LCG Management Board


Tuesday  20 April 2010 16:00-17:00 – Phone Meeting   




(Version 1 – 22.04.2010)


Jon Bakken, Ian Bird (chair), Daniele Bonacorsi, Kors Bos, Maurice Bouwhuis, David Britton, Marco Cattaneo, Philippe Charpentier, Luca Dell’Agnello, Michael Ernst, Ian Fisk, Qin Gang, John Gordon,  Denise Heagerty (notes), Andreas Heiss, Helge Meinhard, Patricia Mcbride, Gonzalo Merino, Markus Schulz, Jamie Shiers, Reda Tafirout, Romain Wartel



James Casey, David Collados

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Tuesday 11 May 2010 16:00-18:00 – F2F Meeting

1           Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes)


1.1         Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Markus Schulz reported on the follow up requested at the last meeting with the SAM team. He explained that the reason not all the Experiment usability plots show red when a site is in maintenance could be due to the fact that the SAM tests continue in this case and it is possible that not all of them fail.

1.2         MB meeting of 22 June – change of date

It was agreed to move the MB meeting of 22 June to one week later. It will now take place on 29 June. (The original proposal of 15 June clashed with travel for the Storage and Data Management jamboree on 16-18 June, which will now be hosted by CNAF in Bologna –see AOB below.)

1.3         Summary from April RRB

Ian Bird presented the slides attached to the agenda summarizing the C-RRB meeting of 20 April 2010. As clarification, he proposed using the Experiment resource requests as the planning numbers for 2011. In future, better (more automated) accounting will be needed for storage (availability and use), installed capacities at Tier2s and information on ‘hot’ data sets on disk (e.g. how many, what fraction).


2          Action List Review (List of actions)


The action list has no open items.

3           LCG Operations Weekly Report


Summary of status and progress of the LCG Operations. This report covers the WLCG activities since the last MB meeting. All daily meeting summaries are available here: Some remarks to the slides linked from this meeting’s agenda are noted below.


Slide 8: It was clarified that the propagation of conditions data from online to offline is a critical service needing an urgent response. ATLAS and CMS provide an on call person (24*7) on their side.

Slide 9: This refers to tape staging protection, i.e. not allowing the users to stage from tape.

Slide 11: It was agreed that for the WLCG Collaboration Workshop, coffee breaks and a social event would be organised but people would need to arrange their own accommodation and lunches.



4           Quarterly Reports (2010Q1)


Ian Bird requested each Experiment to provide by 23 April a one page summary document to be directly included in the Quarterly Report. It will also be used for reports to the Overview Board and the LHCC and can be the same document as used for other reporting bodies. In future, the quarterly Experiment presentations will be made at the GDB.


The slides provided by the Experiments are attached to the agenda. ATLAS (Kors Bos), CMS (Ian Fisk) and LHCb (Philippe Charpentier) presented their slides during the meeting. For CMS the main issues had been covered in the WLCG Service Report (agenda item 3). For LHCb, the main issues are described in their slides. The problem with LFC/CORAL is being followed up in the Applications Area. For the software repository, the underlying service (AFS or NFS) is considered critical and isolation is requested to prevent a problem caused by one VO having an impact on other VOs.



5          Validation of Nagios March Availability Reports


As a follow up to his presentation at the MB meeting of 2 March 2010 David Collados presented a comparison of the SAM and Nagios availability reports for March 2010. His slides are attached to the agenda. Ian Bird requested that a drill down is made also for cases where availability increased. Although this could be explained by the faster response of Nagios in detecting changes and thus providing more accurate results, the analysis still needs to be made. In summary, there were no unexpected issues with the Nagios reports for March. The next step is to continue the validation for April and to present the results to the MB in May. This will allow a MB decision on moving from SAM to Nagios for the official OPS availability reports. It was confirmed that migration of the VOs from SAM to Nagios is also progressing.


It was clarified that Gridview shows the OPS test whilst the dashboard shows the VO tests. A rationalization of the visualization could be addressed in future however there would remain one calculation with multiple visualizations to address the different needs.



6          AOB



6.1         Workshop on Evolution of storage and data management

It was decided to hold the workshop (jamboree) on the evolution of storage and data management in Bologna (hosted by CNAF) on 16-18 June. (The original proposal of holding the workshop in Amsterdam was not possible due to unavailability of a sufficiently large room and changing the dates caused conflicts with other meetings). The Indico entry for the meeting is here:

6.2         LHCC meetings

The next LHCC referees meeting will be on Tuesday 4 May at 15:30. The date of the LHCC closed session (as updated after the meeting by email to the MB mailing list) will be Thursday 6 May at 15:30. The LHC Computing Coordinators (or their delegates) are requested  to attend the closed session together with Ian Bird as the WLCG Project Leader.

6.3         Next MB meeting

The next MB meeting will be on Tuesday 11 May 2010 (F2F meeting at CERN).



7          Summary of New Actions


There were no new actions.