Dear All,

it has been decided that the RECO and AOD data format documentation
in the reference manual will be replaced by a more easily maintainable
twiki pages in the Offline Guide. The data formats will be documented in pages
corresponding to the event content definition.
I am contacting you as the contact persons for data formats and I would
like to ask you to complete the template pages which I have provided
for each subsystem. Please have a look at the working area page
It contains
- a list of, and links to the pages which you should update
- instructions on how to use the table for the users
- instructions on how to complete the table for you
- a preliminary view of the full table put together from the separate

I would like to emphasize that these pages will replace the pages
and you will NOT be asked to maintain the documentation in two places.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know, and in
any case please confirm that you will update the page assigned to you.
I hope to have this done in two weeks i.e. by July 12th, let me know if
this timescale poses you problems.

                              Kind regards,


PS: Stefano, I do not think you are concerned as there is nothing from
local muons in RECO and AOD, you have been included for the sake of

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                                      (CMS Software and Physics Project)
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