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26 July 2006 -  Issue No. 2 - Previous Issues

Sites Availability - Accounting Summary - LCG Planning

Grid Deployment Board (GDB)
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5-6 September 2006 - Agenda
Next GDB meeting will be held at the
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).
Registrations must be submitted before August 1st 2006. Information is available here.

WLCG-OSG-EGEE Operations (OPS)
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24 July 2006 - Agenda

gLite versioning for updates and releases - The gLite release process involves continuous updates and patches, similarly to many Linux distributions. The current setup does not envisage changing the version of gLite (3.0.0) with these updates.

Job Reliability - Presentation of job reliability study with data from CMS and ATLAS. The per-site views show the importance of keeping the site configuration under control.

17 July 2006 - Agenda, Minutes

Support for the Classic SE will be stopped in autumn. The main reason is the lack of ACL's/VOMS support. The recommended strategy is to migrate to the Disk Pool Manager (DPM). The migration has been tested and already performed by some sites, and the migration scripts that are needed are also provided.

Architects Forum (AF)
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13 July 2006 Minutes

ROOT 5.12.00 released - ROOT 5.12.00 was released on July 11th as scheduled. The new configuration LCG_46, which includes new ROOT, GSL, Castor versions and builds of all AA projects, was ready in 24 hours and is being integrated by the LHC experiments in their software applications.

ROOT I/O Optimizations - The ROOT team have made very interesting I/O optimizations (read ahead, request grouping, and so on) available in the released version.

Testing New Versions of ROOT - The testing procedure put in place to validate the new production version of the ROOT package before releasing was followed. All AA projects could successfully test their software, only half of the experiments managed to do it.

Management Board (MB)
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25 July 2006 Agenda

Preparation of LHCC Comprehensive Review - L.Robertson proposed the agenda for the upcoming LHCC Comprehensive Review (25-26 Sept 2006), with detailed schedule and candidate speakers. The LHCC Review covers all LCG areas (application, deployment, fabrics), the  status of the Tier-1/Tier-2 sites and the progress of the Service Challenge.

Capacity Available and Required in SC4 - Initial comparison, presented by H.Renshall, of the resources (CPU, disk, tape) needed by the LHC experiments in the next quarters and the resources  available at each Tier-1 site during the same period.

18 July 2006 Agenda, Minutes

Scheduled Downtime and Availability Measurements - The issue of the inclusion, or exclusion, of scheduled downtime in the availability metrics was summarized by F.Hernandez. The site availability measurements for June 2006 of each Tier-1 site were discussed in details.

Accounting Data June 2006 - The WLCG Resources Accounting Report for June 2006 was distributed by L.Robertson. The report includes general summaries but also all details on the resources (CPU., disk, tape) available at  every Tier-0 and Tier-1 site and how they are used by the LHC experiments.

Schedule for Re-planning after the LHC Changes

At the GDB meeting in July the new LHC schedule for 2007 and 2008 was presented. Now experiments will have to redefine, according to the new understanding, the capacities needed, from 2006 to 2008, from the Tier-0, Tier-1 and Tier-2 sites.

11 July 2006 Agenda, Minutes

 Evolving the Operations and Service Coordination meetings - M.Barroso presented the changes that will take place in the OPS and SCM meetings in order to improve the communication between experiments and grid sites.

LCG Bulletin Proposal - A.Aimar described the purpose, the format and the kind of information that will be included in the LCG Bulletins. The goal of the bulletins is to concentrate in a short summary "what should be known" by the people in the LCG, providing references and links to such information.

General News and Events

The production release of ROOT 5.12/00 is now available. Web, Release Notes

The LCG AA software LCG_46b is released and being integrated in the LHC experiments software.
It uses new versions of several external packages (root 5.12.00, GSL 1.8, castor, etc). Link

CMS’s CSA06 Service Challenge is planned in the middle of September 2006. Link

SC4 Experiments Plan information on the LHC experiments plans during the Service Challenge period. Link

Next GDB meeting will be hosted by the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) on the 5-6 September 2006. Agenda
Registrations must be submitted before the 1 August 2006. Information is available here.

LCG 3D workshop at CERN on the 13-14 September 2006. Agenda

The next Service Challenge Technical Day is scheduled for the 15 September 2006.  Agenda

The LHCC Comprehensive Review is scheduled for the 25-26 September 2006.