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Tuesday  25 May 2010 16:00-17:00 – Phone Meeting   







(Version 1 – 28.05.2010)



Jon Bakken, Ian Bird (chair), Daniele Bonacorsi, Maurice Bouwhuis, Marco Cattaneo, Philippe Charpentier, Frédérique Chollet, Luca Dell’Agnello, Ian Fisk, Sue Foffano, Qin Gang, John Gordon,  Denise Heagerty (notes), Andreas Heiss, Fabio Hernandez, Helge Meinhard, Alberto Pace, Harry Renshall, Markus Schulz, Jamie Shiers, Oxana Smirnova, Reda Tafirout, Romain Wartel




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Tuesday 8 June 2010 16:00-18:00 – F2F Meeting


1           Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes)



The minutes of the last meeting were approved.



2          Action List Review (List of actions)



The action list has no open items.


3           LCG Operations Weekly Report


Summary of status and progress of the LCG Operations. This report covers the WLCG activities since the last MB meeting. All daily meeting summaries are available here: Some remarks to the slides linked from this meeting’s agenda are noted below.


Slide 7: In response to a question from Philippe Charpentier about support at sites during the week-end, it was clarified that the MOU does not specify this but rather states averages for uptimes over a year. In order to address possible differences between expectations and the service levels provided, Ian Bird proposed to review this during the Collaboration Workshop in London, 7-9 July. If there are examples where Experiments believe the MOU is not being met, they are asked to prepare these in advance for discussion at the workshop.

Slide 8: See further information below on the data loss in CASTOR at CERN.

Slide 10: Ian Bird stressed the need to avoid adding non essential functionality changes.


Alberto Pace presented slides attached to this item on the agenda page. He described actions taken and planned following the incident of data loss in CASTOR at CERN. Concerning the possibility of physically setting the write protect switch once data has been written to the tapes, Ian Fisk added that this is already done at FNAL. It provides useful protection from software errors as well as manipulation by a malicious insider. CERN has already contacted FNAL for details on this.


It was agreed that a review of operational procedures should take place for all incidents involving data loss.






4          AOB



4.1         WLCG Collaboration Workshop

Jamie Shiers proposed that, for the Collaboration Workshop agenda topics on the WLCG service from a Tier1 and Tier2 viewpoint, that these are presented by the host Tier1 (RAL) and the host Tier2 (Imperial College) sites. They would solicit input from the other Tier1 and Tier2s respectively. It was suggested that Graeme Stewart could be a potential presenter for the Experiments’ viewpoint. The schedule for the Experiment Jamborees and other sessions may need to be adapted. This will be followed up offline.

4.2         Next MB meeting

The next MB meeting will be on Tuesday 8 June 2010 (F2F meeting at CERN).




5          Summary of New Actions


There were no new actions.