LCG Management Board



Tuesday  8 June 2010 16:00-18:00 – F2F Meeting   







(Version 2 – 18.06.2010)



Jon Bakken, Ian Bird (chair), Maurice Bouwhuis, David Britton, Tony Cass, Philippe Charpentier, Frédérique Chollet, Luca Dell’Agnello, Alberto Di Meglio, Ian Fisk, Sue Foffano, Qin Gang, Maria Girone, John Gordon,  Denise Heagerty (notes), Andreas Heiss, Maarten Litmaath, Pere Mato, Helge Meinhard, Gonzalo Merino, Alberto Pace, Harry Renshall, Markus Schulz, Jamie Shiers, Oxana Smirnova, Romain Wartel






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Next Meeting

Tuesday 29 June 2010 16:00-17:00 – Phone Meeting


1           Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes)



1.1         Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

1.2         Milestones for storage accounting

John Gordon presented slides which are attached to the agenda. The milestones presented were:

          Database to be designed and implemented

          Gstat2 to produce monthly reports

        Storage deployed per VO per T2 Federation to compare to Pledge

        Storage used ditto

          When we have the first reports

        Present to MB for feedback and guidance

        Ask sites to verify data.


Action: Ian Bird requested John Gordon to provide firm dates for these milestones by next meeting.


In response to a question from John Bakken, Ian Bird clarified that OSG storage accounting data would need to be included in the final reports but the mechanism to produce their data need not be the same.



2          Action List Review (List of actions)



The action list has no open items.



3           LCG Operations Weekly Report



Summary of status and progress of the LCG Operations. This report covers the WLCG activities since the last MB meeting. All daily meeting summaries are available here: The slides shown at this meeting are linked from the agenda page.


Jamie Shiers raised the point that there is no systematic review of SIRs. Following a discussion, there was consensus for extracting the actions from SIRs and making a regular follow up on their status at the Tier-1 Service Coordination Meeting. In addition, this topic will be scheduled at the Collaboration Workshop in July.


It was proposed that GGUS tickets are opened for all incidents (even if the problem had already been fixed) as this helps the problem analysis. Currently CMS use both GGUS and Savannah depending on the preference of the site they are sending the ticket to. A bridge between Savannah and GGUS could be used to make more tickets visible in GGUS. Ian Bird will hold a follow up discussion with CMS to understand how information can be best made available for problem analysis.




4          GDB summary



John Gordon presented a summary of the May GDB meeting. His slides are attached to the agenda.


Slide 6: Tony Cass added that, concerning VO involvement in the HEPiX Virtualisation WG, a meeting is planned with ATLAS.

Slide 8: call-out at CERN: the only engineer level call-out provided 24*7 is for CASTOR and databases. Engineer level call-out for other services is best effort when outside CERN working hours.




5          glexec implemetation status



A roundtable was made on the status of gLexec implementation at Tier0/1 sites:

  • Tier-0: done (SCAS)
  • TRIUMF: done for some WNs (SCAS), the rest will be done in the coming weeks, in time for tests by ATLAS  [information received by email after the meeting]
  • CC-IN2P3: almost done (ARGUS)
  • GridKA: done (SCAS)
  • CNAF: almost done (ARGUS)
  • NL-Tier-1: done (SCAS at NIKHEF, ARGUS at SARA)
  • NDGF: looking into integration of gLexec and ARGUS
  • PIC: done (SCAS)
  • ASGC: almost done (ARGUS)
  • RAL: done (SCAS)
  • BNL: completion is expected by end of July 2010
  • FNAL: done




6          Overview of EMI



Alberto Di Meglio, EMI (European Middleware Initiative) Project Director, presented the EMI project. His slides are attached to the agenda. The project joins together the 4 middleware providers: ARC, gLite, UNICORE and dCache. New functionally will be built into the existing products in a coordinated way as well as support provided for all the existing products. Discussion focused on the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between EMI and WLCG?
  • How to input WLCG requirements to EMI?

WLCG is a customer of EMI. Requests to EMI can be made to the product teams via GGUS. In addition, requests for new features need to be input at the right level to be considered relative to requests from other customers. Concerning deployment, a site can deploy an EMI release or a WLCG specific release.




7          AOB



7.1         Next events

Ian Bird reminded the meeting of the following up coming events:

7.2         Stopping SAM reports

The next MB meeting will be the first able to take account of feedback since the Nagios based results became production for the OPS availability reports. It was therefore agreed that the SAM reports will not be stopped until after that meeting.

7.3         Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29 June 2010 (phone meeting).




8      Summary of New Actions



  1. John Gordon to provide firm dates for the storage accounting milestones by next meeting (29 June 2010).