Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 16:58:09 +0200
From: CERN Service Desk <>
Subject: Resolution of incident: INC038500 : problem with

Dear Alexander Fedotov,
A solution has been provided for your incident: INC038500.
Hi Alexander,
 We have reset the permissions on your Sandbox page. Please check the documentation on and do not try
to restrict viewing to yourself, which is completely against the TWikiphilosphy.
Best regards, Nils [on behalf of TWiki support]

13-05-2011 16:07:58 CEST - Alexander FedotovAdditional comments (Customer
Email received from:
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Subject: problem with Sandbox.AlexanderFedotovSandbox
Dear Twiki Admins,
1. Is it correct that, in order to make a twiki page sort of private,
    I can insert the following line into the page:
       * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.AlexanderFedotov
    or should i specify myself as a twiki user somehow differently?
2. I tried to check this with the page Sandbox.AlexanderFedotovSandbox ,
    but, as far as understood, MISSPELLED my name.
    Now I can not neither view nor edit the page.
    Could you please remove the wrong "Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW" line ?
Thank you,

Creation Date: 13-05-2011 16:07:58 CEST
End User Name: Alexander Fedotov
Service Element:
Functional Element: Twiki
Short description: problem with Sandbox.AlexanderFedotovSandbox
Priority: 5 - Planning  / SLA due: 18-05-2011 13:07:58 CEST
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CERN Service Desk.