LCG Management Board



Tuesday 24 January 2006 at 16:00




(Version 1 - 28.1.2005)


A.Aimar (notes), D.Barberis, L.Bauerdick, I.Bird, K.Bos, D.Boutigny, N.Brook, T.Cass, Ph.Charpentier, M.Delfino, I.Fisk, D.Foster, B.Gibbard, J.Gordon, A.Heiss, M.Lamanna, E.Laure, P.Mato, M.Mazzucato, B.Panzer, L.Robertson, J.Shiers

Action List

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 31 January 2006 from 16:00 to 1700

1. Minutes and Matters Arising (minutes)



1.1 Feedback to the Minutes of Previous Meeting

Two changes (J.Shiers, M.Delfino) were proposed and are highlighted in blue in the new version of the minutes.

If no further feedback is received before next meeting, then the minutes will be considered as approved.


1.2 Section Numbers in the Minutes

M.Delfino suggested adding numbers for sections and subsections in the MB minutes, in order to ease references to specific sentences: This is being done, starting with these minutes.


2. Action List Review (list of actions )


Actions due:

06 Dec 2005 - CNAF should send milestones for Tier1-Tier1 and Tier1-Tier2 operations. For next MB meeting.



See details at:

-          INFN Tier-1 Tier-2 transfers Milestones

-          RAL Tier-1 Tier-2 transfers milestones

06 Dec 2005 - ALICE should fill the VO boxes questionnaire on operations and send it to the GDB.



All VO Boxes questionnaires are at the page: VoBoxesInfo wiki page

End 2005 - Experiments provide a more “Tier-1 accessible” description of their models, data and workflow.


LHCb done.

ATLAS done, see link: ATLAS Tier1DataFlow wiki page


ALICE and CMS to do.

13 Jan 06 – Experiments and sites should all send urgently the name of one person with the authority for discussing the details of the plans for SC4).

Done. See all the contact here: LCG PlanningSC4Contacts wiki page

15 Jan 06 - Areas, experiments and sites representatives complete the Quarterly Reports and send it to A.Aimar.


Not done by all (URGENT).
See the updated information here: LCG QuarterlyReports wiki page

17 Jan 06 – Tier-1 sites send updated information and dates about their SC3 tape tests.

Done. All sites have responded. Will participate: FZK, IN2P3, PIC, TRIUMF, SARA, BNL, DESY (Tier-2).

Most sites prefer to do the test re-run during the week starting the 30 January.

20 Jan 06 - ASGC, CNAF, PIC and RAL provide a plan for the deployment of CASTOR 2


To do.


3. SC3 re-run results and tape test plans

·  Summary of the SC3 throughput tests

·  Plans of the tape tests

·  The sites that cannot do the SC3 tape tests now should send (now) the plans of their tape tests (for May at the latest) .


3.1 Progress of the SC3 Re-run

The re-run was much easier than last years and the right set-up and targets were reached/exceeded rather quickly (a couple of sites a day). The running of the sites is not unattended and still needs people closely following the re-run on the sites and monitoring the status.


During last week the daily average transfer rate was in the range 750-950 MB/s.  This is very close to the 1 GB/s target, and is also limited by the current network switch configuration (1.2 GB/s).  It was pointed out that the network data rates measured at the file server level (Lemon) were slightly higher – see following graphic.




The MB agreed that the 1 GB/s milestone for the SC3 re-run can be considered achieved and to proceed with the tape tests.

In order to prepare for SC4, there are periods when the focus was on testing the performance of a few specific sites, rather than maintaining the global rate as high as possible. This is the reason for fluctuations in the total rate achieved.


The weekly meeting, on Monday at 1600, is very useful and it will include a summary log of all interventions on all sites, in order to share experience and solutions.


3.2 Participation to the SC3 Tape Tests

Sites that will participate to the tape tests next week: FZK, IN2P3, PIC, TRIUMF, DESY, SARA, BNL.
RAL and FNAL already achieved it last year. ASGC can only do it later.

4. SC4 Planning



4.1 Progress of the SC4 Planning

F.Donno is drafting the plan will discuss early versions of it with all parties involved (experiments, projects and developers now, sites a bit later). A draft will be available to the MB by end January. She is also contacting the sites for the site-specific services (SRM, FTS, etc).


At the meeting the sites asked to know which installations have to be performed to each site (and when). A proposal will be part of the SC4 planning and will be derived from the experiments “simplified” models. This is an important goal of the Mumbai workshop.

4.2 Mumbai workshop
The workshop in Mumbai is crucial for deciding what will be available for the SC4 tests and the details of the challenge.

Each session should mention the goals and the decisions that will have to be taken at the workshop. And the presentations should cover the issues on which a decision is expected.

The workshop’s agenda is in the GDB agendas list.


4.3 Experiments dataflow and processing models for Tier-1 sites

LHCB: the document for Tier 1 data flow and processing is available since a few weeks.

ATLAS: sent the document after the MB meeting, and was also distributed to the MB list (ATLAS Tier1DataFlow wiki page).

CMS and ALICE: not distributed yet.


5. AOB                                                                                                                                                          



5.1 Next GDB: discussion on VOMS
A topic for next GDB could be the deployment of VOMS for SC4. But it is not sure that the developers of VOMS will be present. K.Bos will see with INFN whether such discussion is feasible.


6. Summary of New Actions



No new actions.


The full Action List, current and past items, will be in this wiki page before next MB meeting.