LCG Management Board


Tuesday  23 March 2010 16:00-18:00 – F2F Meeting   




(Version 1 – 29.03.2010)


Jon Bakken, Dario Barberis, Maite Barroso, Ian Bird (chair), Daniele Bonacorsi, Kors Bos, Maurice Bouwhuis, David Britton,  Marco Cattaneo, Philippe Charpentier, Luca Dell’Agnello, Michael Ernst, Ian Fisk, Sue Foffano, Qin Gang, Maria Girone, John Gordon,  Denise Heagerty (notes), Andreas Heiss, Fabio Hernandez, Roger Jones, Massimo Lamanna, Maarten Litmaath, Pere Mato, Helge Meinhard, Patricia Mcbride, Gonzalo Merino, Alberto Pace, Ruth Pordes, Harry Renshall, Markus Schulz, Yves Schutz, Jim Shank, Jamie Shiers, Oxana Smirnova, Reda Tafirout, Jeff Templon



Dave Kelsey, Chris Hawkes 

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Tuesday 6 April 2010 16:00-17:00 – Phone Meeting

1           Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes)


1.1         Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


2          Action List Review (List of actions)


·         OPN Mandate: Experiments and some Sites should provide names for working with the OPN on the needs and actions needed on Tier-1 to Tier-2 links. Names are requested prior to the OPN meeting on 8 March (

This action is closed. Names have been provided by those Experiments and Sites willing to contribute.  


The action list has no open items.

3           Resource requirements 2010,11,12


The slides shown by ALICE (Yves Schutz), ATLAS (Kors Boss) and LHCb (Philippe Charpentier) on their resource requirements are linked from this meeting’s agenda.


At the RRB, Ian Bird will present the summary of these requirements in his report and Domenec Espriu will present the report from the CSRG (Computing Resources Scrutiny Group).



4           LCG Operations Weekly Report


Summary of status and progress of the LCG Operations. This report covers the WLCG activities since the last MB meeting. All daily meeting summaries are available here: The slides shown at this meeting are linked from the agenda page.


Jeff Templon reported that a problem with disks at NIKHEF is being followed up with the vendor.



5          WLCG Security in the EGI era


The slides shown by Dave Kelsey on WLCG Security in the EGI era are linked from the agenda. He proposed that the MB appoint a WLCG Security Officer and WLCG Security Policy Coordinator. A description of these roles is included in the slides. The MB appointed Romain Wartel as WLCG Security Officer and Dave Kelsey as WLCG Security Policy Coordinator. Romain Wartel, as WLCG Security Officer, will become a member of the MB and was asked to clarify the processes behind the coordination tasks of this role.



6          Multi-User Pilot Jobs - policy status 



Maarten Litmaath updated the MB on the status of the WLCG Technical Forum discussion on MUPJ (Multi-User Pilot Jobs). A complete set of slides is attached to the agenda. Maarten covered the points from slide 13 onwards. Most of the sites/resources are compatible with glexec running in setuid mode. Those not able to support this could be used by the Experiments for running other jobs. The MB agreed that a detailed deployment plan and a realistic time scale are required for deploying glexec with setuid mode at WLCG sites. Maarten was asked to follow this up. Once an initial plan is available the MB will set a date for recommending MUPJs to run with glexec in setuid mode. The next day, during the GDB meeting, Ian Bird sent an email to Tier1 and Tier 0 site managers requesting feedback on when glexec could be deployed at their sites.



7          AOB



The chairman warmly thanked NIKHEF for their local organization of this meeting. 


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 6 April 2010 (phone meeting).



1          Summary of New Actions


There were no new actions.