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Monday 31 October 2005 from 16:00 to 18:00



(Version 1 - 4.11.2005)


A.Aimar (notes), D.Barberis, L.Bauerdick, I.Bird, K.Bos, D.Boutigny, N.Brook, T.Cass, Ph.Charpentier, Di Quing (for ASGC), I.Fisk, J.Gordon, B.Gibbard, F.Hemmer, M.Lamanna, E.Laure, H.Marten, P.Mato, M.Mazzucato, G.Merino, J.Shiers, Y.Shutz (for Alice), L.Robertson (chair), D.Stickland

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 8 November 2005

General organisational mattersmore information ) L.Robertson

Mandate, Membership, Meeting frequency, Time, Duration, Place, Remote access,...

Meeting frequency, time duration, remote access ( draft proposal )
The MB agreed that the Weekly MB meetings should:

·         be phone meetings, on Tuesday at 4 PM.

·         last one hour and have all material on the web in advance.

The "face to face" meetings should take place:

·          at 4 PM on the Tuesday before the GDB meeting

·         last up to 2 hours.

·         be at the same location where the GDB meeting takes place.

For information, the next GDB meetings in 2006 (not all confirmed) are:

January 11        Jan 17-20 EGEE Proj.Conf. in Barcelona
February 8        Feb 13-17 CHEP, Mumbai
March 8
April 5           April 3-7 HEPIX, Rome
May 3
June 7
July 5            
NOT in August
September 6 
October 4
November 8
December 6

Mandates of Boards and Committees ( draft proposal )

Please see the draft proposal (edited from the TDR) above for details.

Collaboration Board

Should start early next year and elect its chairperson. The MoU states should that the CB should meet at least once a year. But, in order to be effective, it would be better to have more frequent meetings (two or three per year). The MB agreed.


Overview Board

Same mandate as in Phase I. Changes in membership (Tier-1 countries): Canada and Taiwan join, Scandinavian representative replaced by a Nordic representative, Japan leaves. Countries may decide to change their representative in view of the Collaboration Board.

Next Overview Board meeting: 19 December 2005

The mandates of Management Board and GDB were agreed as in the draft proposal.

Discussion on Experiments Task Forces

The Task Forces have developed recently as the TDR was being finalized. A proposed description of the role of the Task Forces had been prepared by L.Robertson. The discussion focused on whether each task force should only be the link between an experiment and the EU projects (EGEE) or whether it should cover all LCG service issues. If they only cover the communication with EGEE then other communication channels should be defined toward other grid organizations, such as OSG and Nordugrid,

Some experiments (Alice and LHCb) stated that they would prefer to interact mostly with the WLCG and discuss all issues in the TF, independently on who provides a specific service or software (EGEE, OSG, etc). In this way the experiments see all services as provided by WLCG in a user/supplier relationship. Other members would rather prefer to have the functions of the taskforces limited to EGEE.

Was noted that the “special” link between Task Forces and EGEE (services and middleware development) is already provided by the fact that the TF leaders are also members of the EGEE Technical Board.

Action: L.Robertson will produce a new description of the Task Forces including feedback from the MB discussion.

General announcements and feedback from other meetings

Architect Forum

Nothing outstanding to report. But, for information, it is useful that the MB regularly receives the highlights of the AF activities.

Action: P.Mato will send the executive summaries of the AF meetings to the MB list.

Interim report from the chair of the Reporting, Monitoring & Internal Reviewing Working Groupmore information )

The Proposal was distributed and discussed (see "more information" above), feedback is requested before next MB meeting.


The idea of having simple tables for managing the milestones was agreed. The rest of the discussion focused on a few main points:


Internal Review of LCG Services

The discussion was on the frequency and on the kind of review and on the profile of the reviewers.

The final agreement was:

o        First Review (about March 2006) at the start of SC4 in order to review preparation and set-up for the service challenge, timed one year before the date for a fully commissioned service
Another review in Spring 2007.
In between, if needed, one review for the "lessons learned from SC4", in September/October 2006.

o        The review team should include expert users of the system in the experiments, as well as internal and external system and service experts.

o        The review should not involve the reviewers only during the 3-days review.
In order to have an in-depth review, the reviewers should be nominated well in advance so that they can learn in detail about the status of the services (subscribing to mailing lists, etc).

LHCC Referees, periodic updates

This meeting is usually at lunch time on the Monday of the week of each LHCC meeting. The MB agreed that the LCG team should be restricted to about 8 people including the area managers and a few representatives of the regional centres and experiments.


Action: L.Robertson will distribute a proposal on who should attend these meetings.


Site Monitoring and Reporting

The MB discussed whether only T1 reports are collected for the time being, and how this will scale up for T2 sites.
The agreement was that, for the time being, T2 sites will report on a voluntary basis. This will also help to understand how much (and which) T2 sites are more active and at which level they want to get involved.

Experiments Task Forces

The discussion partially repeated the previous one about the mandate of the Experiment Task Forces.
Some experiments see the task force as “the” channel of communication with the LCG Services, including monitoring and planning of the experiments requirements . Other experiments would like to limit the scope to technical and immediate issues with the LCG Services.


The MB agreed that the task forces do not cover issues with software from the Applications Area: those are already well coordinated by the Architects Forum.

The experiments will continue to provide their milestones plans (and quarterly reports) on their applications separately from the task forces.


Action: A.Aimar will modify the proposal accordingly to the discussion, and redistribute the material for next MB meeting


Status of preparations for the LHCC Comprehensive Review of LCG  (  more information ) L. Robertson

The LHCC Comprehensive Review of LCG is on the 14-15 November 2005.
The agenda is defined ( agenda ).


Demonstrations are important and need to be tested carefully. M.Lamanna is coordinating them.


The Committee requested presentations about the procurement procedures at different sites:

·         IN2P3 said that they could present their procedures.

·         INFN and RAL said that they will describe their procurement procedures.

Action: Sites send information to B.Panzer and T.Cass who will provide a summary of the procedures at different sites.



·         Next meeting is at 4PM on Tuesday, 8 November 2005 (GDB is on Wednesday, 9 November).

·         Each MB member should have a replacement/alternate person who participates to the meetings in case of absence.



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