History of changes

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Version 0

  • released on 14.08.2008
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_5_rel0
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_5
  • initial release in CVS, T1T2 modules taken from AFS

Version 1 candidate 1

  • released on 17.09.2008
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_pre1
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (14.08.2008-17.09.2008)

Date Author Description
29.08.2008 Mirko T2MakeCluster and T2TrackProducer
12.09.2008 Erik new ionpump.xml
16.09.2008 Fabrizio T1Digi
17.09.2008 Leszek TotemDataReadout/Testbeam (module renamed)
17.09.2008 Leszek indentation of parts of the code

Version 1 candidate 2

  • released on 2.11.2008
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_pre2
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (17.09.2008-2.11.2008)

Date Author Description
24.10.2008 Jan bugfix: decimal IDs instead of raw IDs were used in RPDataDigiProducer
25.10.2008 Mirko new package: Inclusion of T2RecHit2: hit reconstruction package also used for TB analysis, fully compatible with the other T2-reconstruction modules.
25.10.2008 Mirko feature: request of roads made by 3x3 cells in R-phi plane.
25.10.2008 Mirko feature: in T2TrackProducer: exclusion of hits belonging to the same road having the same Z coordinate. Only roads made by (at least) 3 hits are fitted.
28.10.2008 Leszek feature: smearing package changed from EnergyVertexGenerator to SmearingGenerator (changes in examples)
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Centralization of beam optics parameters (optics related ESSource, data record...) (new package TotemCondFormats)
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Inclusion of the crossing angle, beam displacement and variable beam energy in the reconstruction and validation packages
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Changes in Inelastic reco packages (Centralization of calculations of physics values like t, M)
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Reconstruction optics files for beta*=2m, positions of Roman Pots for beta*=2m optics, working example up to reco.
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Updates in proton transport parametrization for correct treatment of lhcb2 (two beams)
31.10.2008 Hubert feature: Update of beam smearing package (the newest one) for compatibility with centralized optics parameters.
31.10.2008 Jan feature: Updates of elastic reconstruction package - crossing angle.
1.11.2008 Leszek bugfix: ValidationPlots, HitsDistribution and ElasticReconstruction plots, packages rewritten. New division: library+plugin.

Version 1 candidate 3

  • released on 28.11.2008
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_pre3
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (2.11.2008-28.11.2008)

Date Author Description
4.11.2008 Jan bugfix: SmearingGenerator now fully compatible with centralized beam optics parameters (BeamOpticsParams), corrected primary vertex size calculation in BeamOpticsParams
4.11.2008 Jan feature: a new package for smearing validation - TotemRPValidation/BeamSmearing
4.11.2008 Jan bugfix: LHCOpticsApproximator::GetStandardOpticalParameters
4.11.2008 Mirko feature: T2TrackProducer- new hit error definition for the fitting procedure; a small bug in track-phi fitting has been corrected; some error matrix elements are included.
4.11.2008 Mirko bugfix: /plugins/ files for T2RecHit2 package are now included.
4.11.2008 Mirko bugfix: the T2Reco validation package saves correctly the root file, minor changes in the code.
5.11.2008 Fabrizio bugfix: T1Validation: fix of filling histigrams
5.11.2008 Fabrizio bugfix: fixing memory leaks in T1RecHitProducer.cc, T1RoadProducer.cc, T1GasCollisions.cc
7.11.2008 Jan bugfix: wrong optical functions for elastic reconstruction, feature: rejection reason stored in result
7.11.2008 Jan feature: elastic reconstruction: accounts for crossing angle, more plots, better organization, cleaned-up code
8.11.2008 Leszek feature: fixing memory leaks in T1Validation packages (smart pointers, root file opening methods)
14.11.2008 Jan new package: TransportValidation
18.11.2008 Leszek feature: fixing memory leaks in T2 Validation packages (smart pointers, root file opening methods)
18.11.2008 Leszek bugfix: removal of obsolete packages from BuildFiles
18.11.2008 Fabrizio New plots added to T1Validation
21.11.2008 Fabrizio New plots added to T1Validation
21.11.2008 Fabrizio Bug fix in reconstruction (local/global error)
21.11.2008 Fabrizio Verbosity flag added to several packages. cfg's to be modified accordingly. 0=quiet 1=info 2=debug

Version 1 candidate 4

  • released on 31.01.2009
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_pre4
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (28.11.2008-31.01.2009)

Date Author Description
03.12.2008 Fabrizio Bug fix in T1Validation.cc
03.12.2008 Fabrizio added root macro plots.cc to print all T1 validation plots (inside T1Validation/test)
03.12.2008 Mirko T2RecHit2/src/T2DetHitReconst.cc: Special treatment for hit reconstruction at 0 and 180 deg (where the T2 strips are separated). Faster T2TrackProducer.cc
05.12.2008 Fabrizio added: T1MakeCluster.cfi, T1RecHit.cfi, T1RoadProducer.cfi, T1TrackAnalyzer.cfi, T1TrackProducer.cfi, T1Validation.cfi, testSD.cfg and corresponding data directories
05.12.2008 Jan LHCOpticsApproximator::GetLinearApproximation as generalization of GetStandardOpticalFunctions
05.12.2008 Jan Elastic reconstruction: Corrected transport parameterization, optical functions read directly from an optics file
05.12.2008 Jan bugfix: TransportValidation: correct treatment of vertex z position
05.12.2008 Jan Elastic validation: various bugfixes, fit statistics plots added
17.12.2008 Jan feature: ProtonTransportFunctions - facilitates access to transport functions
27.01.2009 Mirko T2RoadProducer2: added another module for T2 road finding which uses a clustering method. It can be used instead of T2RoadProducer

Version 1

  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7
  • released on 11.02.2009
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_rel1

List of changes (31.01.2009-11.02.2009)

Date Author Description
4.2.2009 Jan new module TransportValidation/LinearTransportTest
4.2.2009 Jan new module ElasticReconstruction/plugins/AngularErrorEstimator to estimate reconstruction resolution
4.2.2009 Jan new module Configuration/TotemOpticsConfiguration/src/OpticsInformation.cc to print optics information
4.2.2009 Jan feature: ElasticReconstruction tries to remove the edge effect
4.2.2009 Jan new module TotemAnalysis/TestBeam to process test beam data
6.2.2009 Jan 0th prototype of TotemDQM
9.2.2009 Mirko T2RecHit2: modification in order to save class 0 and class 1 hit, according to the cfi file. T2RoadProducers: updated in order to select class 1 hit. T2TrackProducer: updated in order to work with the RoadCollection wanted. T2RecoAnalyzer: bug fixed

Version 2 candidate 1

  • released on 19.02.2009
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_rel2cand1
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (11.02.2009-19.02.2009 and some earlier)

Date Author Description
11.12.2008 Fabrizio T1Trigger: files updated in user repository offline/user/fabrizio/src
30.01.2009 Leszek TotemL1Trigger modules copied to src directory
18.2.2009 Mirko new module IOMC/MultiParticleGuns

Version 2

  • released on 7.03.2009
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_rel2
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (19.02.2009-7.03.2009)

Date Author Description
02.03.2009 Mirko new module T2DataDigiProducer inside TotemDataReadout/Testbeam - tested with cosmic rays (cleaned) data
04.03.2009 Fabrizio Major bug fix in T1MakeCluster
06.03.2009 Mirko bug fix in T2RecoValidation: Do not use anymore geant information in Non-ParticleGun events when two T2Reco-Validation are processed at the same time

Version 2.1

  • released on 20.03.2009
  • tagged as CMSSW_1_7_7_rel2_1
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (7.03.2009-20.03.2009)

Date Author Description
10.03.2009 Jan Elegent takes its random seed from RandomNumberGeneratorService and uses CLHEP::HepRandomEngine
19.03.2009 Mirko T2RecHit2: Bug Fix (memory leak); hit z coordinate modified in order to follow the real placement of the detectors in the tunnel. Inclusion of disalignment parameter fields. Inclusion of eventual cuts on pad/strip cluster size. T2RoadProducer2: symmetrical z-vector ordering.

Version 2.2

  • exists as HEAD, but not for so long...
  • tagged as ???????
  • compatible with CMSSW_1_7_7

List of changes (20.03.2009-21.07.2009)

Date Author Description
23.03.2009 Fabrizio update of EventFilter/T1RawToDigiTB package and creation of IORawData/T1RawDataReader196 package
08.04.2009 Jan new structure of RP geometries: ideal (DDL files), misaligned (to simulate misalignment) and real (for reconstruction and base for alignment)
08.04.2009 Jan new implementation of RP alignments: see Geometry/TotemRPAlignmentDataFormats
21.04.2009 Mirko T2DataDigiProducer, correction of pad row/column
05.05.2009 Jan new unified TotemRPGeometryESModule replaces the old Ideal, Real and Misaligned ones
05.05.2009 Fabrizio bug fixes and new files in T1RecHit, T1RawToDigiTB and T1MakeCluster
05.05.2009 Jan RP (mis)alignments are now treated in a unified way via Geometry/TotemRPGeometryBuilder/src/InputAlignments.cc
12.05.2009 Jan feature: The Elegent package now includes source files of all models and a module to build CDFs.
13.05.2009 Fabrizio Update of T1RawAnalyzer.h and .cc and of T1RecHitProducer.cc
13.05.2009 Jan RPTrackCandidateCollectionFitter now uses REAL geometry instead of IDEAL
29.05.2009 Fabrizio PrimaryVertexProducer package into CVS
29.05.2009 Jan RawDataSource module (TotemDataReadout/Testbeam/plugins) can process several files in one go.
02.06.2009 Jan feature: RPDataDigiProducer can read Monitor XML configuration files

Version 3.0

  • released on 21.07.2009
  • uses branch tag CMSSW_3_1_x
  • tagged as CMSSW_3_1_1_rel3_0
  • compatible with CMSSW_3_1_1

List of changes (21.07.2009-08.10.2009)

Date Author Description
21.07.2009 Jan RawDataSource rewritten, each files is treated as a run, random access to events implemented
21.07.2009 Jan feature: RPDataDigiProducer improved error handling, channel masking taken into account

Version 3.1

  • released on 08.10.2009
  • uses branch tag CMSSW_3_1_x
  • tagged as CMSSW_3_1_1_rel3_1
  • compatible with CMSSW_3_1_1

List of changes (08.10.2009-24.11.2009)

Date Author Description
13.10.2009 Fabrizio Updates in: T1RawToDigiTB, TotemGeometry, T1RecHit, T1TrackProducer, T1Validation
15.10.2009 Jan feature: RPAcceptanceBuilder module added
23.10.2009 Jan Elegent is EDProducer
23.10.2009 Jan SmearingGenerator: configurable HepMC labels, central RandomNumber service used
24.10.2009 Mirko T2RecoValidation: HepMC labels
8.11.2009 Mirko TotemRawData/RawToDigi: New code for produce the raw data digitization. The mapping is read from an xml file as for the RP code; the old DigiProducer has been updated in order to be compatible with the new FramePosition
8.11.2009 Mirko TotemCondFormats/DAQInformation: new code for common xml reading: common for RP and T2, at the moment
8.11.2009 Mirko DataFormats/T2DigiVfat: new classes needed by DQM and T2digi
8.11.2009 Mirko Geometry/TotemGeometry : unique T2ROGeometry for cluster and digi. T2GeometryUtil used for plane naming convention.
8.11.2009 Mirko TotemDQM: DQM for T2
8.11.2009 Mirko RecoTotemT1T2/T2TrackProducer2: Another track producer for T2- find best hit combination in road, decide between R/Phi and X-Y fit. Used in TB data but at the moment not compared with T2TrackProducer.
8.11.2009 Mirko DataFormats/T2Hit: new functions added
8.11.2009 Mirko RecoTotemT1T2/T2MakeCluster: new functions added
8.11.2009 Mirko RecoTotemT1T2/T2RecHit2: new functions added + code for correct the misalignment. Possibility of read from DB or file (not tested)
8.11.2009 Mirko DataFormats/T2Cluster: new functions added
8.11.2009 Mirko IOMC/MultiParticleEtaEMC2: particle Generator- very briefly: generate particle according to an input root histogram of a physics events.
8.11.2009 Mirko TotemAlignment/T2TrkBasedInternalAlignment: T2 internal track-based alignment
8.11.2009 Mirko TotemAnalysis/T2ValidRawData: TB data analysis, efficiency calculation

8.11.2009 Mirko These classes for DB reading (Alignment-Vfat thresh and dead-channel); not validated and probably will be modified: Geometry/TotemT2AlignmentDataFormats; files in TotemDatabaseService/DataRecord; TotemDatabaseService/T2AlignmentInterface; TotemDatabaseService/T2AlignmentInterface; files in TotemDatabaseService/DBUserInterface ; TotemDatabaseService/T2AlignmentESSource; files in TotemDatabaseService/ExampleESSource.
8.11.2009 Mirko SimTotem/T2Digitizer: Bug healed; digitization is now performed at "VFat level"; pseudo-code for DB reading included; inclusion of Misalignment simulation at the level of Geant Hit.

Version 3.2

  • uses branch tag CMSSW_3_1_x
  • not tagged yet
  • compatible with CMSSW_3_1_1

List of changes (24.11.2009-now)

Date Author Description
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