Migration from CMSSW 1_7_7 to 3_1


Migration Trace (Jun 01 2009 - Aug 21 2009)


Step Task Duration Progress
1 Transportation Jun 01 - June 15 Done
2 Translation 16 Jun - 28 July Done
3 Testing 29 July - 21 Aug 30%


As the migration work is progressing, people are still updating the code based on the Totem software @ CMSSW_1_7_7. Version synchronization work (merge the updated code to the new Totem software @ CMSSW_3_1_X) is done at some certain check points. The following list shows synchronization history. For detail information about each synchronization, you can check the Synchronization Log section.

The work is carried out by:

  1. Check out the latest code @ CMSSW_1_7_7 from the CVS.
  2. Compare the code with migrating version.
  3. Merge the code.

Syn ID Date CVS Check Out Date
1 10 July 2009 10 July 2009
2 31 July 2009 31 July 2009

Step 1: Transportation

Transport all the modules in the old Totem package (@ CMSSW_1_7_7) to the new framework CMSSW_3_1_0. Make sure that all modules get compiled successfully.

The module transporting trace is decided by the increasing dependencies among all these modules.

ID Module
[1-1] DataFormats
[1-2] IOMC
[1-3] TotemCondFormats
[1-4] Configuration
[1-5] SimG4CMS
[1-6] SimG4Core
[1-7] Geometry
[1-8] EventFilter
[1-9] TotemDataReadout
[1-10] RecoTotemRP
[1-11] TotemAlignment
[1-12] SimTotem
[1-13] L1TriggerTotem
[1-14] RecoTotemT1T2
[1-15] TotemAnalysis
[1-16] TotemBackground
[1-17] TotemRPValidation
[1-18] TotemT1T2Validation
[1-19] TotemDQM


  1. IORawData module in the original Totem package (@ CMSSW_1_7_7) is obsolete, thus it is not migrated into the new version of Totem package (@ CMSSW_3_1_0).
  2. Geometry/Records (@ CMSSW_1_7_7) will not be included into the new version of Totem package (@ CMSSW_3_1_0). Instead A new submodule Geometry/TotemRecords, which contains only RealGeometryRecord.[h,cc] and MisalignedGeometryRecord.[h,cc] about Totem, will take its place.


Step 2: Translation

Transfer the configuration files in CMS-specific configuration language to the equivalent ones in Python Configuration Syntax.

The translation trace follows the transporting trace in step 1.

ID Module
[2-1] IOMC
[2-2] Configuration
[2-3] Geometry
[2-4] TotemDataReadout
[2-5] RecoTotemRP
[2-6] TotemAlignment
[2-7] SimTotem
[2-8] L1TriggerTotem
[2-9] RecoTotemT1T2
[2-10] TotemBackground
[2-11] TotemRPValidation
[2-12] TotemT1T2Validation
[2-13] TotemDQM


There are some old format configuration files which have not been translated because they are obsolete. The list for these files are:

  • RecoTotemT1T2/T2MakeCluster/test/*.cfg > ==idealOnlyTotemGeometryXML.cfi is missing
  • RecoTotemT1T2/T2RecHit/test/*.cfg > ==idealOnlyTotemGeometryXML.cfi is missing
  • RecoTotemT1T2/T2RoadProducer/*.cfg > ==idealOnlyTotemGeometryXML.cfi is missing
  • TotemBackground/BeanGas/data/RP_sim_*.cfg ==> refer to many obsolete cfi files


Step 3: Testing

Run the test suit (offline/cmssw/examples/) to make sure that the preceding transportation process does not change any functionality of the Totem software. This process is done by running the cmsRun with a series of test configuration files. The resulting root files will be sent to the experts from T1/T2/RP, who are responsible for certain modules for further validation if necessary. This process may require to go back to the Transportation and Translation phases, because errors would be included in these two phases or some modules need to be updated.

The testing trace is shown as follows. The test suit can be found from offline/cmssw/examples/. There are two folders under this folder: production/ and validation/. The configuration files under production/ aim to simulate events ,do the track reconstruction, and produce the results. The configuration files under validation/ aim to validate the results made by the files under production/ and produce the validation summary results.

Target Detector Production ValidationSorted ascending Process
T1T2 gunT1T2mu_cfg.py valgunT1T2mu_cfg.py OK
T1T2 gunT1T2pi_cfg.py valgunT1T2pi_cfg.py OK
RP RPelastic1535_cfg.py valRPelastic1535_cfg.py Fail
RP RPelastic90_cfg.py valRPelastic90_cfg.py Fail
RP RPinelastic1535_cfg.py valRPinelastic1535_cfg.py Fail
RP RPinelastic2_cfg.py valRPinelastic2_cfg.py Fail
RP RPinelastic90_cfg.py valRPinelastic90_cfg.py Fail
RP + T1T2 RPT1T2pythiaSDbeta2_cfg.py valRPT1T2pythiaSDbeta2_cfg.py Fail
RP + T1T2 RPT1T2pythiaSDbeta90_cfg.py valRPT1T2pythiaSDbeta90_cfg.py Fail

-- ZhengkuiZhang - 07 August 2009

Change Log (Jun 01 2009 - Aug 21 2009)


Step Task Duration Progress
1 Transportation Jun 01 - June 15 Done
2 Translation 16 Jun - 28 July Done
3 Testing 29 July - 21 Aug 30%

NOTE: Because the change log is so long (>1000 lines), it is more advisable to only give a summary on what kinds of changes are made. The detail change log can be downloaded from https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/TOTEM/CompOfflineCMSSWMigration177to31/change_log.

Step 1: Transportation

Summary of changes

ID 1-1
Reason Some head files have been moved to a new directory.
Change Update the references in both BuildFiles and *.[h,cc] files accordingly.
<use name=SimDataFormats/HepMCProduct>  
-->  <use name=SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts>
#include "SimDataFormats/HepMCProduct/interface/HepMCProduct.h" 
-->  #include "SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts/interface/HepMCProduct.h"
#include "PluginManager/ModuleDef.h"  
-->  #include "FWCore/PluginManager/interface/ModuleDef.h"

ID 1-2
Reason Some root or C++ standard library file is not implicitly included any more.
Change Include those library files explicitly in *.[h,cc] files.
#include "TClass.h"
#include "TMath.h"
#include <map>
<use name=rootgraphics>
#include <math.h>
<use name=hepmc>
<use name=SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts>
<use name=clhep>
#include "CLHEP/Vector/LorentzVector.h"

ID 1-3
Reason A circular dependency of the parent class and the child class happens. rootcint refuse to compile.
Change Use trick fool the rootcint.
Example-1 change_log/[1-7]

ID 1-4
Reason CMSSW_1_7_7 used CLHEP::Hep3Vector as the return type of CaloG4Hit::getEntry(), while from CMSSW1_8_4 math::XYZPoint was used instead.
Change Replace Hep3Vector to math::XYZPoint
Example_1 change_log/[1-8]

ID 1-5
Reason Some tools which were used in CMSSW_1_7_7 may not be needed in CMSSW_3_1_0 or be replaced by some other tools already.
Change Remove them from BuildFiles.
<use name=Foundation/PluginManager>
<use name=Framework/SealKernel>
<use name=DataFormats/TotemData>
<use name=RecoTotemRP/RPServiceRecords>
<use name=SimGeneral/HepPDT>

ID 1-6
Reason The interfaces and implementations of some classes were changed from CMSSW_1_7_7 to CMSSW_3_1_0.
Change Compare and merge the code.
Example_1 change_log/[1-12]
Example_2 change_log/[1-32]

ID 1-7
Reason Some modules are obsolete.
Change Do not migrate these modules.
Example_1 IORawData (change_log/[1-10])
Example_2 Geometry/Records (change_log/[1-13])

Step 2: Translation

Translation is done by mainly done by running the translation tool from the CMS workbook: Translation Utilities

  1. Dump to the screen a translation of your configuration file: python cfg2py.py
  2. Put the output file in the appropriate python/subdirectory of your package: python translate.py <subsystem/package/dir/your cfg, cff, or cfi>
  3. Find the comments in your old file, and tries to translate them over to the python file: python comments.py
  4. Test if your new python file will compile: python <subsystem/package/python/your py file>
If translation fail, manual modification is carried out. After translation, manual checking is carried out, because the translated configuration file will seldom keep the statements' sequence as in the old configuration file.

Summary of changes

ID 2-1
Reason Some cfg files are obsolete.
Change Delete these files.

ID 2-2
Reason "." which means reference should not be used to inside a variable name.
Change Remove the dot inside the variables' name.
"error.txt", "warning.txt", "info.txt", "debugmessage.txt"  
-->  "errors", "warnings", "infos", "debugs"

ID 2-3
Reason mix_none.cfi is obsolete and does not exist anymore since CMSSW_1_8_4. mixNoPU.cfi is the closest alternative.
include "SimGeneral/MixingModule/data/mix_none.cfi"
-->  process.load("SimGeneral.MixingModule.mixNoPU_cfi")

ID 2-4
Reason Don't use number in the beginning of a file name. scram build complains about it.
Change Rename the files' name.
Example-1 chang_log/[2-6]

ID 2-5
Reason The volumeBasedMagneticField_cfi.py does not exist @ CMSSW_3_1_0, instead there are a few versions.
Change We choose the 3.8 T default magnetic field map (Configuration/StandardSequences/python/MagneticField_38T_cff).
Comment The newest way on how to use the magnetic field which is compatible with CMSSW_3_1_1 can be found at Magnetic Field Interface

ID 2-6
Reason The variable
is renamed to
Change Rename the variable accordingly.
Example-1 change_log/[2-12]

ID 2-7
Reason In cfg file, it is possible to use using PSet block to include a PSet block from other cfi files. However, in python, there is no equivalent mechanism.
Change Make use of python's assign-by-reference property to bypass. RPTransportVolumesDimensions is obsolete, because it has the same contents as BeamProtTransportSetup which is the outer scope block of RPTransportVolumesDimensions. So BeamProtTransportSetup will take the place of RPTransportVolumesDimensions. The source code for reading parameters from RPTransportVolumesDimensions should also be changed to read from BeamProtTransportSetup.
#1 BeamProtTransportSetup is declared in:
#2 we add a placeholder for BeamProtTransportSetup in:
#3 when you include those files (#2), the reference to BeamProtTransportSetup needs to be redirected to the original BeamProtTransportSetup declarations (#1).
Comment More information about this problem and how it is solved can be found from: Assign-By-Reference in Python, change_log/[2-15] and change_log/[2-19]

ID 2-8
Reason GeometryFilesBlock as an outer scope block from geomXMLFiles is not necessary. There is also no equivalent mechanism in python as the "using" in old configuration file.
Change #1 GeometryFilesBlock.geomXMLFiles is delcared in:
#2 GeometryFilesBlock.geomXMLFiles is appended with some xml file in:
In (#1) where GeometryFilesBlock.geomXMLFiles is delcared : First put the GeometryFilesBlock.geomXMLFiles inside XMLIdealGeometryESSource. Then delete GeometryFilesBlock.
In (#2) where GeometryFilesBlock.geomXMLFiles is appended with some xml file : use the following statement to append the xml file:
process.XMLIdealGeometryESSource.geomXMLFiles.append('an xml file name')

ID 2-9
Reason Make the pythia configuration files of Totem compatible with the ones in CMSSW_3_1_1.
Change #1 PythiaSource is not registered as a plugin anymore, but Pythia6GeneratorFilter should be used.
#2 The pythia module should be created as a generator of EDFilter not a source of EDSource any more. In order to use the pythia generator an empty source needs to be created. The random number generator should also include the seed for pythia generator.
#3 'MSTP(52)=1' is added to the FORTAN code block named pythiaMinBias.
#4 comEnergy = cms.double(X) is added.
comment More info about the pythia fortun parameter switches: PYTHIA 6.4 Physics and Manual --> 9.3 The General Switches and Parameters (P 201 ~ P 225)

ID 2-10
Reason No reflex dictionary info for the following classes:
pair<T1DetId,vector<T1Cluster> >
pair<T1DetId,vector<T1DigiVfat> >
pair<T1DetId,vector<T1DigiWire> >
pair<T2DetId,vector<T2PadDigi> >
pair<T2DetId,vector<T2StripDigi> >
pair<T2DetId,vector<T2Cluster> >
Change Add reflex info for the target class into corresponding files:

ID 2-11
Reason Current version of Mixing module provides different naming schema for CrossingFrame products. One have to use g4SimHitsDetectorLabel instead of DetectorLabel.
TotemHitsT2Gem --> g4SimHitsTotemHitsT2Gem
TotemHitsT1 --> g4SimHitsTotemHitsT1
TotemHitsT2Gem --> g4SimHitsTotemHitsT2Gem
TotemHitsRP --> g4SimHitsTotemHitsRP

ID 2-12
Reason Currently in dictionary of CrossingFrame, there is active flag (persistent="false"), which results in not saving CrossingFrames to ROOT file (described here: Creating New Products ). There is new class, called PCrossingFrame which is persistent. As a result, validation run, defined in separate configuration file cannot access data saved by mixing module.
Change Copy SimDataFormats/CrossingFrame/ from CMSSW_3_1_1's reposity, save them to Totem software. Add reflex info into classes.h and src/classes_def.xml for:
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFramePlaybackInfo >
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFrame<PSimHit> >
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFrame<PCaloHit> >
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFrame<SimTrack> >
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFrame<SimVertex> >
edm::Wrapper<CrossingFrame<edm::HepMCProduct> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<PCaloHit> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<PSimHit> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<SimTrack> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<SimVertex> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<edm::HepMCProduct> >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<std::vector<PCaloHit> > >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<std::vector<PSimHit> > >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<std::vector<SimTrack> > >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<std::vector<SimVertex> > >
boost::shared_ptr<const edm::Wrapper<std::vector<edm::HepMCProduct> > >
edm::Wrapper<std::vector<edm::HepMCProduct> >
Comment Useful Link: Creating New Products

ID 2-13
Reason Dictionary SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts/src/classes_def.xml seems to be corrupted ("<" instead of "<"), this could be a reason of missing dictionary for HepMC::GenVertex. As a result, validation run, defined in separate configuration file cannot access data saved by event source.
Change Copy SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts/ from CMSSW_3_1_1's reposity, save them to Totem software. In src/classes_def.xml replace "&lt;" to "<" and "&gt;" to ">".
Comment Useful Link: CMSSW/SimDataFormats/CrossingFrame/src/classes_def.xml

ID 2-14
Reason The EvtHandle label of TotemT1T2Validation.T2RecoValidation.T2RecoValidation needs to be extendable. Hardcoded it to "source" is not a good way. Because the label may not always be "source".
 + Add HepMCProductLabel = cms.string('source') 
    into TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/src/T2RecoValidation_cfi.py, Line 14
 + Add HepMCProductLabel = cms.string('source') 
    into TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/src/T2RecoValidation2_cfi.py, Line 14
 + Add HepMCProductLabel as a string variable 
    into TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/interface/T2RecoValidation.h, Line 104
 + Add HepMCProductLabel = iConfig.getParameter<std::string>("HepMCProductLabel") 
    into TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/src/T2RecoAnalyzer.cc, Line 44
 + Replace iEvent.getByLabel("source", EvtHandle) --> iEvent.getByLabel(HepMCProductLabel, EvtHandle) 
    in TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/src/T2RecoAnalyzer.cc, Line 215
offline/cmssw/examples/validation/ T1T2pythiaMBbeta2_pro_val_fullchain_cfg.py

Remarks (Mirko Berretti)

The label of HepMCProduct can no longer be 'source' for CMS-maintained generators.

In the old version of the framework all event generators were implemented as EDSources and as such, they all forced label `source'. In 3.x version, some generators (those maintained by CMS) became EDProducers and those cannot give the label `source'. A single label has been chosen for CMSSW 3_1_x (CMS-maintained) generator to be used by all (CMS-maintained) generator modules in the future, and it is 'generator'. This implies that further steps in the event processing chain that use HepMCProduct have been adapted, i.e. their 'InputTag' has changed to 'generator'. Please account for this in case your private analysis code uses HepMCProduct taken from (CMS-maintained) generator as Pythia Generator or Particle Gun.

For example, in order to retrieve HepMC particles in your analyzer, the following lines can be utilized (both for Particle Gun or Pythia Generator):

Handle<HepMCProduct> EvtHandle; 
iEvent.getByLabel(HepMCProductLabel, EvtHandle);

where the std::string HepMCProductLabel is initialized with the value "generator".

| Example-1 | TotemT1T2Validation/T2RecoValidation/T2RecoValidation_cfi.py

| Example-2 | Further information: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/SWGuideEventGenerationReleaseNotes31X

Step 3: Testing

The following tables show the testing procedure for the example test configuration files under offline/cmssw/examples/production/ (and validation/) @ CMSSW_3_1_1.

ID 3-1
[1] cmsRun gunT1T2mu_cfg.py ==> gunT1T2mu.root
[2] copy production/gunT1T2mu.root to validation/
[3] mkdir gunT1T2mu/ under validation/
[4] cmsRun valgunT1T2mu_cfg.py ==> valT1PlotsMu.root, valT2PlotsG4Mu.root, 
    valT2PlotsDigiMu.root, valT2PlotsRecoMu.root, valT2PlotsRecoMu2.root
    under validation/gunT1T2mu/

ID 3-2
[1] cmsRun gunT1T2pi_cfg.py ==> gunT1T2pi.root
[2] copy production/gunT1T2pi.root to validation/
[3] mkdir gunT1T2pi/ under validation/
[4] cmsRun valgunT1T2pi_cfg.py ==> valT1PlotsPi.root, valT2PlotsG4Pi.root,
    valT2PlotsDigiPi.root, valT2PlotsRecoPi.root, valT2PlotsRecoPi2.root
    under validation/gunT1T2pi/

-- ZhengkuiZhang - 15 July 2009

Synchronization Log (Jun 01 2009 - Aug 21 2009)

Synchronization 1 (10 July 2009)

CVS Check Out Date: 10 July 2009

Full synchronization trace can be downloaded from: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/TOTEM/CompOfflineCMSSWMigration177to31/syn_1st.

Merged file list:



TotemAlignment/RPRates/interface/ScoringPlaneDistributions.h (a new file)
TotemAlignment/RPRates/src/ScoringPlaneDistributions.cc (a new file)


RecoTotemT1T2/PrimaryVertexProducer (a new module)

TotemBackground/PP/data/PPBckgAnalysis.cfi (a new file)
TotemBackground/PP/plugins/PPBckgAnalysis.cc (a new file)

Jan Kaspar made further changes and checked in to TOTEM repository's CMSSW_3_1_x branch. The changes Jan made is as follows:

Modifications by Jan Kaspar (14 July 2009)

TotemDataReadout package renamed and restructured

The package has been renamed to TotemRawData (it make more sense and is closer to CMS terminology). Moreover, the contents have been reshuffled into 3 submodules: DataFormats, Readers (alogorithms to read raw data files) and RawToDigi (algorithms to covert raw data to digi).


has been freed from THnSparse class definition (it is now a part of the official ROOT distribution)

Shared packages under Geometry directory

There 3 packages originated by CMS and modified by TOTEM: CMSCommonData, ForwardCommonData and ForwardSimData. At the version 177, I compared files in these packages between CMS framework and TOTEM SW. Modified/new files have been then merged/copied to the 311 framework version, resulting in TOTEM 311 files.

In CMSCommonData, those were:

  • recoConfiguration.xml (copied)
  • rotations.xml (copied as rotations2.xml)
  • totem_rotations (copied)
  • normal/cmsextent (merged)

In ForwardCommonData (all copied unless stated differently)

  • castor1.xml
  • castor2.xml
  • castor_fibres.xml
  • cuts-beampipe.xml
  • ionpump.xml (copied as ionpump2.xml)
  • totem2cuts.xml

In ForwardSimData (all copied)

  • TotemProdCuts.xml
  • a.xml
  • totemProdCuts.xml
  • totemsensGem.xml


3_1_1 framework version merged with 1_7_7 TOTEM version.

-- JanKaspar - 14 July 2009

Synchronization 2 (31 July 2009)

Visualization module authored by Maciej Besta is added to Totem software @ CMSSW_3_1_1. This module is created for using Frog.

-- ZhengkuiZhang - 07 August 2009

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