+5j 1600<pT(W) 1.00E4 1.7E-5 1.56E-6        


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Categories: Tables

-- MaurizioPierini - 19 Feb 2009


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The code looks ok, the < may confuse the table though. Did you have a topic that contains this example?

-- PeterJones - 28 Apr 2009

Closed, user sorted out syntax

-- PeterJones - 28 Apr 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

-- PeterJones - 04 Nov 2007

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