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CHART{ attributes } -- create area, bar, line and scatter charts to visualize TWiki tables

CODE{"language"} -- highlight source code fragments for many languages

  • The %CODE{}% and %ENDCODE% variables are handled by the SyntaxHighlightingPlugin.
  • Syntax: %CODE{"language"}% ...code... %ENDCODE%
  • Parameters:
    Parameter Description Default
    "..." or
    Source language. Supported languages: ada, asm, awk, bash, changelog, cpp, csh, c, delphi, diffs, diff, diffu, dylan, eiffel, elisp, Name:, forth, fortran_pp, fortran, haskell, html, icon, idl, inf, javascript, java, ksh, lua, m4, mail, makefile, matlab, nroff, oberon2, objc, outline, oz, pascal, perl, php, postscript, pyrex, python, rfc, ruby, scheme, sh, skill, Smalltalk, sml, sql, states, synopsys, tcl, tcsh, tex, vba, verilog, vhdl, vrml, wmlscript, zsh (none, required)
    num="..." Show line numbers next to the source code. An integer indicates the start number. Also "on" and "off" "off"
    step="..." Increment line numbers with the given step. Negative numbers will decrement. "1"
    style="..." Style of box around the source code light gray box
    numstyle="..." Style of line number column light brown box
  • Example:                   ? Expands to:
    %CODE{"cpp" num="on"}%
    void foo() {
      print("Do stuff.\n");
        1void foo() {
        2     print("Do stuff.\n");
        3   } 

    COLORPICKER{} -- color picker for use in HTML forms for TWiki applications

    • The %COLORPICKER{}% variable is handled by the ColorPickerPlugin.
    • Syntax: %COLORPICKER{ name="..." value="..." }%
    • Parameters:
      ParameterSorted descending Description Default Example
      value Initial color value, in hexadecimal notation for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue color values (RGB). (none) value="#0000ff"
      type Type of color widget:
      ? "below" - color picker is located below the input field;
      ? "popup" - pop-up a color picker window when clicking the button next to the input field
          (this uses very little vertical space);
      ? "view" - a read-only rectangular block colored in the color value (no color picker);
      ? "view-hex" - like view, in addition shows the color value as an RGB hexadecimal code (no color picker);
      type="below" type="view-hex"
      style Style of input field or the rectangular color block (none) style="width: 190px; height: 32px"
      size Size of input field, in number of characters (browser default) size="8"
      name Name of input field (required) name="text_color"
      class CSS class of input field or the rectangular color block (none) class="twikiInputField"
      Additional parameters can be supplied; they will be added to the HTML input field or the rectangular color block.
    • Example:
      <form action="...">
      %COLORPICKER{ name="text_color" value="#123456" class="twikiInputField" type="popup" }%
      Renders as:
    • Category: ApplicationsAndComponentsVariables, DatabaseAndFormsVariables, EditingAndContentUpdateVariables, FormattingAndRenderingVariables, UIAndVisualizationVariables
    • Related: ColorPickerPlugin, TWikiForms (this topic)

    DASHBOARD -- build a dashboard with banner and boxes

    DATEPICKER{} -- pop-up calendar to select a date for use in HTML forms

    • The %DATEPICKER{}% variable is handled by the DatePickerPlugin.
    • Syntax: %DATEPICKER{ name="..." value="..." }%
    • Parameters:
      Parameter Description Default Example
      name Name of input field.
      φ: No output is shown if the name parameter is missing, but the CSS and Javascript are loaded.
      (requiredφ) name="Start"
      value Initial date value. "" (today) value="2012-12-31"
      format Format of resulting date value.
      ? %a - abbreviated weekday name
      ? %A - full weekday name
      ? %b - abbreviated month name
      ? %B - full month name
      ? %C - century number
      ? %d - the day of the month (00 ... 31)
      ? %e - the day of the month (0 ... 31)
      ? %H - hour (00 ... 23)
      ? %I - hour (01 ... 12)
      ? %j - day of the year ( 000 ... 366)
      ? %k - hour (0 ... 23)
      ? %l - hour (1 ... 12)
      ? %m - month (01 ... 12)
      ? %M - minute (00 ... 59)
      ? %n - a newline character
      ? %p - "PM" or "AM"
      ? %P - "pm" or "am"
      ? %S - second (00 ... 59)
      ? %s - number of seconds since Epoch (since Jan 01 1970 00:00:00 UTC)
      ? %t - a tab character
      ? %U, %W, %V - the week number. The week 01 is the week that has the Thursday in the current year, which is equivalent to the week that contains the fourth day of January. Weeks start on Monday.
      ? %u - the day of the week (1 ... 7, 1 = MON)
      ? %w - the day of the week (0 ... 6, 0 = SUN)
      ? %y - year without the century (00 ... 99)
      ? %Y - year including the century (ex. 2012)
      ? %% - a literal % character
      "%Y-%m-%d" format="%e %b %Y"
      id ID of input field, optional. "id_" + name id="idStart"
      size Size of input field, in number of characters. (calculated as needed) size="12"
      class CSS class of input field. "twikiInputField" class="dateField"
      Additional HTML input field attributes, such as alt, disabled, maxlength, onblur, onchange, onfocus, readonly, style, tabindex, title    
    • Example:
      <form action="...">
      %DATEPICKER{ name="Start_Date" }%
    • Expands to:
    • Category: ApplicationsAndComponentsVariables, DatabaseAndFormsVariables, DateAndTimeVariables, EditingAndContentUpdateVariables, FormattingAndRenderingVariables, UIAndVisualizationVariables
    • Related: DatePickerPlugin, TWikiForms (this topic)

    DRAWING -- vector drawing editor and clickable maps for diagrams and workflows

    SLIDESHOWEND -- end slideshow

    SLIDESHOWSTART -- convert a topic with headings into a slideshow

    Total: 8 variables


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