LCG Management Board


Tuesday 29 June 2010 16:00 - 17:00 - Phone Meeting  




(Version 1 - 05.07.2010)


Jon Bakken, Maite Barroso, Ian Bird (chair), Daniele Bonacorsi, Kors Bos, Maurice Bouwhuis, David Britton,  Tony Cass, Marco Cattaneo, Philippe Charpentier, Frédérique Chollet, Luca Dell’Agnello, Alberto Di Meglio, Dirk Duellmann, Michael Ernst, Ian Fisk, Sue Foffano, Qin Gang, Maria Girone, John Gordon,  Denise Heagerty (notes), Andreas Heiss, Fabio Hernandez, Massimo Lamanna, Maarten Litmaath,  Pere Mato, Helge Meinhard, Patricia Mcbride, Gonzalo Merino,  Alberto Pace, Bernd Panzer, Ruth Pordes, Harry Renshall,  Markus Schulz, Yves Schutz, Chander Sehgal, Jim Shank, Jamie Shiers, Oxana Smirnova,  Reda Tafirout, Jeff Templon, Romain Wartel




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Next Meeting

Tuesday 13 July 2010 16:00 - 17:00 - Phone Meeting

1.    Minutes and Matters arising (Minutes)


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


2.    Action List Review (List of actions)



3.    LCG Operations Weekly Report



Summary of status and progress of the LCG Operations. This report covers the WLCG activities since the last MB meeting. All daily meetings summaries are always available here:



4.    GDB Summary





5.    Topic 1




6.    Topic 2






7.    Topic 3





8.    Topic 4





9.    AOB



9.1     AOB item 1

9.2     Next meeting: 13 July 2010

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 13 July 2010 (phone meeting).



10.    Summary of New Actions



There were no new actions.