LCG Management Board


Tuesday 19 September 2006 at 16:00




(Version 1 - 25.9.2006)


A.Aimar (notes), D.Barberis, I.Bird, K.Bos, N.Brook, T.Cass, D.Duellmann, B.Gibbard, J.Gordon, F.Hernandez, J.Knobloch, M.Lamanna, E.Laure, H.Marten, G.Merino, B.Panzer, Di Quing, L.Robertson (chair), O.Smirnova, R.Tafirout, J.Templon

Action List

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 26 September from 16:00 to 17:00, CERN time

1. Minutes and Matters arising (minutes)


1.1 Minutes of Previous Meeting

Section 1.2.3: F.Carminati asked to change the text in order to clarify that the “xrootd/DPM interface” is the ALICE-specific solution but it is not a “temporary” solution.


The minutes of the previous meeting have been changed accordingly (changes are in blue).


New text:

I.Bird reminded the meeting that this is the solution for ALICE and for the xrootd/DPM interface.

1.2 Matters Arising

1.2.1 Description of the ECM (ex RSM), Operations and SCM Meetings (more information) – A.Aimar

This description was requested by the MB a few times in the past.



29 Sept 06 - MB members should send feedback and comments on the ECM, OPS and SCM meetings mandates and participation

1.2.2 Approval of the Security Policy Document on CAs (05') (document) – K.Bos
Approval of updated security policy document on Certification Authorities

This document was presented to the GDB by D.Kelsey and approved. The Management Board was asked formally to endorse this document.


No comments received, the MB approved the document.



2. Action List Review (list of actions)

Actions that are late are highlighted in RED.


  • 30 Jun 06 - J.Gordon reports on the defined use cases and policies for user-level accounting in agreement with the security policy working group, independently on the tools and technology used to implement it.

Not done in September as planned.  J.Gordon will present some use cases at the GDB in October

    31 Jul 06 - Experiments should express what they really need in terms of interoperability between EGEE and OSG. Experiments agreed to send information to J.Shiers.

D.Barberis distributed a mail with the ATLAS proposal for all grids interoperability (email).
The MB should comment before end of the month.


3. Critical Services for the Experiments (transparencies) – D.Barberis



D.Barberis summarized his presentation for the LCG Comprehensive Review.


The presentation received many comments during the meeting, and afterward via email. It is not very useful to summarize the long discussion and all those comments; which now are refers to this old version of the presentation.


The latest version of the transparencies is here.


1. Further Steps on the Tier-1/Tier-2 tables (document) - L.Robertson
Proposed process for reviewing and improving the T1/T2 relationship tables.


L.Robertson distributed a note to the MB. The only comment received was from D.Foster.


N.Brook asked for more guidance for sizing the disk cache in front of the MSS.

  • J.Templon answered that he will send some information.
  • J.Gordon also said that RAL had made similar estimates and he will also distribute the information.


2. AOB 



H.Marten asked for updated experiments plans for their activities until June 2007. Other sites at the meeting supported the request.


A.Aimar will distribute the tables with experiments resource requirements to the experiments representatives at the MB.


3. Summary of New Actions 




29 Sept 06 - MB members should send feedback and comments on the ECM, OPS and SCM meetings mandates and participation



The full Action List, current and past items, will be in this wiki page before next MB meeting.