CERN Basic Computer Security Course
A snapshot 07.01.2011

Protect your computers (1/2)

Any unprotected computer connected to the Internet is likely to be infected within minutes! And CERN computers are permanently under attack – even right now. Therefore...

Protect your computers (2/2)

Be careful with e-mail & Web (1/2)

Cybercriminals are trying to trick you! Be cautious and...

Be careful with e-mail & Web (2/2)

Protect your passwords (1/2)

A cybercriminal, who knows your password, will abuse your computing account. Consequently...

Protect your passwords (2/2)

Protect your files & data

Cybercriminals are trying to find confidential or sensitive information, also here at CERN. So...

Follow the computing rules (1/2)

Help us to protect CERN’s mission and reputation.

Follow the computing rules (2/2)

Let us help you

The Computer Security Team offers training courses, code reviews, Web and servers scanning etc., and is there to help you:

In computer security emergencies,

Computer Security Team 2010

TEST questions

Signing the CERN Computing Rules

In order to use the CERN computing facilities, you have to sign digitally that you have read, understood and will obey the CERN Computing Rules governed by the Operational Circular Nº5 (OC5).

With this signature you commit yourself to

  1. using the CERN computing facilities in accordance with the rules;
  2. protecting passwords, accounts and computers for which you are responsible;
  3. respecting copyright and confidentiality agreements;
  4. NOT attempting to gain unauthorized access to accounts, services or computing resources at CERN or elsewhere.

You take note that violation of these rules might entail exclusion from the CERN computing facilities, independently of any disciplinary actions or civil or penal proceedings.

You also take note that logged information, including information provided by you for registration purposes, shall be used for administrative, operational, monitoring and security purposes only.

Results of taking the course:

Your training validity for Computer Security

Valid until 07-JAN-2015. You can view the course but will have the possibility to take the test only as from 07-JUL-2014.
Course content

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Basic Computer Security Course (5 min.) Passed (07-JAN-2012 20:06)  
Signing the CERN Computing Rules (1 min.) Passed (07-JAN-2012 20:10)  
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